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Beyú Caffè


341 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 683-1058
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Photo of Mariah Leroux Mariah Leroux
Mar 12, 2020 5

This may be my new favorite Druahm coffee shop! The oatmilk cappuccino and the breakfast burrito were both so delicious and reasonably priced. Everything about the presentation of the food and drinks was thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. I loved the environment - the decor, the music, the space. The customer service is excellent as well. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Wanda Williams Wanda Williams
Mar 10, 2020 5

First timer, went with a group called Coffee Chat and Chill. It was amazing, the staff the owner took real good care of us. We were from out of town and they took the time to tell us where we should go on our day trip. Food was amazing and reasonably priced!

Photo of Damien Neville Damien Neville
Mar 5, 2020 5

Awesome food and laid back atmosphere. Come for the food, but stay for the ambiance. Breakfast served all day, tou cant go wrong. Ordered the vegetarian breakfast burrito and it was amazing. Wife had the sweet potato french toast, also amazing. Great spot downtown Durham. Great place for lunch meeting, date night, or just for hanging with friends. Service was swift and staff was quite friendly. You have to try, you will not be disappointed......

Photo of Maleka Walker Maleka Walker
Feb 20, 2020 5

The ultimate judge of any breakfast place is the shrimp and grit and this one definitely passes the test. exceeds the test really. Top two shrimp and grits I've ever had and it's not two! I've only been once but definitely enough to make me a loyal customer. I also really like the atmosphere. It's filled with good energy and culture. Also the staff are really nice and the beverage options are great. Can't wait for my next visit!

Photo of Haley Attix Haley Attix
Feb 8, 2020 5

Fantastically friendly service, delicious coffee, and the food... everything I've tried is superb- like a home-cooked breakfast. My eggs are always cooked perfectly, the biscuits and hashbrowns are delicious. They also have a varied selection of vegetarian options. Great place to sit and enjoy some jazz.

Photo of Keith Barnes Keith Barnes
Dec 22, 2019 5

Food and atmosphere was great. Customer service was on point. Easily handled a group of 20. I would definitely recommend if you're in the area to make time and enjoy. From the French Toast Bites to the Catfish and Grits. Yes. Catfish and Grits. Great!!!!!!!

Photo of Alina Arabitg Alina Arabitg
Dec 13, 2019 5

Awesome night. Great staff, very friendly and very nice, loved the staff. GREAT jazz playing by Brian Miller and everyone. SO HAPPY Beyú brought back live music again. THANK YOU! Great food! Great service. Loved everything THANK YOU BEYU! See you soon! I highly recommend this place.

Photo of Precious Wilson Precious Wilson
Nov 14, 2019 5

This place is AMAZING! The food (shrimp & grits are my fav), the atmosphere, the owners! Such a rich staple in the Durham community! A great place downtown to go during the day and work, or for the evening ambience of downtown. HIGHLY recommend!

Photo of Elaine Bryant Elaine Bryant
Nov 8, 2019 4

My son and I were greatly surprised by the amazing ambiance, service and food. We are glad that we decided to try the Catfish, Grits, Chicken and Toast. It reminds me of some of the nice places I enjoy back home in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo of Adrienne Schlatter Adrienne Schlatter
Oct 30, 2019 5

Great place for all day breakfast and brunch! Yummy food. Great location! Lots of seating. Good coffee. Amazing food. Nice staff.

Photo of Dorothy Hardin Dorothy Hardin
Nov 2, 2019 4

The food quality has gotten better! People want good food that taste good and that is well season! Have the food staff try the new dishes before you serve it to consumers! I suggest watching tasty videos by downloading the app and getting new and creative pastries and food ideas! They even have great coffee selections on tasty! Thank you for taking the feedback and making the necessary changes

Photo of Felicia Fortin Felicia Fortin
Aug 19, 2019 5

The staff was amazing and very sweet and supportive. They worked fast and were efficient. they were patient when I wasn't sure what I wanted. They helped me choose something absolutely delicious. I'd recommend this coffee shope to everyone in the area, even if you're just passing through like we were for the day. The seating area was clean and well kept. Overall, this is a great place!!

