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Atomic Empire


3400 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 490-7900
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Photo of Ethan M Ethan M
Apr 6, 2022 5

Atomic empire is the best game store in the area. It's got plenty of tables and lots of space for hanging out. They are pretry good about having customers wear masks and stuff but it's not required. I have spent a good deal of money here buying magic cards and things but they also have a good selection of comics and board games and various other things. Definantly check it out.

Photo of Nathan Klein Nathan Klein
Feb 25, 2022 5

Amazing store. Very accommodating to customers that are not local to the area. I have never had a bad experience in the 4+ years I have come here.

Photo of Sarah Price Sarah Price
Jan 19, 2022 5

Atomic is really great for a few reasons: the space, the products available, and (most importantly) the employees. The folks I know who work here are great people who really care about what the place should be about - gaming and camaraderie. If you haven't been in before, you should check it out.

Photo of Daniel de Held Daniel de Held
Jan 18, 2022 5

I live in Denver Colorado and of course we have many good stores here but none have a website as nice as yours. My subscriptions are easy to add or remove. I always get what I requested in the exact time they say I will receive them, if not earlier. They are always well packaged and taken care of. I have thought of going local many times but the convenience of the website and the continued great service always keeps me coming back!!!

Photo of Emma Marie Thomas Emma Marie Thomas
Dec 23, 2021 5

A fantastic game shop! They have an amazing selection and clearly a passionate gaming community if you are looking to get into that. If not, you’ll still feel very welcomed with a staff willing to help you find great games.

Photo of Heather Presley Heather Presley
Dec 13, 2021 5

I live in a small town in Texas, therefore I couldn’t find the one item I was looking for ANYWHERE. Not even nearby towns. I stumbled across this company, and they fulfilled my wishes! My purchase got to me quickly and it was well taken care of. Will be purchasing from here again! I’m extremely happy with my experience with this company!

Photo of Julia Barnes Julia Barnes
Oct 26, 2021 5

If you can, buy all your manga from here! Sarah is super nice, friendly, and helpful. If she carried other types of books I'd buy them from AE also! I haven't even received my order yet but she was so helpful with all of my questions, multiple calls, and order issues. Plus, you can't beat the prices! 100% recommend!

Photo of Melissa Wooten Melissa Wooten
Oct 28, 2021 5

This is the only gaming store I have found that is not so crowded so there is room for myself and my service dog. The staff asked if they could accommodate me in any way. I am very welcome here.

Photo of Kirstin Korinko Kirstin Korinko
Oct 21, 2021 5

I live in rural Idaho where not comics are available. I typically order from tfaw because they are a bit more "local" to my area. But occasionally they sell out of select issues. My brother lives in Durham so I still wanted to support a small "local" business. I was blown away by the speed and care in my package. While it came in a somewhat oversized box for a single comic, it was tightly packaged and came undamaged. Also it was shipped not even 5hours after I placed my order and arrived in less than a week! Needless to say, I was blown away and will 100% order from here again!

Photo of David Knox David Knox
Oct 31, 2021 5

This place slaps, they have a great selection of models and card games. The people who work there are very helpful and friendly. Do be mindful though, they have a $5 minimum for credit card purchases, so if you want a Monster you might need to pick up some Magic singles too!

Photo of Maddelyn Lawrence Maddelyn Lawrence
Oct 21, 2021 5

I live out of state, so I regularly use their online website to buy board games. Shipping has always been fast and my board games have arrived in great condition.

Photo of Maurice Mckellar Maurice Mckellar
Aug 26, 2020 3


Photo of Wayne Dale Wayne Dale
Oct 7, 2021 4

Large selection of items and quick service. Only downside was the inventory seemed off so certain selections we were told available actually didn't exist. Minor item as the staff were great to work with. Makes up for it, in my opinion.

Photo of Jesus Mercado Jesus Mercado
Sep 14, 2021 4

Great place, staff was very helpful and kind. Decent variety in merchandise and cool space to hang out/ play games even has a small bar! The only thing I wish were different is the comic book section doesn’t feel as inviting a little bare in terms layout (not selections) it would be nice if they had a lounge area to sit and read. Other then that pretty cool spot would definitely recommend!

