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Barnes & Noble


5400 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-3012
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Photo of Cheryl Shiflett Cheryl Shiflett
Jul 10, 2019 5

I needed to find a children's book for bedtime. Barnes and Noble had the largest selection of children's books I've ever seen. There were plenty of people at the information desk and all subject areas were well marked. It's nice that there is a coffee shop there and there is plenty of free parking outside.

Photo of Norra Church Norra Church
Aug 14, 2019 5

Great spot to meet clients. If you get there early you can peruse the terrific selection of books, CD's and other goodies. They also have a nice cafe!

Photo of Desiree White Desiree White
Jul 31, 2019 5

Always a good time here. I come every week to read and study. Very fine selection of books. Staff is very nice at this location and even the cafe. The Starbucks inside has every pastry and is very clean.

Photo of Clubbed Industries Clubbed Industries
Jun 23, 2019 5

Clean and pleasant staff. Typical Barnes and Noble. Always pleasant and ALWAYS helpful. Above and beyond at this location.

Photo of LaNosha Jordan LaNosha Jordan
Jul 6, 2019 5

Staff was friendly and extremely helpful towards my 15 year old son. The Manga books are on sale buy 2 and get one free. He wanted to buy a particular order and one was missing. The male salesperson understood and ordered one online to be mailed to our home. Great customer service!

Photo of Monique Egan Monique Egan
Jun 20, 2019 5

I love Barnes and Noble! They always have such a wide variety of books and magazines, journals and address books, even sheet music and a play area for young children. Having Starbucks in the store is also very pleasant should you get a little hungry while browsing aisle after aisle of books. Even my husband found books and magazines he liked...and he doesn't even like to read!

Photo of Cynthia Campbell Cynthia Campbell
Jun 11, 2019 4

This location has close parking, the checkout line is usually short, and the store isn't over-crowded like the one at Southpoint mall. They have a good selection of current material, but often older books in a series are missing.

Photo of Sonia Clark Sonia Clark
Apr 23, 2019 4

Called to get a item held... and when I got there as promised it was tagged and ready for pickup. They even took the time to locate item for ease of transaction. Thanks Barnes and Noble.

Photo of Tony Dillard Tony Dillard
Feb 8, 2019 4

A great selection of books. A huge bargain book section. The staff is friendly and helpful... if you can get one to help you. They're so busy that it's better just to do it yourself.

Photo of Aimee Aimee Aimee Aimee
May 28, 2019 5

friendly staff..always available to help. Very nice bookstore and I hope it continues to be in business so new generations have an idea how nice it is to go to a bookstore and get to see and "feel" the pages of a book rather than shop a book online and wait for it to be delivered to your door :)

Photo of Melissa Redick Melissa Redick
May 24, 2019 5

This is way more than a book store. If you are searching for some hard to find toys that are sold out like for example LOL Surprise dolls, they have them. Usually stocked up and new dolls too. Same goes with most toys and collector items. They have a cool little section in the kids books where kids can play with a table top train set and a little wooden table next to it with 4 benches (kids height but sturdy enough for adults to sit at) that children can sit and read books. In the same area is a spot where they do weekly readings for kids and it's pretty cool. There is also a Starbucks inside. And tons of amazing products for sale that range from late spade bags to art supplies to seasonal items. You can definitely spend hours looking at everything. Look in the middle of the isles where you can find big tables of clearance items that are very good deals. Love this place!!

Photo of Gregory someone Gregory someone
Mar 8, 2022 5

I love this store, a great selection and the graphic novels are fantastic. the staff was really nice and helpful.

Photo of Katina Hamilton Katina Hamilton
Mar 23, 2022 5

The cashiers were quick to ask for assistance when needed and I loved it because it made applying the discount quick and everyone was helpful to our large groups!

Photo of Melonee Russett Melonee Russett
Mar 19, 2022 5

Great variety, plenty of space, organized very well, which made my trip there very nice. It was worth my trip there. The staff was pleasant, friendly, and helpful.

Photo of Michelle Michelle
Feb 16, 2022 5

They had exactly what i needed it took me and the young lady helping me a min to find it but we did and she was very helpful.

Photo of Kero Kero Kero Kero
Mar 6, 2022 5

Most of the staff I spoke to were enthusiastic about the particular genre they were knowledgeable about. While the building itself is nice, just be mindful of traffic passing by, as I have noticed many don't care about pedestrians, one person actively speeding up as I was still walking toward the building. Manga ya and assorted popular non fiction towards the back left, music in back. The music section is twice as large as the last Barnes and noble I visited. If you're reading this in the time of the plague, they keep safe and masked, it is hygienic here.