Photo of Christina Zeno Christina Zeno
Sep 6, 2019 5

The staff here is amazing! They offer helpful suggestions and input on menu items for new customers. The gentleman at the register asked for milk preference and as I'm lactose intolerant he suggested a milk alternative that would compliment my drink order, a big thank you to him!!! I have been here twice now for coffee. Their Mexican latte is amazing and the Carver's (peanut butter coffee) was really good, but so thick and filling! It's really like a meal as opposed to a coffee. Highly recommend their coffee!

Photo of Aaron Hobbs Aaron Hobbs
Sep 22, 2019 4

A little different since the move. Now a counter order restaurant as opposed to wait service. Aside from the shrinking sizes of the entrees, the food is still great. Get the Mexican coffee, it is unique to the place and delicious!

Photo of Jeanette Kelly Jeanette Kelly
Oct 5, 2019 5

It was a great atmosphere laid back and casual. The sliders were larger than what I expected but we're very good. The sweet potato cheese cake was to die for. I really enjoyed it.

Photo of Belen Herrera Belen Herrera
Oct 6, 2019 5

Arrived around 9:30am, not too busy. Quickly ordered at the front. Ordered a protein omelette with a side of home fries and a Mexican latte. Shared it with my friend Maria. They have water and two types of tea (sweet and unsweetened) for free. Great playlist 🙌🏽

Photo of josh M josh M
Sep 28, 2019 4

I actually quite enjoyed the food. I had the chicken sliders. It was quiet and allowed for me to visit my sister, niece, and old friend. They were a bit iffy on extras. Such as having to ask for ice, napkins, or extra plates. All in all super friendly staff and great food!

Photo of Sybil Richardson Sybil Richardson
Jun 23, 2019 5

I went to try the bread pudding but had to return the next day . The staff was amazing . The bread pudding was worth the wait . I'm from New Orleans where some of the best dishes are served . The bread pudding was the best I've ever had. I decided to gram s smoothie while waiting. Let's just say I'll be back . The smoothie was yummy .

Photo of Sybil Richardson Sybil Richardson
Jun 23, 2019 5

Went in to purchase bread pudding but had to come back the next day . Staff was amazing and very helpful . I'm from New Orleans where there is often no comparison to the food. The bread pudding was worth the wait ! It was the best I've ever had . It was AMAZING . I decided to grab a smoothie while waiting . Oh my it was yummy .The atmosphere appeared laid back and relaxing . I plan to go back and try some other things on the menu. I'll keep you guys posted . I give this place 5 plus stars and would recommend it for sure.

Photo of Quint Jordan Quint Jordan
Jun 30, 2019 5

Great coffee with a lot of options and the food was amazing. The french toast was simply perfect. The whole experience was great and a very relaxing breakfast location.

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
Jul 4, 2019 4

Just stopped by for a quick fourth of July brunch. I enjoyed the sweet potato french toast...very moist and delicious. I recommend Rob's Protein Omelette. It has spinach, tomatoes, avocado and cheddar cheese topped with zesty pesto sauce. It was good. I would get the french toast and protein omelette again. I wish they had some pancakes on the menu😁. The Polenta grits get an honorable mention.

Photo of Adrian Rodriguez Adrian Rodriguez
Apr 16, 2019 5

Great food, coffee, and ambiance. Try the bread pudding for a surprising desert. Big Band sliders or the Po' Boy are great selections.

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Jun 16, 2019 4

Great coffee and a chill place to study. This coffee shop is in the heart of downtown Durham, NC. It's also is set up for live performances as there is a stage if they want to go in that direction. Very chill on early weekend mornings. They have a good coffee beverage selection and cold brew coffee on tap or on nitro! Breakfast items are delicious although be warned that if the price is lower than the serving is also going to be smaller. We enjoyed the fried chicken English muffin or protein sandwich and the French toast pbj sandwich. These were both on the smaller side. Parking either on street or there is a lot in back that is public parking. Will be back to try other breakfast selections in the future since we're enjoyed our breakfast.

Photo of Make Your Own Time Make Your Own Time
May 20, 2019 5

Lovely location for coffee with friends or an afternoon meeting. The service was outstanding and the food was fresh. This is most definitely a most try location, when visiting Durham!

Photo of Peter Yacavone Peter Yacavone
Mar 31, 2019 5

stopped in for breakfast this morning. Staff was incredibly friendly and food was very very good! I would definitely return! Try the chicken and waffles! Unique twist the traditional version.

