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2822 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 419-8246
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Photo of Bill Thorsberg Bill Thorsberg
Jun 20, 2019 4

Great waffle biscuit and chicken, cashier misunderstood when I asked for traditional waffles and chicken but the result was ok. Pancakes we're good, coffee also good.

Photo of Christine Morhac Christine Morhac
Jul 6, 2019 5

The staff was so helpful since this was our first time visiting! The food was delicious! Will most definitely be back before we head back home to Ohio.

Photo of Christal Jordan Christal Jordan
Jan 24, 2019 5

Man! I never knew. The best spicy chicken waffle. I love this place. Oh the service was great too.

Photo of Nathaniel Edwards Nathaniel Edwards
May 8, 2019 5

It can be a bit slow if there's a long line at the drive-thru but you can just as easily park and go inside. The iced vanilla latte is good and sweet. Their plain black coffee is on par with what you'd get at any other fast food restaurant. The biscuits are fantastic though and we came here multiple times while in the area on vacation. I love the spicy chicken and honey biscuit. The fries and hasbrowns are also very good so I'd definitely recommend this for a quick breakfast.

Photo of Norman Vanhorne Norman Vanhorne
Apr 14, 2019 5

Vastly improved experience from a year ago. My breakfast this morning was tasty and the service was excellent. The young man who I'm assuming was the manager was active in the kitchen and very attentive to customer needs.

Photo of Chris H Chris H
May 4, 2019 5

Great place grab breakfast. Jordan when he's working the front desk or the drive-through he make sure you have all your food and make sure it's correct he is a great help to you this establishment. He takes the time to learn your name.

Photo of Norra Church (Realtor Consultant) Norra Church (Realtor Consultant)
Mar 23, 2022 5

The staff here is so nice! I came in to get a box of coffee since we were out at the office and just had to bring back an assortment of their muffins & cinnamon rolls to go with it! The biscuit man came to the window while I was waiting and he was pleasant too.

Photo of Stephanie Espitia Stephanie Espitia
Jan 31, 2022 5

Tasty fried chicken biscuit & hashbrowns 😍 can't wait to try more

Photo of Denise Raines Denise Raines
Mar 8, 2022 5

Originally found this place on accident. After eating their food 1 time I was hooked. The flavor is graat, the prices are very good, the staff was very friendly and helpful, and both inside and outside was very clean. While staying in the area it will be my go to breakfast place. Only downfall is when I return home I will miss my Biscuitville breakfast.

Photo of Nicole Ellis Nicole Ellis
Jan 10, 2022 5

Love the biscuits and the strawberry sweet tea! The cinnamon bun was also super good. The food was fresh and the staff was so friendly and kind, will definitely come back🤤

Photo of Gloria Denise Gloria Denise
Nov 25, 2021 5

I was visiting Durham and stopped in for breakfast. It was the best biscuits I ever had!! I will be recommending this place to everyone!!

Photo of Alison “Ali” Hardee Alison “Ali” Hardee
Nov 29, 2021 5

The drive thru is always busy, but they employees are pretty quick. Our food has always been correct and yummy. No complaints.

Photo of Rich Hewett Rich Hewett
Dec 3, 2021 5

Drive thru this time. Service was fantastic. Biscuitville breakfasts are always a treat. Their bacon egg and cheese are a standard for us. Got a pumpkin muffin this time too, and wasn't disappointed. While I often feel like I'm bothering the drive thru people at fast food places, the staff at Biscuitville always seem extra welcoming.

Photo of Madeline Yun Madeline Yun
Nov 25, 2021 5

This place has really improved! I drive past here every morning, and I can’t help but stop by and get breakfast. This location has a loyal customer!!

Photo of Amanda Saunders Amanda Saunders
Nov 16, 2021 5

Amazing spicy chicken biscuits! I recommend adding the apple butter!

Photo of Jenna Riley Jenna Riley
Nov 10, 2021 5

this has to be the busiest Biscuitville I have ever seen. the staff deserve better pay considering the volume of customers. it's honestly the best location I've been to in the state. always fresh and my order is always correct. friendly staff

Photo of Sage Magness - they them theirs Sage Magness - they them theirs
Aug 14, 2021 5

Biscuitville is always a must on any trip to the South. Highly recommend the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit or the spicy chicken and honey. You can tell it’s locally sourced. The quality is so good every time.

Photo of bai Tanzania bai Tanzania
Jul 17, 2021 5

Quick and friendly service. Got 2 biscuits with butter, and a strawberry sweet tea. Pretty neat place, they had a variety of sandwich options.

Photo of Matt Matt
Jun 26, 2021 5

Oh good lord what tantalizing food awaited me here that I did not anticipate. This Wyoming guy has a full stomach and looks forward to sampling another menu item again soon.

Photo of Denise Durant6 Denise Durant6
Jun 13, 2021 5

Polite, fast service and the price is right. The meal was enjoyable and the grits are 😋. Im always happy with this place.