Photo of Martin Murphy Martin Murphy
Feb 7, 2022 5

As usual the store was clean and in order. The staff were polite and helpful. Don't frequent, but always enjoy the visit.

Photo of Edna Red Edna Red
Feb 2, 2022 5

This is a great Barnes & Noble. The atmosphere is very inviting and friendly. The nick-nack items by the register are awesome! Lots of good stuff for kids too. The Starbucks has very nice bites to eat with coffee. I love this B&N.

Photo of Y T Y T
Jan 14, 2022 3

Had items I was looking for but had been unable to find in my local Barnes & Noble. Nice young lady helped me to find exactly what I was looking for after a not-so-helpful male employee told me "this is all we have," and walked away. Only reason for 3 stars is that they had run out of BAGS! AT CHRISTMAS time!!! I had several expensive items, all falling from my arms, and nary a bag or box or ANY HELP to carry out my purchases! sigh.

Photo of Nicholas Pulliam Nicholas Pulliam
Jan 16, 2022 5

Very friendly staff. Didn't have the Manga I wanted last time I was there (Chainsaw Man), so they put one on hold for me. Only took two days for it to come. Very helpful staff at this location!

Photo of Jesus's Gamez Jesus's Gamez
Dec 20, 2021 5

Great customer service always polite and very helpful when it comes to finding whatever you need. I haven’t ate anything in the cafe at all but they always have customers at the cafe so it has to be good👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Photo of Lynne Gensor Lynne Gensor
Dec 4, 2021 5

Very helpful and efficient staff. Good selection of books for various ages and interests.

Photo of Norra Chase Church Norra Chase Church
Dec 11, 2021 4

I'm on a search for Airplane calenders. You wouldn't think they'd be so hard to find,,, but they are! Barnes & Noble keeps their store nice and neat and they have a Terrific selection of all things learningtristic! Educational items for every age-level and interest. Nice little café too! I haven't found the staff to be all that friendly over my visits though, maybe it's a tough work environment. It's still my go-to place for books, music & games! ps: after visiting Several calendar-selling shops, I ended up finding them online :) Christmas check!

Photo of Francine Torok-Williams Francine Torok-Williams
Nov 13, 2021 3

Only 3 stars. The store is so confusingly laid out. Not a great amount of holiday gifts that excite. Store is clean and employees are pleasant. However a customer was told she had to do her own gift wrapping. The cafe worker was new and left alone. Long hair that was not pulled back but left hanging around his face. Normally there are at least 2 scones to choose from, today there were none.

Photo of Caroline Caroline
Sep 15, 2021 5

I wish I remembered the girls name behind the counter so I could praise her specifically! She was very nice and charismatic. Hope she's having a good day :)

Photo of Potatoe08 Potatoe08
Sep 8, 2021 5

I think I got the wrong tokyo revengers. Haha. I shop here with my son he likes reading manga the only problem I have is that they need a bigger selection and stock a little more because they never have the first volumes of a lot of the Mangas. The location is clean and well organized so no complaints there.

Photo of Nancy Harmon Nancy Harmon
Sep 4, 2021 5

Nice clean store with plenty of books and other items. Quiet and peaceful space. I really enjoyed visiting. Parking is plentiful as well.

Photo of Miranda du Toit Miranda du Toit
Aug 18, 2021 5

Nice place to go to when you need a break and see what's new in books.

Photo of Sy R Sy R
Jul 21, 2021 3

Friendly staff, assisted with issue quickly , not a long wait to check out .

Photo of Morgan Parrish Morgan Parrish
Jul 17, 2021 5

Absolutely love this store. Everyone is always so nice and helpful.

Photo of Terri Byrne Terri Byrne
Jul 15, 2021 5

Barnes and noble and a cup of coffee. What else do you need? The book selection is very good. My kids are always happy, and I always enjoy my coffee (latte).

Photo of CA Henderson CA Henderson
Jun 19, 2021 5

Barnes & Noble off 15-501 has surge protectors located in the cafe so that people who want to use laptops or multiple mobile devices can while accessing reliable wi-fi. The cafe offers good drinks and nice treats or lunch type items. The atmosphere is good as long as there are no loud children in there. Barnes & Noble is also one place that still sells CD's and I greatly appreciate that.