Photo of Tori Aisu Tori Aisu
Aug 20, 2021 5

I bought a book from this website that I'd been searching for for a long while! All of the other sites I managed to find it on had it either way overpriced or were trying to scalp. Atomic Empire had it MSRP and it was in perfect, new condition when I received it! There had been a shipping delay but they were open, honest, and genuine in their response about it. Great experience all around!

Photo of Stephen Miller Stephen Miller
Aug 17, 2021 5

Great place period. If you like games - role play, board games, card games, etc. This is the place. Really good selection and a large open area to meet and play. The integrated bar is a nice touch!

Photo of Ana Mendez (Maranga) Ana Mendez (Maranga)
Jul 17, 2021 5

The order arrived within their estimated timeline, and crossed several states. I really appreciated that the packaging was well done protecting very well the goods, and they used paper instead of plastic a detail that did not went unnoticed; the ordering process was fast and the fact that they had the item I was looking for months! Speaks that they have a good catalog... Please do not hesitate to order from them...support small businesses...

Photo of Howl Bunny Howl Bunny
Jul 17, 2021 5

Came in with my boyfriend just to check it out and it was more than what I could have asked for! It’s huge on the inside and there’s a bunch of people playing Magic, D&D, and board games in the back. The front half is filled with games and accessories! It’s definitely a bit cold so being a sweater if you’re going to be there for more than a quick stop. My BF is going to a draft today for the new Magic set and he’s really excited!

Photo of Danny Kaidbey Danny Kaidbey
Jul 9, 2021 5

Amazing customer service! I ordered manga from them online, and the woman on the phone (I unfortunately forgot her name, maybe Sarah?) was SO helpful with getting my shipment sorted out. You guys are great!

Photo of Pedro Lanuza Pedro Lanuza
May 13, 2021 5

I made an online purchase and I received it fairly quick! It came a few days before expected arrival. Also, they had the best deal when it came to what I was looking for. Definitely ordering again soon!

Photo of Keith Ward Keith Ward
May 11, 2021 5

Great game and comics store in the Triangle, with great selection and practically unbeatable prices (100% unbeatable within the area). Their play area is gigantic and comfortable, and other than major tournament days, there's always room to get a game in. In the past, the staff at times felt a bit too aloof or abrasive when interacting, and this led me to almost give this a 4-star instead of 5, but the last few times I was there before I moved away, it really felt like they had worked on that a lot, and I had great interactions. In fact, this became my wife's favorite place to buy a new game, because the staff would interact and give her recommendations without being overbearing. All in all, they seem to really understand what vibe sells for the gaming crowd, and they do their best to cater to it.

Photo of Shelly Beard Shelly Beard
Jul 1, 2021 5

Excellent store! The store is well-organized and spacious with ample playing space (during non-pandemic times). The staff is helpful and knowledgeable and they will pre-order items for you if they don't have them in stock!

Photo of D. Hunter Todd D. Hunter Todd
May 10, 2021 5

Incredible customer service, and a great experience all around. They had a binder in stock for retail price that is completely sold out everywhere else, and I was able to order for shipping. Called the shop to check on the order, and the gentleman walked back to the stock room while I was on the phone to confirm the item was about to ship. Everything was packaged immaculately, and arrived in perfect condition. Would definitely shop here again!

Photo of Stig Thigpen Stig Thigpen
May 5, 2021 5

The staff here knows their product and are happy to help. They can always answer any questions I have about boardgames, no matter how obscure, or give on-target recommendations for games that are like the one I'm asking about.. I really appreciate that. Pricing is competitive, even compares favorably to online retailers.

Photo of Zack Olsen Zack Olsen
Apr 15, 2021 5

Very, very impressed! I ordered the Invincible Compendium #1 a week back and was shipped out two days ago. I received it this morning in perfect condition! They were excellent when it came to communication with me as the item had to be special ordered from the distributor directly and even arrived two days earlier than anticipated! I just started getting back into comics again and this is for sure who I will be ordering from from now on! Thanks again!

Photo of Jason Hamilton Jason Hamilton
Mar 31, 2021 5

I made an online purchase here because they had a great variety of comic boxes. The items arrived promptly, in excellent shape, with free shipping. I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!

Photo of Cristian Tompkins Cristian Tompkins
Mar 31, 2021 5

Friendly helpful place, also the magic singles are great and well priced. The employees, especially spider have given me so many fun ideas for decks and just sharing funny experiences. I always feel welcomed and leave with a big smile.