Photo of Asa Price Asa Price
Apr 22, 2019 5

I had the Chicken & Toast and a Mexican Latte. The coffee was great! I was nervously curious about the food combo, but it was incredible, and you should definitely try it at least once. The chicken is super tender and has a great tangy sauce, and the French toast works surprisingly well with it. Don't use the ranch, though... It tastes weird with this combo and I'm not sure why they include it. Stick to the maple syrup.

Photo of Candace Howze Candace Howze
Jan 16, 2019 4

I liked the vibe here. It's counter service only which didn't bother me at all. They were out of a lot of alcohol so we couldn't have sangria's or mimosas, but Josephine's lemonade is good. Pretty nice crowd around 11 and noon on a Saturday but not too busy. Families couples and friends. The food was good and we had a nice time talking, weren't rushed at all. Great location and easy to walk around town from there.

Photo of Niover Licea Niover Licea
Apr 3, 2022 5

Today we had the opportunity to visit downtown Durham, we are from Miami and we are visiting the city, we had not had breakfast and while we were driving we found this spectacular cafe. There couldn't have been a better choice for something to eat. I was struck by how well cared for the place was and the combination of the historic with the art of the space, but I was even more impressed with the delicious breakfast and its presentation. I have not had the opportunity before to have been surprised by a breakfast similar to this in its flavor and the delicacy of its preparation... all integrated. add to this the attention that Jamia gave us, who with careful treatment and in a very natural, elegant and careful way treated us to all the client who appreciated her in her open. I recommend that garden omelet with vegetables so delicious and coffee so tasty that you won't miss the Miami varieties. Thank you for the good time you spend in your establishment. very soon they will have me there again… if you are passing through Durham, be sure to visit them… I am sure you will be as pleased as I am!

Photo of DeeMarie Rice DeeMarie Rice
Mar 30, 2022 5

This place was great! Awesome customer service even the owner came over to the table and spoke with us. The food and the atmosphere was great. I definitely will be back.

Photo of Margo Lattanzio Margo Lattanzio
Apr 1, 2022 4

Food is delicious and the atmosphere is nice. It gets crowded around 11 on the weekends so try going a bit earlier. The grits are so buttery and the presentation of the food matches the quality. I recommend this place for sure!

Photo of Yolanda Brown Yolanda Brown
Mar 12, 2022 4

As pictured, beautiful plating but the chicken was unseasoned (lemon pepper was there, nothing else) which was disappointing for my taste buds. I tasted my friend’s French toast and kicked myself because I should have ordered that. It was delicious! In fact, I went back the next week and bought it - so delicious. I’m sure if I said something about the chicken, it would have been fixed because the service is always great when I go. I just didn’t have time that day.

Photo of Selby Johnson Selby Johnson
Feb 19, 2022 5

First time here and definitely will be back. One of the most popular dishes is the chicken and toast. Highly recommend as the sweet and spicy sauce on them is delicious. The French toast is not over sweetened either. The salmon lox omelette was a little different from what I expected (particularly on the lox part) but either way, was very filling. Home fries to accompany paired well with the meal. Service was awesome. Our waitress, Kya, was so amicable and made some great recommendations!

Photo of David Sasser David Sasser
Mar 17, 2022 5

What a great place! Open yet cozy, fancy with a down home feel. A example of the different Downtown Durham than the one I grew up with.

Photo of Sassy Doll Sassy Doll
Feb 4, 2022 5

The food was superb and you get a good amount. Not too expensive. This place is small though so go early or make a reservation.

Photo of Isabel McKenzie Isabel McKenzie
Jan 7, 2022 4

My husband and I ate at this restaurant for the first time. The food was absolutely delicious and the music was wonderful-oldies but goodies. The hostess took our temp. before entering and waiter wore a mask. We appreciated the caution taken to protect everyone's well being.

Photo of Tiffany Kwan Tiffany Kwan
Jan 1, 2022 5

First time there and the food and drink were excellent. People were welcoming and friendly. Service was on point, quick, and they are careful with pandemic protocols. Definitely recommend and I will be back!!

