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Barnes & Noble


8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-1930
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Photo of Cheryl H Cheryl H
Nov 19, 2023 5

Had a PC of different quiche & it was delicious. Had a great chI tea, very flavorful & not too spicy. Also tried a maple bacon cookie. Yummy 🤤. Delightful young lady took care of me named Bella. I gave the manager a major compliment. Keep up the great work & your employees!!

Photo of Jacki Rae Jacki Rae
Nov 12, 2023 5

It was CRAWLING with people but still was kept clean. The children's reading area was understandly a little messy, but for the amount of people in there it looked good. I have a toddler and didn't expect anything less. The staff was courteous and patient. We go often to let our little explore.

Photo of Casey Lambert Casey Lambert
Nov 3, 2023 5

I forgot the employees name, but it’s the guy that loves Star Wars with a beard. I really appreciate talking to him and getting information about where to start with the books. He was a wealth of knowledge and I can’t wait to go back and tell him what I thought of the books!

Photo of Jonathan Baker Jonathan Baker
Aug 18, 2023 5

The notes left on the bookshelf in the Manga section included a suggestion from an employee for readers to check out spy x family. Someone here has goof taste and the drawing was cute. I appreciate whoever did that. The store is managed well. Cosign tf out of this location

Photo of Glo Glo
Jul 28, 2023 4

Good magazine section, especially for crafts, quilting, knitting and crocheting. Staff is friendly and helpful. If you don’t see a book you are looking for, staff will see if it’s available thru B&N and order it for you. Manga section is good and I always find what I’m looking for in the series I collect. Just enjoyable quite place.

Photo of Ivona bg Ivona bg
Jul 23, 2023 5

I couldn't praise it more, one of the bookstore clerks approached me after noticing what book I was planning to buy and advised me to check another one that is often bought together with the book I was buying. Turns out that his recommendation was beyond my expectations and I couldn't be more thankful for being introduced to amazing piece of literature.

Photo of Amy Wolford Amy Wolford
Apr 20, 2023 5

Went in this store before going to a movie and was looking for “The Tao of Pooh”. Kenny was working behind the customer service desk and let me know he would be right with me as he continued to help enthusiastically others on the phone. When it was my turn I asked if the book I was looking for was in and unfortunately it was not. He did offer to order it for me which was super nice. I asked if “The Te of Piglet” was in and it was. Kenny wrote down the location and author on a piece of paper and offered to take me up to the second floor to show me where it was. I noticed he was busy so I suggested that I would be ok to find it myself. After several minutes passed I def could not find it but sure enough Kenny must have noticed I wasn’t down yet or maybe he was coming up to just check and he helped me right away. Very friendly and really wonderful. Grateful to have such wonderful people still eager to help and great at what they do.

Photo of Han Stw Han Stw
Apr 10, 2023 5

Neat Barnes and Nobles bookstore with floors of books and a Starbucks cafe inside

Photo of Nyíma Nyíma
Jan 30, 2023 4

Main issue was the Starbucks. I come into this Barnes n Noble almost every time I visit Southpoint, because it’s nice. I love the book selection, the kids area, and the records, cds, and dvds area as well. I usually don’t even look twice at the Starbucks but this time I was with my friend and we wanted to get something from there. I got a coffee, thinking it would be Frappuccino but I didn’t see anything like that on their menu, so I chose the next best thing. My order comes out and I didn’t like the taste so I ask if I could exchange the drink, politely. The girl who made my drink comes up with an attitude and asks what happened, and that she made my drink how I asked for it. I reiterated again that I just wanted to exchange it and she acts as if I was bothering her. I exchange my drink and wait for the new one to be made and she never called out my order number. Very rude and uncalled for. It’s safe to say I won’t be going back to the Barnes n Noble Starbucks again.