Photo of Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller
Apr 7, 2021 3

At most businesses free shipping is an incentive for you to buy more, at Atomic Empire it feels like more of a punishment. To be fair, they do warn you that if you select free shipping they will choose the cheapest option and that it can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered (For this reason I do not give them 2 stars), but I naively assumed that the 2 weeks was just to cover themselves. It was not. The fact that they feel the need to have such a warning at all probably should have told me every thing I needed to know about selecting that option. So here I am 13 days after they shipped my items expecting delivery today. On the plus side, I learned that FedEx apparently has a "cheaper and much slower than USPS" option which I did not know before. Other than that they have good prices and actually had my order shipped the next day which was great but that was all over-shadowed by the shipping time. As it stands I probably won't buy from Atomic Empire again unless they have something I can't find elsewhere. There are just too many other options that offer similar prices and free shipping in a much quicker time frame. And of course if I do order from them again I will definitely not select free shipping. :)

Photo of Rob/Elissa Harrington Rob/Elissa Harrington
Mar 15, 2021 5

My first experience today with trying to find a new comic book subscription with Atomic. I have had many issues in the past with other companies, but the lady I talked to on the phone answered all my crazy questions with a great attitude and even stayed a half hour late just to discuss with me. Will defiantly give them a try with my subscription.

Photo of Jayson Martin Jayson Martin
Feb 17, 2021 5

Couldn't find the game board I was looking for from a local store, so I decided to buy from Amazon. After two attempts, Amazon only managed to send me two poorly packaged dented/bent game boards. Not the first time Amazon has inadequately packaged products. Decided to try to hunt and find a different shop online and came across this one with good reviews. Ordered exactly what I was looking at practically the same price as Amazon. And guess what?...it came beautifully boxed and absolutely perfect. Would definitely order from again. Wished I had know about Atomic Empire before and saved myself some hassle.

Photo of Timothy Aull Timothy Aull
Feb 12, 2021 5

Wish I had more money to spend here. Love the selection of games. If you love board games this is a must stop. There are cheaper ways to get board games but I don't mind paying a little extra to hold the game in my hands before I buy it.

Photo of umaneo1 umaneo1
Jan 19, 2021 5

While I live out out of state from Atomic Empire, I use them. My local comic shop closed due to COVID and there were no other local options. I found Atomic Empire on line and they offer subscriptions and shipping. Their site is easy to use and order from. Their staff helpful and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Photo of medic1903 medic1903
Jan 19, 2021 5

I've been using the monthly on-line subscription ordering for Atomic Empire since they are out-of-state for 2+ years. The service has been great and they offer all the new comics available. They offer tiered discounts depending on your subscription amounts so that's convenient. My comics arrive in perfect condition and are replaced if they don't. Very pleased.

Photo of Deb M Deb M
Dec 20, 2020 5

Thank you for the super fast shipping on my purchase I purchased on Friday (12/18). Not only did you have an item I have had an almost impossible time finding, but I paid extra for expedited shipping that was set to be delivered by Tuesday and I got it today (Sunday)! I came across you all when I was looking for a game for my sis in law and was a little apprehensive, but you absolutely nailed it. You guys rock! Thanks again and you now have a customer for life! Merry Christmas!

Photo of Brittany Przybyl Brittany Przybyl
Dec 25, 2020 5

The staff here could not be more helpful or friendly- I always find what I'm looking for and get great suggestions. Selection is great if you're into D&D, graphic novels, board games... they've got it all! Love this place!

Photo of David Artman David Artman
Dec 23, 2020 5

Greatest game store that I've ever been to, in almost 4 decades of gaming on two continents. Huge selection, great staff and patrons, awesome open gaming space with concessions. Further, their prices are so competitive that you should shop them first for just about anything. This is what a brick and mortar game store has to be, in these internet days!

Photo of Chris McKinney Chris McKinney
Nov 7, 2020 5

Ordered Nemesis through the website. I could not find it at my local stores and wanted to support a brick and mortar store. Site was easy to use and fast shipping. The game arrived in perfect condition.

Photo of Camilo Camp Camilo Camp
Oct 30, 2020 5

I subscribed to a comic book using thier website. Super Easy! I wasn't expecting it for a few more days but I already have it. 2550 MILES IN 2 DAYS! It arrived super safe with no damage. I will recommend this website to anyone who asks!