Photo of J Scott J Scott
Jan 4, 2022 5

This may be the only sit-down (non-hotel) breakfast place in downtown. It is EXCELLENT. DH had delicious french toast and I had a yummy "power" breakfast sandwich. Would love to try lunch here too. Definitely will return when in Durham again

Photo of Denise Thomas Denise Thomas
Dec 4, 2021 5

In town for a wedding and found this wonderful spot. The young ladies who helped us (hostess and server) were polite and sweet and efficient. Our meals were excellent. The Garden omelette was fresh and delicious. The peppered bacon, egg, cheese sandwich was “off the charts” according to my husband. I also enjoyed a Mexican latte which was a special treat. Don’t expect a fast food feel. We had the opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy our morning.

Photo of Michael Bayo Michael Bayo
Nov 28, 2021 5

What a Great Find! Early hours quick service. Love the variety of selection on the menu. Next time, I'll save room for the Bannana Foster French Toast. Thanks for the Recommendations Jazzy! We will be back soon.

Photo of M A M A
Nov 14, 2021 5

Literally just finished breakfast here. It was a great experience for our family. We had 4 of us including a 3 year old and 4 month old. Originally sat us at a table, which was fine but voluntarily offered us the booth which they didn't have to do but was much appreciated. We got the Avacado Toast, the Special: Ham Steak Breakfast and the fruit parfait as well as a side of smoked sausage. It was all great. To top it off each plate came with an orchid which made made my 3 year oldest day! Thanks for great service and great food. If we ever find ourselves in Durham again we will be sure to find our way back to try the po boys.

Photo of Ben Wiley Ben Wiley
Nov 7, 2021 5

I really love this cozy cafe. The atmosphere is open and the staff are very friendly. The food is great, and I appreciate the love every dish receives (there is even a beautiful flower added to each). The coffee is delicious - I'd recommend the Carver's Peanut Butter espresso for those who like Reeces and coffee!

Photo of Tee Tee
Aug 22, 2021 5

While visiting NC we were pleasantly pleased when we arrived to this venue. Yolonda was the hostess and she was a delight. She was friendly, funny, and fast. We were told that their was a thirty minute wait but she got us seated in about 15 minutes. Our waiter, Darius was a busy young man who wore many hats. We saw him busting tables, mopping (what someone else spilled), wiping down tables, and running orders. He was very informative when answering questions and smoothly transitioned from one customer to the next without making you feel rushed. Good music, good vibes, good atmosphere, great employees!

Photo of D'yanis Samuel D'yanis Samuel
Nov 7, 2021 5

Everything was wonderful down to the staff. The food was awesome. I loved the added flowers as a nice touch. Ms. Yolanda was so sweet she made us feel so welcome. The owner also made sure we were taken care of as well they were so personable. If you’re in Durham stop by it’s definitely worth. My new favorite spot!

Photo of Pamela Patterson Pamela Patterson
Oct 3, 2021 5

We were lucky enough to have discovered this gem when traveling. I had the garden omelet with a cafe latte and my husband had the breakfast burrito with a chai latte. Everything was delicious! They were short-staffed (same situation most restaurants find themselves in these days) but the employees that were working did their best to make up for it and were very friendly and accommodating.

Photo of Kahlil Moore (Les Snipez) Kahlil Moore (Les Snipez)
Sep 1, 2021 5

Been a while since I've been here, but I'm happy to see the growth and changes made! The food was delicious as always and the coffee was on point. Definitely my go to whenever I'm in the city!

Photo of Kimeka Johnson Kimeka Johnson
Aug 23, 2021 5

Yolanda (Hostess) and Darius (Waitress) were great at their job. The avocado toast and French Toast was delicious. Well done Chef!

Photo of Shaifali Juneja Shaifali Juneja
Jul 24, 2021 5

Super chill vibe cafe with lot of amazing dishes to offer in their menu. The plating for every dish is so refreshing! Would definitely recommend for a Saturday Brunch date

Photo of Daniel Maurer Daniel Maurer
Aug 6, 2021 5

Amazing!!! Had breakfast there and the food was incredible. I had the peppered bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich on a pretzel roll. My spouse had the classic french toast. The service was excellent and staff was friendly. Ambience and music playlist were great. Best breakfast place I have ever been too

Photo of Destiny Lattimore Destiny Lattimore
Jul 8, 2021 5

Great atmosphere, great coffee, and even better food. Try the avocado toast and shrimp & grits! The chief stopped by the table and was very personable! We enjoyed meeting you Mr. Francois and we’ll be back soon!

