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Bangkok 54


6118-B Farrington Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 403-5800
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Bangkok 54

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Photo of Mike Marchetto Mike Marchetto
May 23, 2019 5

That was excellent! The two servers were both sweet and very helpful. The food was on par with some of the some of the better Thai restaurants that I've been to: very flavorful, quality noodles, and HOT! I typically get a "5" when asked how spicy I want my curry and I'm frequently left unimpressed. So, the ”4” that I ordered today was quite a surprised when it was about all I could handle. If you like spicy food, get a 3 unless you are here to prove yourself... Good luck.

Photo of Kristen Lo Kristen Lo
May 15, 2019 4

The fried rice dishes and curries are pretty good, however the pad thai is too gummy and doesn’t have enough flavor for me. If you have room for dessert, the coconut cake is the bomb. Service is pretty fast and good as well.

Photo of James Norman James Norman
May 23, 2019 5

Our go-to for Thai lunch. One of the few places to get a more authentic level of thai spice with ordering a 3 or 4 star (ghost/scorpion pepper). Very consistent quality - I've been roughly once every week or two for the past 2-3 years. Curry, Basil Sauce, Drunken Noodle (Pad Kee Mao), House Fried Rice....I can vouch for all.

Photo of Jonah Schwartz Jonah Schwartz
Feb 22, 2019 4

It was very good. Small, cozy atmosphere. Fast service, tasty food, reasonably priced. Full of flavor. Would go back. Lots of things I'd like to try. Would definitely recommend.

Photo of Angela Strain Angela Strain
May 31, 2019 5

Phenomenal cuisine. The larb is crazy spicy. Must try the ginger sauce.

Photo of Erik P Erik P
Jun 21, 2019 4

Venue - Clean place avg. Size. Food - Good portions, decent tasting food but not as authentic as I would have expected. Service - Quick service and nice people here. Prices - Avg prices and the menu. Parking - Lots of parking in the complex. Chill place and would come back again if it was the only spot nearby.

Photo of Justin Bell Justin Bell
Jun 19, 2019 5

I could eat here everyday. I’ve been to many Thai restaurants in many cities and this is the best and most authentic. They nail the classics like pad Thai, curry, and fried rice. Lately I’ve been doing the ginger fish, fried tilapia as big as a plate and plated beautifully and delicious. They make wings better than wing restaurants.

Photo of Santosh Marupilla Santosh Marupilla
Jul 2, 2019 5

Have been here multiple times but the taste of the food is consistent. Always ask/ check for the spice level when ordering. Staff has been friendly all the time.

Aug 15, 2019 4

Thia is a great Restaurant. The food is great. The SERVICE is good. It's just to crowded. But when the food is great every one will come. Parking is tight ALSO. When every I RETURN to North Carolina I make sure I go there.

Photo of Laura Cunningham Laura Cunningham
Aug 5, 2019 5

Wonderful Thai comfort food. We had red curry and massaman curry and both came with ample protein. We had the standard order and the level of spice for us was perfect-not too hot and not too mild. For an appetizer, we had fried calamari and it was very good too. The service was fast and friendly. Nice looking restaurant. We’d go back.

Photo of Koalawa Ko Koalawa Ko
Sep 4, 2019 5

This is probably my favorite Thai restaurant in North Carolina. The food never grows old on me and it’s always such a good time coming back to this place. I apologize for my half eaten food because I forgot to take pictures midway because the food is so good. Plus i was extra hungry today. I got the calamari, tom yum, and house fried rice.

Photo of Angie Shen Angie Shen
Oct 19, 2019 5

Their curry is very flavorful and affordable. I ordered the massaman curry with chicken. I also ordered the Rotee. I feel like it’s deep fried in oil but it’s definitely a great dessert! The service is fine but really nice environment!

Photo of Josh Buck Josh Buck
Aug 6, 2019 3

I really wanted to like this place. The dining room was cute, and the server was great. Even the bathrooms were clean and neat. There were some interesting things on the menu, and we both got dishes we'd never seen in the Thai places back home. I got the Bangkok Chicken. I think when the cook was making it, the lid fell off the salt shaker and it all dumped out. Instead of starting over, I imagine the cook shrugged his shoulder, stirred it up, and plated it for my sever to bring to me. It was oppressively salty, and over an hour later, I still can't seem to get enough water in my.