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Bay-Hargrove Park


208 Hargrove St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Bay-Hargrove Park

Google Reviews

Photo of Dame Margo Dame Margo
Jan 12, 2019 2

The park is a local patch of grass with a slide and a few swings. It's good for the neighborhood but I certainly wouldn't travel to go to it.

Photo of Joseph H. Vilas Joseph H. Vilas
Jan 21, 2018 5

Tiny, cute neighborhood park tucked into a mostly residential neighborhood. Usually quiet. Street parking only, across from folks' houses (1 paved street, 1 unpaved alley, & 2 hedges bordering small square lot). Convenient to Old North Durham, Central Park, and "DIY" neighborhoods (Duke Park neighborhood too, TBH). City maintained, w/pretty standard water fountain, grill, a couple picnic tables, & the like. IIRC, all city parks & trails are considered closed after dark.

Photo of Victoria Boston Victoria Boston
Dec 27, 2017 5

My 5 and 3 year old loved it. Nice and clean

Photo of Anrae Godley-Cooper Anrae Godley-Cooper
Apr 6, 2019 5