Photo of ローラ ローラ
Jun 19, 2021 4

This location is fine. Lots of aisle room for social distancing. Getting in and out of the shopping center it's in can be a bit of a pain, depending on the time of day. I would avoid going during peak hours of possible. (This is the star I took off.) The employees were all helpful and kind, though I didn't need any help.

Photo of Elsa Alvarez Elsa Alvarez
Jun 7, 2021 5

Love this store and their smiling and interesting staff. If i cant find an item in store, they deliver it st home

Photo of Rita McFarland Rita McFarland
May 17, 2021 3

Person at coffee was on break. Sure things will improve with time.

Photo of Lisa Mayo Lisa Mayo
May 7, 2021 5


Photo of Robb Schreiber Robb Schreiber
Apr 11, 2021 5

Very nice and helpful employees. They helped my daughter find the books we were lookin for.

Photo of Ian Olson Ian Olson
Mar 28, 2021 4

Great selection, and very helpful staff. A nice change from online shopping.

Photo of Michael McFadden Michael McFadden
Mar 19, 2021 4

Team is friendly, love the selection and a cd and vinyl section worth getting lost in.

Photo of Luna Roberts Luna Roberts
Feb 25, 2021 5

Very nice people,very informed and helpful. Store clean, with everything easy to find.

Photo of Lara DeVoe Lara DeVoe
Jan 24, 2021 4

Helpful sales clerks. Large selection. Store is Clean and pleasant to shop in.

Photo of Ramon 51 Ramon 51
Jan 11, 2021 5

This is one of the nicer Barnes and Noble I have visited. The staff were very helpful and the book selection was excellent.

Photo of Toria Haddad Toria Haddad
Dec 29, 2020 5

We love B&N! Very well kept and organized. Staff is very helpful as well.

Photo of Richard Bouton Richard Bouton
Dec 25, 2020 5

It is open and masks are required. It's a great bookstore and customer service was excellent. They are there to help you. I could spend hours in there.

Photo of Dorenes Insight (Venusrain369/Divination) Dorenes Insight (Venusrain369/Divination)
Dec 23, 2020 4

Staff is helpful. Nice selection of books and creative starter kits- reasonably priced. Prices are a bit high on toys and games. Cupcakes at the cafe taste like display cupcakes. Icing should not be chewy. All in all I like it here.

Photo of Kelley Lamphere Kelley Lamphere
Nov 7, 2020 5

I always find a bargain or two or three when I shop here! Gift cards galore and sale on books and toys everyday!

Photo of pattie2day pattie2day
Nov 9, 2020 5

Such a wonderful store! The employees are always nice and helpful, and there's always a huge selection of books, magazines etc. etc.

Photo of Shaun Hill Shaun Hill
Nov 15, 2020 4

We stopped in here to get a book that I've been looking for by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The store was very clean and we eventually found the book. The only reason I'm not rating it 5-star was because I found that the books are very oddly arranged and the sections don't really flow that well, that and the lady working the check-out was very pushy and a little patronizing.

Photo of Devin Seals Devin Seals
Oct 19, 2020 5

Very nice staff at this place got a Starbucks coffee and checked out some awesome books will be back thanks to the staff here.

Photo of Rick Austin Rick Austin
Sep 15, 2020 5

Great selection

Photo of Beverly Harrington Falls Beverly Harrington Falls
Sep 25, 2020 4

Had everything I was looking for in stock (even the hot new Oprah's Book Club pick) and easy to identify sections. The only thing that would have made it better is they give you a coupon to use in the Cafe, but then limit your selection of what to use it on. Will be back!

Photo of Zane Colon Zane Colon
Oct 27, 2020 4

A nice store with a relaxing atmosphere. Only issue I have is that the cafe is out of seasonal drinks (most recently the pumpkin spice cold brew). I end up waiting in line for 10 minutes for the barista to tell me he or she doesn’t have the drinks I want. It would be nice if there was a note on the menu or cash register telling what was out so I’m not wasting my time standing in line. Other than this it’s a typical Barnes and Noble.

Photo of Candace Howze Candace Howze
Sep 7, 2020 5

Staff is so helpful and there selection is great. Never too crowded and nice atmosphere

Photo of Leona-Soteria Goodman Leona-Soteria Goodman
Jul 27, 2020 5

Always a blessing to go to any of these stores. ❤️ This one is great as well as with the others!