Photo of John Hampton John Hampton
May 22, 2021 3

Sausage and egg biscuit was only so-so, coffee was the same. I'd had the same items at another Biscuitville, and they were much better. Ditto those from competing franchises. I rarely get a breakfast like that, and was looking forward to a treat. I was disappointed.

Photo of Austen Winkler Austen Winkler
May 19, 2021 5

Food was actually better than I expected. Everything was extremely fresh and the restaurant was very clean.

Photo of Sproot Overalls Sproot Overalls
May 17, 2021 4

Only once gave me cold hashbrowns. Other than that, great experience. Drive thru is super quick.

Photo of Relva Smith Relva Smith
May 2, 2021 5

Wasn drive thru early to get the Birthday biscuit, loved that biscuitville gives you a free biscuit when joining the Birthday club

Photo of KBE Dime KBE Dime
Apr 7, 2021 5

Always friendly! Food always hot. I’m a huge fan of sweet tea and theirs hit every time!!

Photo of Lavonia Hinton Lavonia Hinton
Mar 5, 2021 3

They have some very nice work and some are very friendly people .be in a long line just to eat there we love Mrs Nicole .my son eat they every morning . Mrs Nicole know his voice and we say good morning cole .she will know his order he come so much .I said you go so much and know your order be heart

Photo of Darrilyn Morgan Darrilyn Morgan
Feb 28, 2021 4

Drive thru only and.long line, food was worth the wait nice and hot!

Photo of Jeffrey Lelonek Jeffrey Lelonek
Jan 29, 2021 3

Two main points... I see that you are now selling strawberry tea and water... why couldn’t I purchase strawberry lemonade??? Does your tea and water already have strawberry in it??? Nonsensical!!! I made so many purchases this past summer because I was addicted to it!!! As a truck driver it’s very annoying that the dining rooms are still closed... BK...Hardee’s...have found a way to be open... it’s sucks that I can’t get inside and make purchases.

Photo of Tahlia Smith Tahlia Smith
Jan 4, 2021 5

I love their breakfast platters which is the closest you're going to get to a home cooked breakfast.

Photo of William Crudup William Crudup
Nov 18, 2020 5

Once again the food was good as hell . And the customer service was perfect. Keep up the good work team we appreciate y'all service .love y'all.

Photo of Joy Reyes Diaz Joy Reyes Diaz
Nov 11, 2020 5

The best attitudes and willingness to make people happy and well-fed have always been a part of this Biscuitville! Yes, the line stretches into the street every morning and every weekend. Luckily there is a lane set to the side because everyone knows that that's where you go for a good home-cooked southern style breakfast.

Photo of Belinda-Ruth Davenport Belinda-Ruth Davenport
Oct 9, 2020 4

Food is always great and the customer service is always on point! Really nice crew working there. 😄but i had to take away one star because nearly every time i order a half sweet tea/half lemonade...i get everything but that. ive gotten unsweet tea (like i got this morning 🙄), only lemonade...i once got a strawberry lemonade as a replacement for them getting it wrong which was thoughtful but still not what i asked for. no matter how i order it, it’s always wrong 🥺 i’ve gotten better about verifying while i’m at the window but sometimes it’s slips my mind and that line is WAY to long to turn around. 😔

Photo of 1jimboss 1jimboss
Sep 28, 2020 5

They were extremely busy but I didn't wait in line long at all great customer service

Photo of Anthony Norman Anthony Norman
Sep 3, 2020 5

Great food & good people

Photo of H. Gilbert Smith H. Gilbert Smith
Sep 20, 2020 5

Consistently great biscuits with friendly service. An easy, welcome treat in these times of lock-down

Photo of Stephen Coley Stephen Coley
Jul 23, 2020 5

I normally don't write reviews unless I either have a problem or a OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE as I run a chain of hotels and now ah days advertising is out of date as reviews can make or break in a business and is a deciding factor. But sadly fast food chains the employees are either just a body collecting a paycheck or dead weight but sadly it's become a normal. But today I was completely proven wrong by the BEST EXPERIENCE provided by the Employee who took my order and her name was Michelle. She is not there for a paycheck from my experience as she was worm, knowledge and treated me not as a customer by as a guest and that is what makes her stand out and if possible would snatch her up and create a special position as Director Of Guest Experience as it would be a honor. By far the best and honestly a breath of fresh air. Michelle I personally thank you for the best experience. Keep doing EXACTLY what you're doing

Photo of Kim Asbury Kim Asbury
Aug 9, 2020 5

Today at 1:15pm we went and got two biscuit meals and everyone was so kind! The food was delicious. Love this place!

Photo of James Monden James Monden
Jun 27, 2020 5

Fast service accurate on thee order and met covid 19 conditions

Photo of leah mcleod leah mcleod
Mar 26, 2020 5

Wonderful customer service for a busy drive thru.. both ladies were polite and gave speedy service.

