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Augmentality Labs | Virtual Reality Arcade


3519 Witherspoon Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 748-4578
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Photo of S McFadden S McFadden
Nov 12, 2023 5

We held a 13th birthday party here and booked headsets for 8. It was the perfect place for this age. The staff were there to help the entire time. They are also very knowledgeable about each game (which makes it easier to get the most out of each game and your time) and they are friendly! We will be definitely be back.

Photo of Sarina Sarina
Nov 4, 2023 5

This place is so much fun. My husband and I came here for a date a few weeks ago and liked it so much we brought my dad and uncle for my dad’s birthday today. The workers are so nice and helpful the entire time. There’s quite a few fun games to play all together and plenty to play on your own.

Photo of Brittany Meadow Brittany Meadow
Oct 28, 2023 5

Great experience for a 10 year old and 9 year old! Beginner or not...the staff was INCREDIBLE! Super helpful yet them play and learn for themselves. We will be back!

Photo of Chris St.Pierre Chris St.Pierre
Sep 30, 2023 5

What a great time indeed. My 8 year old nephew and I had a blast. Having so many games to choose from made the experience all the better. And the host is great, very entertaining and humorous.

Photo of YOB Fit YOB Fit
Sep 14, 2023 5

A fantastic experience! Devon was a tremendous host, providing great game recommendations and was extremely patient with me and my wife. They early week special was extremely affordable allowing us to play for 2 hours each for less than 100 bucks. That might sound like an expensive date night, but for all the games we we got to play and the amount of fun we had, it was well worth the money.

Sep 7, 2023 5

My niece, nephew, sister-in-law, and I had a fabulous time at Augmentality Labs. The staff was extremely helpful as we were "first-timers". They suggested games for us and if we didn't like one, he was quick to suggest others. Can't wait to go back!

Photo of Corrie Chumpitazi MD MS Corrie Chumpitazi MD MS
Sep 4, 2023 5

We had the most amazing time for my son’s birthday party! Perfect for 4th graders- but the adults had a blast as well! The staff were very excited and engaged. They were patient with those new to VR and kept everything moving smoothly. My son was asking to go back later that night. All the kids couldn’t wait to get back!

Photo of Asif Samad Asif Samad
Aug 31, 2023 5

Great fun. Speaking as two "older" folk who've never done this before we found plenty of games that were fun to play. Our VR helper was very patient and helpful . We would do this again!

Photo of Lara C Lara C
Aug 27, 2023 5

Great experience!! Took my 12 yo son. He did one 30 minute session and immediately asked to do it again. Talked to one of the gentleman that works there. How personable and friendly! He really kept an eye on everyone there making sure everyone was having a great time. I may have to try the next time!!

Photo of Bob Bob
Aug 25, 2023 5

We had a great time at this VR Arcade today with our granddaughters. The facility was well equipped. The staff spent a lot of time showing the girls how to operate the VR equipment and then checked back frequently to help with any questions that they had. I would recommend the Augmentality Labs LLC VR Arcade to anyone who wants a first-class VR experience! We will be going back again soon.

Photo of Kholey Stromas Kholey Stromas
Aug 3, 2023 5

An amazing way to celebrate your birthday. From the moment, my mom, brother, and I walked in, we knew it was gonna be fun! Our host was very engaging and playful! I loved it! We played Loco Dojo, it was soooo much fun!

Photo of Kirstin Giordano Kirstin Giordano
Jul 21, 2023 5

Awesome place to play VR games! Great setup and staff always there to help if something malfunctions. Highly recommend!

Photo of Stephanie Kessler Stephanie Kessler
Jul 7, 2023 5

The staff is awesome and we had an amazing time!!! We live in VT and had a trip to see family in NC. My son was so excited to see that there was a VR arcade in Durham (we do not have one in VT) so I booked two stations and we had a blast!!

Photo of Layla Almeida Layla Almeida
Jun 27, 2023 5

This place was so much fun! There were so many game options on the headset, some multiplayer some solo. The way one of the workers showed us how to use our stuff was really fun and helpful! I will 100% be coming back.

Photo of H P H P
May 3, 2023 5

SO MUCH FUN!! From walking in to walking out at the end of our session, the experience was amazing. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, the setup is super organized and allows you to watch and enjoy what the gamers are playing, and just overall a great place to hangout and have fun. I loved it here and will DEFINITELY be back.

Photo of Ashley Kitchens Ashley Kitchens
Apr 26, 2023 5

Highly recommend checking out Augmentality Labs! It's a fun and unique way to switch up date night or hanging out with your friends. Devin, who works there, will set you up and walk you through how to use the controllers and find the best games for you and even give you guidance on how to navigate the games, if you need help. He takes great care of you to make sure your experience is the best! They have a host of games to choose from so two hours goes by quickly! Have fun!!

Photo of DeColla Walcott DeColla Walcott
Apr 15, 2023 5

This place was awesome! So much so that we paid for another 30 minutes. I took my 8 y/o niece and 11 y/o son, and they had a blast! They were very patient when explaining the equipment to the kids, and helping throughout their experience. Very clean, professional, and organized. They truly have a gamers dream in there. By the way, the couches are super comfortable for you parents out there 😆 Loved it! Will be going back every chance we get.

Photo of Erica L Erica L
Apr 5, 2023 5

I have been here quite a few times because my kids LOVE IT. Each and every time the staff has been amazing. Very nice and attentive from the time you walk through the door. VR is a unique experience that is fun for everyone. They have a wide selection of games that will keep us coming back. Highly recommend.

Photo of Lauren Shea Lauren Shea
Mar 28, 2023 5

My husband and I went for a date night. It totally surpassed my expectations and was even funner than I thought it would be! Our host was hilarious and over the top with absolutely everything he said and did which made the experience even more silly and fun! He was also so patient and happy to explain things and help us out whenever we needed it. Will definitely be going back!

Photo of Breidi Norwood Breidi Norwood
Dec 31, 2022 5

My 8 year old twins totally LOVED this place. The gentleman who explained how it worked was super FABULOUS and way worth the cost. He did a fabulous job with my kids. It was one of the funniest things we have done in a long time and I loved watching them! Highly recommend.

Photo of Goodold Moovys Goodold Moovys
Dec 13, 2022 5

Went for a single player session and had a great time. I have my own set-up but wanted to see what theirs was like. I was impressed. The play space was spacious and well calibrated and they had a clever system in place to keep the headset cables from being noticable. My two hours passed quickly from having so much fun, yet also I felt like I got just the right amount of game time. Highly recommend!