Photo of William Michael William Michael
Oct 28, 2020 3

I completely appreciate mask protocols and have no problem wearing them anywhere else. But if i pull the mask briefly away from my nose so my glasses aren't fogged up to read the back of a book I'm considering purchasing, being told to put it back over my nose, especially when you can eat at a restaurant without even having a mask on, and especially when there was no one within 20 of me, is going way over board. I hope my next visit is more pleasant and will edit or add a new review upon occurring. EDIT: Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response (from the owner). Much appreciated. Yes, of course, I will adjust the review.

Photo of Blayze Garvin Blayze Garvin
Oct 13, 2020 5

I'm super impressed with Atomic Empire. Everything came on time and in one piece. Website is excellent and easy to maneuver. Thank you! And will be ordering from you guys in the future. Keep up the great work, especially in these challenging times.

Photo of Bradley Parrish Bradley Parrish
Sep 18, 2020 5

Update- On top of their amazing prices, this store knows how to properly package a book so it doesn't get damaged in shipping. The place I use to order from always had the books arriving with bent corners or spines. Since switching to Atomic Empire for my pre-order needs, every book has came in perfect. It really shows the care they take to ensure you get your product in perfect condition Original- Great prices and fast shipping. Have already ordered miniatures from them a couple of times and I am always left highly satisfied. I look forward to visiting the physical store one day soon.

Photo of Wilfredo Santos Jr Wilfredo Santos Jr
Sep 12, 2020 5

Best hobby store I've ever been to. Amazing location, great customer service. Before the virus, best place to host and play any kind of table top games, from CCGs to RPGs. If you like buying stuff online, don't. Support this amazing store. It has very competitive prices and if they don't have what you need they can order it for you. I can't wait for this crisis to be over so that I can go back there and play some games. Please support this great brick n' mortar store.

Photo of Max Bernard Max Bernard
Aug 31, 2020 4

An online store turned physical enduring in its niche by being the only game store within a 10 mile radius of my lodgings. Thankfully, it also happens to be a very good option, filled with opportunity and staff willing to engage it's populace. I plan on coming here weekly to engage in the discussion, events, and work that can be gained here.

Photo of Mariah Hensley Mariah Hensley
Sep 9, 2020 5

I am an online customer. I stumbled across the store while looking for comic books and decided to give it a chance after seeing all the good reviews. I'm so glad I did! The books arrived early and in great condition. Just placed another order with them and will use them for the preorder of the next volume for my comic books.

Photo of Ted Krenkel Ted Krenkel
Aug 22, 2020 5

A great comic and game store. Great prices in the boardgames. Will shop here again.

Photo of Sean Callot Sean Callot
Aug 15, 2020 5

Excellent staff and selection of games, paints and accessories. Wide selection of comics and game books, too! Best comic and game store in the Triangle, and if they don't have it, they will order it for you and even ship it!

Photo of Maddie Adams Maddie Adams
Jul 20, 2020 5

Great selection in store and even more expansive online for pickup/delivery. The store was huge and very clean. The games were ordered alphabetically, which was nice if you are coming in wanting something specific, but my suggestion would be to organize the games by category (cooperative, strategy, RPG, etc.). A game store I love in Maryland organizes this way and it is much easier to browse games similar to what you like. Overall, prices are VERY reasonable and customer service was great. They seem to be taking Covid seriously and all the employees had masks on. I will be coming back for all my nerdy gaming needs.

Photo of Jason Fountain Jason Fountain
Jul 4, 2020 5

Great experience! They were able to get a hard to find item for a board game that the game manufacturer would not have back in stock until the end of this year, and at a cheaper price. Came in great condition and arrived rather quickly, ordered it late on a Wednesday afternoon and arrived Friday the following week. Great online support any time I had a question. I will definitely order from them again and recommend them to anyone else!

Photo of Randy Dennis Randy Dennis
Jul 6, 2020 5

This place is honestly amazing. I called 6 other card shops in the Raleigh/Cary area, and none of them had the product I was looking for. Atomic Empire had many copies of what I was looking for so I took the trip out to Durham to check out the store. It was hands down the largest and most well stocked card/game shop I've been in, and the pricing was extremely competitive. I spoke with multiple very knowledgeable staff members and was introduced to the community that they've built there. Despite it being a longer drive for me to get to, I think Atomic Empire will become my go to card shop when I need anything

Photo of Bradley Parrish Bradley Parrish
Jun 18, 2020 5

Great prices and fast shipping. Have already ordered miniatures from them a couple of times and I am always left highly satisfied. I look forward to visiting the physical store one day soon.

