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Bangkok 54


6118 Farrington Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 403-5800
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Photo of Randy Rutkowske Randy Rutkowske
Jan 15, 2023 5

I love this place! I had the Pad Thai and it was delicious. One of the best pad Thai dishes I have had. Flavors are rich with a little lime overtone. I enjoyed the service too. A small local shop in total character, which is also one of my favorite things. I have been here many times, and always have enjoyed it.

Photo of Elizabeth Garcia Elizabeth Garcia
Aug 26, 2022 5

I live down east, however, whenever Im in the area (usually for the quality medical care), I stay at the [very clean] Holiday Inn Express on Farrington in Chapel Hill -and I ALWAYS grab a meal (or two) at Bangkok 54. Today it was massaman curry and fried tofu w/chili sauce. And as usual you can count on consistently outstanding flavor. Not over or under spiced, it is fragrant, delicious and comforting… and the fried tofu is a great snack. Highly recommend!

Photo of Rui Chen Rui Chen
Aug 23, 2022 5

I have been tasting Thai food around US for 10 years and Bangkok 54 defintely is the topest among all of them. The curriest and tastes are super authentic and you must try it if you are a Thai food lover around the triangle area. Also I posted the most recent menu for your references.

Photo of David Reader David Reader
Aug 11, 2022 4

Service was incredible and the food was great. The Pad Thai was great the shrimp and chicken were just okay. I would use chicken breast for the type of chicken meat and cook the shrimp some other way than boiled. Both did not have much flavor. I will go back again soon.

Photo of HH Jaimes HH Jaimes
Jul 29, 2022 5

I got the beef massaman curry and the plate was very nice. Nice curry sauce, nice steak, the rice was good, and the soup. All for the price of 13 with a sweet tea. Nice environment and design. Good service and a good restaurant.

Photo of Trinten M Trinten M
Jul 28, 2022 5

I love spicy food. And when it comes to spicy food, Thai is usually the way to go. Some restaurants (understandably) dial back the heat quite a bit, even when ordering it very hot. And I get it, they don't want customers to be unhappy. This was my first visit here, going for lunch. The staff was very friendly and understanding at our paced out meal (we were meeting with a friend and wanted to catch up). We had their fresh rolls and fried pot stickers, both were excellent. The pot stickers were surprisingly large, easily two bites each (compared to most other places where they are barely a bite). The fresh rolls were just as good, the shrimp tasted fresh and the other fillings were crispy-fresh. The peanut sauce that came with them was excellent. I had the tom yum soup with shrimp, it was very good. Great balance of flavors. I would love to see that in a bigger portion option (as a meal). I ordered the basil sauce dish with beef, and asked them for level 5 heat (Their hottest). The waitress cautioned me that it was very hot, and they recommend only a 3 and will gladly bring out the spice dish if I wanted it hotter. I let her know I grow Carolina Reaper peppers, and I promised not to send it back. She nodded and confirmed my selection. The food came out and it was excellent! Amazing flavors in everyone's dish (no one else tried mine, they aren't into spicy food like I am). The heat in mine was perfect. By the time I finished it all, I had a very light perspiration on the back of my neck and it cleared my sinuses. That's my standard for "hot enough" at a restaurant, and they nailed it. I'll definitely be going back here again.

Photo of Matthew Turpin Matthew Turpin
Jun 23, 2022 5

One of my favorite restaurants! Delicious food, impeccable service--it's the best place around. Love going here for lunch: they are fast, reasonably priced, and serve delicious food. Highly recommend for lunch and dinner.

Photo of Jimmy Kulina Jimmy Kulina
Apr 19, 2022 5

The best Thai food that I've had in a long time. Got the chicken pad kee mow spice level 2. A good amount of heat. Wouldn't want to go any higher than that. Also had Thai iced tea and sticky rice. Both were excellent!

Photo of Catherine Farrer Catherine Farrer
Mar 31, 2022 5

Fantastic place! Friendly and delicious. Best Green Curry I’ve had.