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Bahama Baptist Church


7917 Willardsville Station Rd
Bahama, NC 27503
Phone: (919) 471-3181
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Photo of Andrea Coachman Andrea Coachman
Jan 23, 2020 5

This body of believers are sold out to the works of Jesus Christ. They are kind, loving, patient, forgiving, and loving. They practice what they preach. Pastor Wes' sermons are 90% of the word and 10% of today's application. This is very rare these days. The children and youth flourish everyday under the instruction of dedicated teachers and a church GrandMom ! When someone is in need of food, water, clothing, shelter; generous hearts are activated and the Lord provides though them. They truly believe in fellowship. I did not realize how important fellowship was until left a church where it was not important. Christ is the head of this church. God Bless them. May they not grow weary of well doing.

Photo of Linda Roberts Linda Roberts
Jan 14, 2018 3

Photo of Christopher Brown Christopher Brown
Dec 11, 2017 5

Really fine teaching: Wes McMurray has put a ton of work into an explanation of Isaiah 33-35. For the second week of Advent, today's sermon included 35:8, the prophecy of "The Way" - the path by which the ransomed return to the Lord.