Photo of Patrick Hiltz Patrick Hiltz
Jul 3, 2020 4

On a hot Summer day it was a delight to step into the AC and browse through colorful nearly shelves books. I really miss this in the 2020 pandemic.

Photo of Michael Duda Michael Duda
Jan 24, 2018 5

This is a very nice, but busy Barnes & Noble. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They keep the store very organized and clean. Parking is usually reasonable. I don't love the design of the parking lot, but I doubt they had much say in that.

Photo of Robby Birdsong Robby Birdsong
Mar 1, 2020 5

This Barnes & Noble is so much better than the one at South Point.you're serious my family and I could walk to the one at southpoint but we choose to drive out of our way to go to this one instead because management and the employees are so much more nice and friendly. I don't know what it is about the southpoint location but management is absolutely horrible. I do not see the stores staying open much longer. But man I really hope they close the south point one instead of this one.

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Jan 14, 2018 5

This is a about what one expects in a Barnes and Noble. Biggest knock I would make is getting in and out of shopping complex store is located in can be a pain when busy. Store itself is nice. Has a Starbucks in it. Nice kids book area as well. Staff always seem nice and friendly. Nice enough store.

Photo of santiago betancur santiago betancur
Jan 22, 2020 5

The staff was so helpful. They help me find what I needed. Very clean and quiet. Great place!

Photo of Ronald Carnes Ronald Carnes
Dec 23, 2019 5

Had to work out an e-gift card problem. It was merely a logistics issue. The staff at customer service were clearly up to the task. Friendly, patient, knowledgeable. They did Barnes & Noble proud.

Photo of Misty Lawson Misty Lawson
Dec 6, 2019 4

I went to this location maybe an hour and a half before closing. I was with my friend Samantha and we were looking for a Christmas gift for my dad. They had a wonderful selection of leather bound journals and assorted pens that I was able to find the perfect gift. Also the staff was friendly and helpful.

Photo of Sloan Christopher Sloan Christopher
Nov 16, 2019 5

This is my favorite B&N. I rarely have problems finding what I'm looking for. Parking is decent and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Photo of Craige Bell Craige Bell
Nov 17, 2019 5

They Had exactly what I wanted took Me right to it. And I like the idea of you buying a book and they donated to children. Love that.

Photo of Sunny D Sunny D
Nov 18, 2019 4

Fairly standard B&N layout. Friendly staff, good choice of books, magazines, etc. One of my go-to places for good selection of calendars. Always fun to peruse books to buy at some place other than airport. I try to buy from independent bookstores (other than chains), but, alas, they're a dying breed. However, one can specialty order books at B&N. Also, B&N's prices are comparable to Amazon.

Photo of Dary D Dary D
Oct 9, 2019 5

Great book store. Everything is neat and organized in sections, very easy to find

Photo of lindaipo1 . lindaipo1 .
Oct 8, 2019 5

Barnes & Noble had one of the best humorous self help displays that I had ever seen! Learned a lot & it generated some good stories for me to share.

Photo of Helga Bluestone Helga Bluestone
Oct 10, 2019 5

Great bookstore. Too bad so many have gone out of business. B&N has everything, books, games, age appropriate books and magazines, huge selection of books and music. Can almost always find an out of the way over stuffed chair or more Good place to buy paper goods gifts, such as journals. Small Cafe in the middle of the store. Makes custom coffee, serves limited pastry inventory, comfortable seating.

Photo of Justin Clark Justin Clark
May 16, 2022 4

A great store you can get lost in

Photo of Kirby Varnadoe-Russ Kirby Varnadoe-Russ
Jul 27, 2022 5

I always have a pleasant experience when I go here. I've been going to this location since I was a child and they do a wonderful job of putting personal/local touches and keeping it feeling homey instead of like a franchise like some other locations. Lee Ellen (manager) and Lauren (store associate) are so kind and helpful.

Photo of Beth Ramrel Beth Ramrel
Jul 23, 2022 5

This Barnes and nobles was amazing. The employees are all sweet and willing to help, and with this heat that's sometimes hard to do. This place is also really nice to just sit down and get some water :)

Photo of Angliea Ellerbee Angliea Ellerbee
Sep 6, 2022 5

This Barnes and Nobles here in the common shopping area, is convenient and I have a great experience bring my son who is a toddler here to explore the book and read and have a snack at the Starbucks afterwards.