Photo of Twyla Becker Twyla Becker
Jul 13, 2021 5

Delicious food, relaxing environment, attentive staff. The Mexican Latte started us off and it was perfect, smooth with just enough cinnamon! My husband and I like to get a savory and a sweet she share. Today we enjoyed the vegetable omelette and Bananas Foster French Toast - both were excellent! I would highly recommend!

Photo of Tim Becker Tim Becker
Jul 11, 2021 5

Really exceptional food and coffee. The presentation is gorgeous and somehow the food tastes even better. I got the weird peanut butter and chocolate coffee drink and it was amazing. Even though the other items on the menu looked amazing, I don't think I'd get anything other than the sandwich I got: the Breakfast Wrangler Sandwich. It was exceptional. It has avocado, egg, pastrami, and was on open faced pretzel bread. Incredible.

Photo of Morgan A Morgan A
Jun 27, 2021 5

I can't speak for their coffee shop in house, but oh man their coffee beans are amazing!! I found out about them on a local women's page and immediately bought a bag of Heart & Soul and the Breakfast Blend whole coffee beans. Very rich, not too dark. Very flavorful. Shipping was very quick as well! Highly recommend.

Photo of Tim Becker Tim Becker
Jun 21, 2021 5

Really exceptional food and coffee. The presentation is gorgeous and somehow the food tastes even better. I got the weird peanut butter and chocolate coffee drink and it was amazing. Even though the other items on the menu looked amazing, I don't think I'd get anything other than the sandwich I got. It was exceptional. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it had avocado, egg, bacon, and was on open faced pretzel bread. Incredible.

Photo of Annka Duke Annka Duke
Jun 8, 2021 5

Awesome place highly recommend! Coffee was fantastic and breakfast selection has a bit of something for everyone. The grits are out of this world FYI! Service is exceptional and friendly.

Photo of Liv Faulkner Liv Faulkner
May 28, 2021 5

So good!! Got the classic french toast and a vanilla cold brew, both were 10/10. Decor and soundtrack are also A+!!

Photo of Andy Hulme Andy Hulme
May 9, 2021 5

Friendly staff and super reasonable prices for how fresh and good the food tasted. The coffee was ok. But we will definitely be coming back here for breakfast the next time we visit Durham.

Photo of Sri Sri
Apr 27, 2021 5

One of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee/brunch. Food is absolutely delectable and a nice place to hangout for a brunch

Photo of Roni Dez Roni Dez
Apr 24, 2021 5

One of my favorite spots in Durham to grab a bite to eat. The staff are some of the friendliest people around. I always order takeout and the service is very fast. I will continue to support this business.

Photo of Stephanie Beck Stephanie Beck
Apr 15, 2021 4

Delicious breakfast in walking distance from so many things. Can't wait to come back!

Photo of Mary J Mary J
Apr 2, 2021 5

The service and the food was awesome.The meat lovers omelet was great and the grits almost made me lick the bowl.I will go back there again the food taste like it was made with love .

Photo of A. Cato A. Cato
Apr 4, 2021 4

10/10 for service and taste!! The food was delicious and staff was respectful. Ambiance and vibe of the place was warm and welcoming! Definitely coming back!

Photo of Matt Edwin Matt Edwin
Mar 22, 2021 5

Great coffee and environment. I loved the Caramello!

Photo of Ashlyn Whiteside Ashlyn Whiteside
Mar 23, 2021 5

We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast! But we were most impressed by the service. The baristas were very friendly, they had no problems accommodating my dietary restriction, and the food came out hot and fast! The manager even stopped by just to make sure everything was perfect and to just say hey.

Photo of Brian Menard Brian Menard
Jan 28, 2021 5

Jazzy Shrimp and Grits. Enough said. It was mouth watering delicious. The menu had so many great options that we got a few of the items to sample them and we were definitely not disappointed.

Photo of rana ryan rana ryan
Dec 16, 2020 5

Curbside Review Covid-19: Beyu is a great cafe with great service, coffee, food and atmosphere. During the pandemic, I ordered my favorite catfish sliders with a side of fries; I'm pleased to say that the food was just as fresh and delicious as it typically is when I dine in. I suggest stopping by for curbside for a fresh cup of joe or a quick bite to eat.

