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Backyard BBQ Pit


5122 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713

Backyard BBQ Pit is a classic, no-frills BBQ joint. The writing is on the wall here ... literally! The walls are covered with signatures and messages from hundreds of satisfied customers. Here you’ll find mac n’ cheese, collard greens, some of the most tender brisket you’ve ever had and more.

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Photo of Angela Thomas Angela Thomas
May 2, 2023 5

This is absolutely the best barbecue around. Everything tastes great with my personal favorites being the Mac and cheese and collard greens. The ribs and pork and chicken all fantastic and I can’t leave out the yummy hush puppies. Go on and buy some extra when you order because they are that good.

Photo of Michael E Seaberry Sr. Michael E Seaberry Sr.
May 2, 2023 5

I don't eat meat but their sides are really really good. I especially really love the baked beans. The inside could stand some remodeling but the food is on point.

Photo of Brian Renegade Brian Renegade
Jan 28, 2023 5

Backyard BBQ is a bull city staple and a great representation of what eastern NC BBQ is supposed to taste like. They are undergoing renovations, so the inside is a little rough, but the food is always amazing.

Photo of E Beck E Beck
Jan 26, 2023 3

Food was okay. Unfortunately most of the food wasn't hot which is very disappointing. Drove a long way to visit and support because of social media. The hushpuppies,Mac and cheese,and yams, were all cold. Fried fish and turkey wings were great. They have a few small things to fix before I would recommend going back.

Photo of Carlisa McKenzie Carlisa McKenzie
Jan 17, 2023 5

Customer service alone gets 5 starts they were so sweet! It was super busy but it didn’t take me that long to get my food and the food was DELICIOUS. The plates come with hush puppies which aren’t too sweet or too savory. I think it has a bit of both. I got the beef ribs dinner plate which beef ribs tend to be more on the chewy side but these were more tender. The mac and cheese was super cheesy and the greens! Chefs kiss! vinegar tasting with a slight sweetness. So good! Thank you!

Photo of Rabimba Karanjai Rabimba Karanjai
Jan 6, 2023 4

The food is really good here. Loved the brisket. One star less just because you might not get all the food all the time. We went here twice (two days in a row for lunch) for the brisket. And then too didnt get the ribs. So you will need to check that

Photo of Dredgen X Dredgen X
Dec 9, 2022 5

don't let this place fool you from the outside the signs just missing right now. I came here when it opened at lunch and really love the buffet style. I got a pork barbecue plate with mac & cheese and sweet potatoes and a sweet tea. The barbecue was really nice and the mac & cheese was some really good baked mac & cheese kind of like you would get it Thanksgiving. It was delicious. sweet potatoes are real and not from a can. they have traditional eastern style vinegar barbecue sauce, but please try the molasses barbecue it's amazing. I've tried making my own molasses sauce before and I really like their version. You can taste the molasses in it, but it's not overpowering. Sweet. portion sizes are large. And there are lots of choices. I'd love to come back here if I'm ever in the area . their hush puppies Remind me of Jamaican fried dumplings, more like a fried piece of bread then the hush puppies with cornmeal that I'm used to. They are still very good. Thank you for the food.