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Bean Traders


Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 484-2499
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Photo of Rob Mihelic Rob Mihelic
Aug 29, 2023 4

Always a good time here. The coffee is good, but not the best in the triangle. Prices are really good though! This is a good spot to meet a friend, take a date, or send some emails. Their pastries are good! Plenty of parking. Bathrooms are just ok, they can be dirty and the doors are hard to close. Very family friendly

Photo of Alaina Barnes Alaina Barnes
Jul 7, 2023 5

The coffee here is always great. The prices are really reasonable for a coffee shop too. I don't come very often though because how long the wait for coffee can be. But if I have free time or I see it's slow, I love to stop in. Today I got their chocolate iced cold brew 😍

Photo of Carlos C Carlos C
Jul 3, 2023 4

Great spot for breakfast or lunch. There is indoor seating and outdoor, so plenty of space to dine in. I got a Chai latte and an "Elvis" bagel. Great flavors for something so simple. I don't normally like bagels but these had a crispy outside and a soft inside, which gave the sandwich great texture. The Chai latte was a giant cup with the tea bag still in the cup, which was different. I found it had a bit too much cinnamon but overall good flavor. Staff was pretty friendly and you can see it in the way they treat their regulars.

Photo of J. B. J. B.
Jun 20, 2023 5

Updated Review: This is now my favorite spot on the planet (now 5 stars). I love their coffee and I love the staff. It's a trademark small coffee spot with staff who learn their customers names and orders. They have a consistent and yet changing menu; meaning they usually have quiche, pies, scones, and muffins but the flavors differ. Additionally they'll have some special treats like cinnamon rolls or cookies, so they keep you on your toes with their variety. Lines can still get long, but totally worth it. I just budget time for the greatness! Enjoy- you won't regret it! Previous Review: This is a cool spot, very popular, which can sometimes lead to really long lines/waits (hence the 4 stars), especially a weekend morning. On a recent trip I purchased a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee frosty. Both were good, I would have liked the coffee frosty to have a bit more coffee flavor. Seems like a popular spot for families, people who need a spot to work and many of the exercisers who are accessing the gyms or the tobacco trail.

Photo of Elaine Guevara Elaine Guevara
Jun 8, 2023 4

I really like this coffee shop! I've lived nearby for ages but wasn't drawn to it because of the strip mall vibe. I finally checked it out and realized I was missing out. It's a great place to hang out and work. I study and work from here with my laptop and I never feel like I need to keep ordering stuff or leave. I also like the bagels. The coffee drinks are not anything special but perfectly fine. Pros: -Spacious - three rooms of seating. One room tends to be noisier and one quieter. There is also outdoor seating. -Good wifi -Good food options. Not an extensive menu but I appreciate they have more than just a couple pastries. Bagels are solid. -Multiple bathrooms -Real mugs! -Bike racks Cons: -Can be really noisy and hard to work at times (this is only a con if you are trying to work. This tends to be more on Fridays and the weekends so fair enough!) -There seems to be something lacking in their order system. I've had my drink messed up more than once, which only really matters because I am lactose intolerant and have been given a latte of cow's milk rather than oat milk. -The food takes a while. Probably a staffing issue, like everywhere. I've had my food order apparently simply go into the great beyond and never get come out of the kitchen until I've inquired, though, too. -Apparently no "to stay" option for food - it is always served in a wasteful "to go" box. -Bathrooms can definitely be on the grimey side All and all, a solid coffee shop and I am more than content with the few cons to have a laid back place in my neighborhood where I can hang with my laptop in my workout clothes without any pressure to order more than a coffee and bagel.

Photo of Kelli Kaspar Kelli Kaspar
Apr 27, 2023 5

I met an industry colleague here for the first time yesterday and loved it so much I stopped by in between appointments today! I'm vegan and I love coffee shops and I love it when they have fresh baked vegan options. I had the pumpkin muffin yesterday and I had the donut muffin today and they were both delicious. I was turned on by something called a tcloud which is Earl Gray tea with vanilla and your choice of milk. I recommend soy milk.

Mar 16, 2023 5

Coffee is great! We got a chocolate caramel pie, too sweet to me😅but tasted good. Nice place for study, work, and talk with friends.

Photo of Matthew Henderson Matthew Henderson
Feb 5, 2023 5

My wife and I stopped by here to grab some lattes and boy were they good! The place Is interesting and busy with lots of seating scattered throughout, and most of the seats taken, so you gotta be aggressive, and kind of course. So initially, we sat outside until some were available inside. The lattes were great though. We're not sure why some places don't do hazelnut 🤔, but my wife enjoyed her Vanilla Latte. I really enjoyed my Oat Chai Tea Latte. It was smooth and the mugs make it worth it.

Photo of Gale Riggs Gale Riggs
Jan 31, 2023 5

I'm a Birmingham, AL native, and I frequently miss the quirky and delicious coffee shops there. I've tried to find a coffee shop/cafe in Durham that has both character and delicious coffee, but I haven't had any luck... until now! Bean Traders is SO spacious, has such a fun and eclectic vibe, and has both delicious coffee AND food! The workers were also very sweet; you'll have to wait a few minutes to get your things, but it's well worth it because it's made fresh. I'll definitely be coming back!

Photo of Chelsea Fountain Chelsea Fountain
Nov 25, 2022 5

Always a pleasure. It’s great to have local businesses who show their flare and personality flawlessly. Definitely a spot to come and enjoy, grab to-go, and they even have online ordering. One of my Durham faves!

Photo of Linda Graham Linda Graham
Oct 28, 2022 5

Bean Traders is a delight. I'm not a coffee drinker but love their chai, hot cocoa, sipping chocolate (!!!), and milkshakes. My friends and family report that their coffee is excellent. It feels very welcoming and the staff is helpful and kind. Bean Traders has a nice, relaxed vibe. It's nice to be at a place that has retirees, families, students, and just a lovely mix of folks. Lots of outdoor tables, which is especially helpful during this pandemic.

Photo of Tanya Wells (VidaWells) Tanya Wells (VidaWells)
Oct 11, 2022 3

Coffee is great, but service is extremely slow. We waited at least 30 minutes for 2 French pressed and 2 1lbs bags of coffee. Even though the coffee is great, I would not recommend if you have anything else to do for that day! Will not repeat visit