Photo of Amanda Bernard Amanda Bernard
Nov 15, 2020 5

I had the most delicious mexican coffee and fried chicken breakfast sandwich here! My friend loved his breakfast burrito. Aside from the food, we witness a customer become needlessly unruly with the nice girls working the register. They handled it beautifully and diffused the situation.

Photo of Vivian Jacquelyn Vivian Jacquelyn
Nov 20, 2020 5

I have to say this 5 does not come with full service. I walked in and ordered the shrimp and grits to go. For the brief time spent I was happy with the friendly waitress. Food was AMAZING. Little disappointed at the price/portion, but overall I can’t wait to go back and try something else!

Photo of Jeff Sears Jeff Sears
Oct 24, 2020 5

Before COVID-19 this place was very popular for their environment, good fun, and entertainment! Can't wait to visit this place again:) I'm pleased to say that the food was just as fresh and delicious as it typically is when I dine in. I suggest stopping by for curbside for a fresh cup of joe or a quick bite to eat.

Photo of Hanne Richardson Hanne Richardson
Oct 5, 2020 5

Tasty and creative lattes! I tried a spicy praline latte, and it was excellent. Cute cafe, would love to come back when it's safe to dine in.

Photo of Thaddaeus Edwards Thaddaeus Edwards
Sep 8, 2020 5

Easy to order ahead for no-contact pickup.

Photo of Rikkia Miles Rikkia Miles
Aug 13, 2020 5

I cannot say enough good things about this spot! The food is delicious, the coffee is unrivaled, great prices, the service is exceptionally superb, the location is ideal, and the people that make up the staff are the best part! They take above and beyond to the next level, you can tell that everyone takes the utmost care when interacting with customers. You’re in for a treat if Connell is assisting you, he’s a class act! The art work and design of the cafe make it a place you will not want to leave. I tried Beyu Caffe for the first time 4 weeks ago, and I’ve been at least 7 times. Do yourself a favor and go.

Photo of Zoe Elysium Perissos Zoe Elysium Perissos
May 1, 2022 5

Beyú (Be You) was incredible. We travel a lot for work and sport and typically go to a different spot for each meal. This is the first time we've hit the same spot more than once, it's just that perfect. My 8yr old daughter kept commenting on how "glamourous" and "beautiful" and "fashionable" the employees were, we loved the art on the wall, and the food hit the spot. That fruit feast is something you should always get as a share plate. Or just eat it on your own. The meat lovers omelette was exactly what I needed, which was funny because I normally hate BBQ sauce and onions. Seriously hate them. But I didn't taste or feel onions and the BBQ sauce was sweet and well complimented the meats. The grits were a little peppery for my liking, but otherwise if you like your grits gritty (instead of creamy) then you'll enjoy these. The service was exceptional, bright and cheery, warm and inviting. The place was alive with energy. It just felt like a really cool place to hang out and the food was delicious and the service was top notch. You're doing yourself a disservice if you miss the opportunity to check Beyú out. We will definitely be back. Y'all should bring this to Charleston, SC.

Photo of Aja Black Aja Black
Apr 30, 2022 5

I wish I could give it more stars! The food, music and atmosphere were great. They offer alternatives for those who don’t eat pork. Brenda was a great waitress! I’ll definitely be returning to try more items on the menu.

Photo of Kevin E. Taylor Kevin E. Taylor
Apr 28, 2022 5

Shrimp and Grits. Wings. A berry tea. A PERFECT DAY. A PERFECT DATE. I must return to this spot when all this great service amazing food also has music or performance onstage because even in the daylight, it had ambiance and style. Felt like success and sexy, sunlight and slow down and enjoy.

Photo of Benjamin Green Benjamin Green
Jun 20, 2022 5

Very tasty! The food was delicious, the coffee was accurate, plenty of options, and delicious! Expect quick service on the weekends if sitting, and be ready to say what you want quickly. No complaints, but don't worry about the wait if going on Sunday brunch. I recommend the jazzy shrimp and grits, so delicious!

Photo of Richard LaBennett Richard LaBennett
Jun 21, 2022 4

Nice place. It is black owned so I am happy to support. Got a latte and a fruit bowl to get my morning started. Good music as well. Nice vibes in Downtown Durham.