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Avery Family Farm


1923 Shaw Rd
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 236-3244
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Photo of Debbie Tascher Debbie Tascher
Dec 23, 2023 5

My 20 year old daughter was home from college, so we came out on a Saturday morning and did goat yoga. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. The goats were all friendly, sweet and snuggly (all 22 of them), and as a bonus there were two sweet sheep and two Great Pyrenees. I barely did any yoga - I was enjoying snuggling the goats too much! We’ll be back!

Photo of Jen Joyner Jen Joyner
Dec 23, 2023 5

Goat yoga was AMAZING! The goats came and laid down with us and Amanda led an awesome class! It was so relaxing and grounding!

Photo of Wendy Krieg Wendy Krieg
Dec 9, 2023 5

This was such a great experience! The goats were so cute and affectionate. Chip sat with me the whole time and even drifted off a little. 😴 I love that they are so well trained to cuddle and be around people (and not just because they have treats or food)! The farm is family-run and has a nice and quaint ambiance. 100 points to Gryffindor and Velvet for being the sweetest horses and lovely welcoming committee. I am definitely coming back sometime to do this again! Amanda and Chandra were amazing and understanding. I recommend anyone come to this farm, whether you're a beginner and a little wary of animals or if you're an experienced animal handler! Thanks for the wonderful experience! 🐐🐎

Photo of Erica Hilliker Erica Hilliker
Dec 9, 2023 5

Attended goat yoga and had an amazing experience! The combination of yoga and adorable goats made the session truly unique. The instructor was SO great, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I was nervous about yoga since I’ve never done anything before but she was so good at explaining each step and what the exercise is doing for your body. I texted her to tell her that this was a gift for my friend and they remembered to say happy birthday to my friend. It’s the little things that made this place feeling so welcoming. Highly recommend for a joyful and refreshing workout!!

Photo of josue Robles josue Robles
Dec 9, 2023 5

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had! The goats were amazing and such a welcoming environment for all ages. The yoga instructor was very sweet and knowledgable. This was such a great thing to do! I will definitely do this again. 10/10 recommend

Photo of Anne Elizabeth Farrow Anne Elizabeth Farrow
Nov 18, 2023 5

I attended the cuddle class, and it was SO much fun! The staff was very knowledgeable and shared information on the goats. We also got to pet the horses and the dogs. You sit on a blanket under the tent, and the goats will just come right up to you. Some will lick you, but most just wanted to come up and snuggle. Everyone in my group was an adult (I’m in my 30’s for reference), and we all loved it! I can see kids loving this as well. Definitely recommend!

Photo of Caitlin Fuller Caitlin Fuller
Nov 18, 2023 5

Came with my friend for the cuddle class and had a great time! All the animals are very friendly and we had plenty of time with the goats and other animals.

Photo of Sarah Sizer Sarah Sizer
Nov 13, 2023 5

We had such an amazing time at Avery Family Farms yesterday. We went for a Honeygirl mead tasting and goat snuggling session. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to drink delicious and locally produced mead, cuddle with the adorable goats, and learn more about the farm. Such a unique experience that I highly recommend!

Photo of Alex Stewart Alex Stewart
Oct 21, 2023 5

I thought this would be fun. It was even better than I imagined. If I lived closer, I'd be there monthly. The goats are utterly charming and the owner tells you how they like to be pet and about their unique personalities. She was also really thoughtful about all the guests, offering to take pics, and see who wanted time with the horses. I went alone and the atmosphere is so happy that everyone was talking and laughing and, of course, cuddling the goats. Such a great way to treat yourself! HIGHLY recommended!

Photo of Jenni grover Jenni grover
Sep 25, 2023 5

My girls have been going to Avery Family Farm summer and intersession camps for years. Even at age 12 and 14 they still say that this is their favorite camp of all time. Amanda is kind, nurturing, and inventive. My kids always come back happy and tired in a good way.