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Bicycle Chain - Durham


5400 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 286-2453
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Photo of Rakai G. Whittiker Rakai G. Whittiker
Nov 12, 2023 5

On Friday, The lovely Sarah suggested that I bring my build-it-yourself sixthreezero 7-speed bike in because the seat WOULD NOT stay in place. On Sunday afternoon, I brought my bike in and was literally back outside and riding my bike around the store parking lot no more than 60 seconds later. Corbin, you are the best!! Thanks, y’all!!!

Photo of Kathy Caputo Kathy Caputo
Oct 29, 2023 5

I wanted to say what a wonderful experience I had here. I came in because I needed air for a tire. This very sweet gentleman assisted me and refused to give up when he had difficulty getting the pump to connect to the valve. I will be coming back for service in the future. Thank you so much for your help and kindness.

Photo of Mark H. Mark H.
Oct 6, 2023 5

I went in to look at basic bike racks, and I was treated as though I was buying the top-priced bicycle. Dave was the associate who met me with such enthusiasm and took plenty of time explaining products and making sure I was satisfied. This young man exemplifies superior customer service!

Photo of Mark Babbitt Mark Babbitt
Aug 19, 2023 5

Just had a great experience at this shop. After talking with Mark, he described my issues on why I brought my bike in for repair, to Steve who promptly called me and explained what they found with a previous purchase and install of a chain that was too small resulting in my derailleur breaking off. All the work that was done to remedy my issue would be covered under warranty. I can't say enough about Steve. GREAT service. The entire shop seems to have changed for the best as it looks much different and the staff is MUCH more friendly than the folks I dealt with last year. THANKS Steve.

Photo of Anthony Manenti Anthony Manenti
Jun 16, 2023 5

I've been in and out of this shop with some infrequency over the past few years, but have started coming in more regularly this season. The last few interactions that I've had with the staff there have been really positive. I came in today around 6PM to pick up my bike and the same crew that I have interacted with my last few visits was there. I can tell that this crew really cares about cycling. They offer helpful advice and are often juggling a few customers at a time, answering questions on the sales floor, picking up the phone, and helping customers with smaller on the spot repairs. Doing this all at once isn't easy and I think they deserve some recognition for it. I've never had an issue with a repair with them, but I'm sure if I did and brought the bike in with a level head, they would take care of it. The bike and product selection is good as well. With entry level shop bikes between the $550 - $800 price point up to the high end. They have a good spread of hybrid, road, gravel, mountain, comfort and pedal assist e-bikes available. If you're looking for something a little more serious than what you might be able to get at a big box store, I'd suggest taking a look. They are very fair about servicing the bikes they sell and I think they want people to have a good cycling experience. I think it's worth the price of admission honestly. Part of curating and servicing a catalog is picking products which are serviceable and worth servicing. I think they do a good job with this.

Photo of Brian Bloch Brian Bloch
Mar 11, 2023 5

Asher and Jonah were very professional and helpful. They answered all of questions well and made sure I left with a bike that fits my needs. Highly recommend!

Photo of Alan Parsons Alan Parsons
Mar 3, 2023 5

I am an out of towner who spends the winters in the area and I have had several occasions to use this shop for repair and maintenance of my Cannondale bike. I cannot praise enough the technical expertise, professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. And just as importantly, they stand behind their work. What more can one ask for.