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Baldwin Auditorium


1336 Campus Dr
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 684-4444
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Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Aug 21, 2018 5

Music hall that is just wonderful after being renovated located on Duke's east campus. Sound and acoustics are incredible. Beautiful domed building and space. Seats are smallish but comfortable enough. Relatively small making for intimatel experience but sizable enough that it feels like real music hall.

Photo of Luca Makarushka-Napp Luca Makarushka-Napp
Jun 21, 2018 4

I have performed at several concerts there, and it is a great space. I have also watched shows there and that is an even more enjoyable experience. The seats are comfortable and arrange to well. The building is old but beautifully designed. A great place to go ether your on the stage or watching a show.

Photo of Landon Foltz Landon Foltz
Jul 9, 2019 5

Really amazing concert hall and performance area. I enjoyed coming here every time I had the opportunity to. Duke has done a great job with this building and it’s overall an amazing place to visit!

Photo of Taylor Healy Taylor Healy
Feb 17, 2019 5

Duke Jazz Band, great, really laid back. Auditorium sounds great

Photo of Doug Zabor Doug Zabor
Feb 28, 2019 3

Great sounding auditorium. Parking is hard, esp. handicap. Far away.

Photo of Isasc Pipkin Isasc Pipkin
Feb 12, 2019 5

Clean and safe environment. Acoustics excellent. Easy access for Uber riders.

Photo of Russ Frazier Russ Frazier
Nov 22, 2018 5

Built in 1927, renovated around 2014, this is an award-winning building that is just stunning in the quality of its interior design. Really, a welcoming and comfortable feel when you go in, due to the intimate scale of the space, as well as the remarkable and skillful use of wood in the acoustic structures. Attended a classical piano recital and could hear every note in pieces with wide dynamic range while sitting in the back row of the orchestra section.

Photo of Rachel Holmes Rachel Holmes
Jan 6, 2019 5

Neat concert hall. Beautiful inside with wonderful acoustics. Located in an older, historic building. Parking to the hall was a bit of an adventure. Bathrooms are nice, but small, downstairs, and through a maze of well labeled twists and turns. I enjoyed the contrast of the historic building and modern concert hall.

Photo of Paulette N Paulette N
Mar 14, 2022 5

Take any chance you get to see performances by the Duke music department students.

Photo of Ananya Gupta Ananya Gupta
Mar 2, 2022 5

A beautiful concert hall and auditorium with crisp and clear sound. The lighting is excellent. My only wish was that in the renovation they included a more extensive budget for more ornate decoration, especially on the wood panelings.

Photo of John Jull John Jull
May 5, 2016 5

I knew this venue pre-renovation when it was being used as a practice hall for the Duke wind symphony. At that time there was always the vague feeling that a chunk of the ceiling might fall in at any time. I've seen two performances since the renovation. It's visually stunning, but more to the point, the sound is GOOD.

Photo of Marcus Hutchins Marcus Hutchins
May 29, 2020 5

Nice intimate venue for concerts

Photo of JY Z JY Z
Mar 25, 2019 5

The performance was so good