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Bean Traders


105 W North Carolina 54 #249
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 484-2499
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Bean Traders

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Photo of Isabel Peirce Isabel Peirce
Jul 23, 2019 4

I love the atmosphere- very colorful. The coffee is delicious and I love the food menu! The bagels they have to choose from are amazing: from a cucumber, tomato sandwich to a banana chocolate bagel! The fact that the muffins disappear quickly is proof that they are very yummy! The only downside is that it's a bit pricey, but I will definitely be going back!

Photo of Kristin Dungan Kristin Dungan
Jul 16, 2019 5

Great atmosphere and I love to coffee here. This is also the place I go to get coffee beans to bring home. Bean Traders also has great treats for a little snack. I haven't tried their more savory, meal type foods, but they do sell them.

Photo of Austin Cody Austin Cody
Jun 10, 2019 5

This has become my go to coffee stop because it is consistently dependable. The atmosphere has a vibe of casual professionalism. In my photo is my favorite drink, the Americano, and while I normally get the chocolate mousse pie, this time I had a blueberry lemon cheese cake. Trust; it is good.

Photo of Radiation is GOD Radiation is GOD
Mar 5, 2019 2

Okay, so the coffee menu is good and at reasonable prices. But today I go in and get a cup set on the coffee bar not realizing I have to dispense it myself- forgive me. I pick up the green enameled mug made of a white inner ceramic clay and notice a brown residue on the rim. I ask for a clean mug from a male dishwasher that had a bunch on what appeared to be clean mugs. So the female who told me where my initial mug was decided it was of interest to her to take a look at my dirty mug and says- "actually, that's a chip." I didn't bother to argue as a I know better. I easily scraped the brown residue off the rim of the mug with my thumb fingernail.I then proceed to go into the back bar area of the place and was disturbed twice. Once was from a tall male employee that when walking up to the bar says something to an employee with a very loud voice- which is disturbing. Five minutes later a girl walks behind the bar with these huge white ceramic plates and was very loud stacking and moving them.I think it's best for me to just make my coffee at home. Too much drama going out. Durham is so boring in the first place and I thought going out to have some coffee (a healthy alternative to drinking alcohol) would be a better choice, but it is full of other inconveniences.

Photo of Kate Jetton Kate Jetton
Apr 16, 2019 4

Atmosphere was fun, coffee and tea selection was good, pricing was good. First two staff members came in contact with seemed like they'd really rather not deal with me (a man at the register and woman making the drinks), so that was a big turn off. Later, a younger lady at the register was much more pleasant. Not sure how long she'll last though if the culture is that level of hipster/"we don't need customers" - then again, maybe the other two were just having a bad day. Overall, the shop is worth a visit. Especially if you're only there to get your typical drink, and enjoy the space with a book, homework, or a friend.

Photo of Jack Pyles Jack Pyles
Jun 4, 2019 5

It's dangerous this place is less than 15 minutes from my house. Top notch joe and light eats that mesh perfectly with the relaxing atmosphere. Plenty of spots to casually look like I'm actually doing work on my laptop.

Photo of Kelvin Wright Kelvin Wright
May 18, 2019 5

Great coffee experience. Can get busy though, particularly on the weekends. Line to the cashier was 15 ppl deep when I went, but I guess that's a sign a place is worth it. They definitely need a second register, but I lived through it. Had the Cinnamon Toast Latte with a Pecan Muffin and both were very flavorful. Again, I can see why the line was so long. Will definitely return when I'm in the area.

Photo of Stacie Sanchez Stacie Sanchez
Jul 5, 2019 5

All I can say is yumm. I loved my plain waffle with whip cream. It was simple but classic flavor. The coffee is self service, but pretty strong for a drip in comparison to some places in the area. There is plenty of space to sit and work. And their food selection is wide. Gluten free and vegan options as well.

Photo of Hayden Kirk Hayden Kirk
Jun 19, 2019 5

The pick up of your items can be a little confusing but what we got tasted great! We got the waffle with ice cream and it was amazing! Well worth the price. The drip coffee is decent and changes so there's a variety and the drip prices I thought were very agreeable. Will likely come back