Photo of Shenille S. Shenille S.
May 8, 2020 4

I usually don’t have a bad experience at this location but when you order a bacon egg and cheese muffin you would think they would put slices of bacon on the sandwich VS the end of whatever they had in the kitchen and also NO CHEESE

Photo of Zaida Anderson Zaida Anderson
Mar 31, 2020 5

The food and hospitality are amazing. I forgot my purse. I was 35 minutes away before I realized it. They no only found my bag they held it for me till I got back. Yes, all my money and credit cards we're there. Amazing experience.

Photo of Phyllis Ponder Phyllis Ponder
Mar 21, 2020 5

I love sausage biscuits & today I asked my husband to bring me two with mustard & he did that! He likes sausage & egg biscuits, and he told me he went to the drive-through, in the convertible, of course, and he brought four biscuits home for breakfast around 10:30 AM. The biscuits were delicious and we enjoyed this treat! We do this about once a month and today was excellent choice for us! Just for info - I love Bojangle's also, from many years living in SC, and their locations are just not convenient! My vote is with Biscuitville! Thank you!

Photo of Fit Kid Fit Kid
Jul 9, 2019 5

The chicken it waffle was great. I had the oatmeal which was pretty good!

Photo of Tiffany Long Tiffany Long
Mar 2, 2020 4

I love Biscuitville. The service is quick, the food is great and the price is right

Photo of Kristian J Kristian J
Jul 3, 2019 5

Biscuitville rocks. Wonderful food, great staff.. I can't ask for more.

Photo of Chris Bohler Chris Bohler
Feb 1, 2020 3

The parking sucks. Drive thru was slow. The employee taking or order was taking orders and having conversations with others inside. Fortunately the food was good.

Photo of Allen Scott Allen Scott
Jan 19, 2020 3

Visited Sun 19 Jan at 9am. Biscuitmaker at workstation handling raw materials (dough, flour, etc), stops to check his personal phone, then returns to handling raw materials. I may not return. Three Stars given because counter-staff were polite, professional and prompt.

Photo of Roseana Matthews Roseana Matthews
Dec 17, 2019 4

This is my favorite in the area! The staff is so helpful! I am on crutches and they helped carry my food and drinks. Very friendly and of course speedy service and hot food!

Photo of Ashley Washington Ashley Washington
Nov 30, 2019 3

The platter is good, but there are too many eggs and not enough meat. The egg to meat ratio needs work and I would like it if they used real eggs instead of adding milk for fluff.

Photo of Kelly Martin Kelly Martin
Nov 15, 2019 5

I love this place. Never disappointed in the food and the staff has always been friendly.

Photo of Kat Kat
Aug 18, 2019 4

Like them; convenient & quick. Don't eat biscuits anymore so would like them to do low-carb wraps; muffins good; turkey sausage needs improvement-would love them to do better on the healthy side

Photo of Tolanda Barnette Tolanda Barnette
May 1, 2022 5

The drive through was slow but our food was correct and hot. This is not the place to go if you are in a rush. You will definitely be late to wherever it is you are going.

Photo of Danny Taylor Danny Taylor
Apr 30, 2022 5

Well worth the wait this location has never disappointed me. Best fast food breakfast choice in my opinion. Quality is definitely a part of this brand.

Photo of Christopher Tarpley Christopher Tarpley
May 28, 2022 5

Heather is such an essential part of what makes this place run so smooth. Delicious pancakes and big smiles.

Photo of Byron Brandon Byron Brandon
Apr 25, 2022 5

Best biscuits. Fast friendly service, good value

Photo of Vanessa Reddish Vanessa Reddish
Jun 8, 2022 4

Well service very good , but the bin for condiments is always out of something? When it's busy someone needs to keep it stocked, and they are still cooking the home frys to hard , and the steak is not done on the inside, outside wonderful, the biscuit 😀 was nice and fluffy and brown!! Drink machine a bit empty at 11:21 am, mountain dew weak, , hashbrown soaked in grease?

Photo of Karla Burch-White Karla Burch-White
Jun 13, 2022 5

"Oh Biscuitville, Oh Biscuitville, how I love thee so oh!" "Your fluffy biscuits so divine, despite the long and endless line. Oh Biscuitville, oh Biscuitville your in my heart ❤ forever!" 🎶🎵😄

Photo of Willie Barfield Willie Barfield
Jun 23, 2022 4

Great breakfast menu!! The drive thru is fast and efficient. It best to go inside and order.

Photo of Lauren Saravia Lauren Saravia
Jun 22, 2022 3

The food is good but DANG we’ve been waiting forever. I have four kids and it’s terrible to wait in the drive through so long. Hopefully they can sort out the issue.

Photo of Leslie Foster Leslie Foster
Jul 10, 2022 5

This was my first time visiting a Biscuitville restaurant, and I absolutely loved it! The food was amazing! The guy who prepared my order had the best customer service ever!! Customer service goes a long way with me and this young man exceeded my expectations by far!!

Photo of Emily Kerl Emily Kerl
Jul 3, 2022 5

the girl working the window this afternoon (7/3) was so, so nice! i think she took care of us last time and she’s so friendly over the speaker.