Photo of The Great Wasnak The Great Wasnak
May 2, 2020 5

Always the apex of customer service and all at very reasonable prices. Atomic Empire has earned the loyalty of its current customers for the same reasons new customers should seek it out. I certainly hesitate to spend my money at their competitors because of how well their store and staff have treated me as an individual consumer and also facilitated the local gaming community at large. Long live the empire!

Photo of Bryan Bryan
Jun 26, 2019 5

This is the best gaming and comic book store I have ever seen. Amazing store. I wish I lived on the East coast because of the store. Sadly I was just visiting.

Photo of Chris Moore Chris Moore
Jun 3, 2019 5

Great shop with tons of gaming space, a very diverse selection of products, helpful staff and last but not least, beer on tap. Nothing like a tasty beer while getting some games in. Highly recommend this shop if you're in the area!

Photo of Bailey Falzone Bailey Falzone
Feb 3, 2020 5

Awesome selection of everything you can think of. Comics, mini figures, games galore! My dad, brother and I come here all the time. Their events are also the bomb! The turn out is amazing and never a disappointment, fun for one or a big group and everyone is welcome!

Photo of Katie Humburg Katie Humburg
Jan 31, 2020 5

Lots of fun! Great selection in minis, card games, board games, and geeky gifts. Magic tourneys are well run and fun, and the staff seems driven to make sure your experience is fun. Highly recommend them.

Photo of Ashley Asuncion Ashley Asuncion
Jan 17, 2020 5

I was struck by how clean and organized this store was! Very easy to find what you're looking for and even stuff that you didn't intend to find. The use of space is expertly done with the retail in the front, and plenty of gaming space in the back. Also love the fact that there's snacks, local craft beer on tap and bottles and cans! Staff is SUPER friendly and socialable. This is truly the paragon of what game stores should strive to be.

Photo of Derek Meyers Derek Meyers
Dec 29, 2019 5

This store is HUGE! Big retail variety, from card games to board games to all sorts of RPG & miniature games. Private gaming rooms are available too! Friendly & knowledgeable staff. The store is very well-maintained & well-stocked.

Photo of Brennan Roark Brennan Roark
Jan 1, 2020 5

A very wonderful store. The staff are polite and kind, they have a good selection of MTG singles and products, more "miniatures" paints than I've ever seen in one place. (Seriously, you could paint an entire 40k setting and never run out of new, vibrant colors.) They have a great selection of Board Games, Tabletops, and Miniatures. They have almost every cold drink you could think of, from Beers, to Hard Ciders, Soda Pops, and even Minute-Maid Juices. They have large Areas for Tournaments, D&D Campaigns, and Casual Play. 10/10 I love this place.

Photo of Aldantler Aldantler
Dec 19, 2019 5

I had ordered a comic online that I couldn't find anywhere else. Very quick shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Definitely gonna add AE to my list of places to check for comics I'm looking for as well. It's great knowing they do online orders & shipping. Much appreciated!

Photo of Alicia Arceneaux Alicia Arceneaux
Sep 21, 2019 5

This store is great! It's got a great stock of something for everyone: comics, board games, card games, miniatures and painting supplies. There's also a huge area in the back for playing table top and board games. We'll definitely be back!

Photo of Victor B Victor B
Nov 7, 2019 5

Ordered the ever-elusive set of Invincible Minimates from them last year. They came quickly and in mint condition. Will be trusting these guys with all of my collectibles needs from now on.

Photo of Christina Waters Christina Waters
Nov 2, 2019 5

Massive store. Half is set up with an awesome selection of merchandise, the back half is full of tables for group gaming. They also apparently host gaming events, which is very cool. I went there looking for a Pathfinder book I couldn't find elsewhere. The staff was extremely helpful in finding it for me, giving me pricing of stuff and even placing an item on hold. Even better, I bought the book I was after for cheaper than any of the online retail listings and like $5 cheaper than the market price on the back cover!! I definitely intend to return!

Photo of Garrett Petruzzi Garrett Petruzzi
Sep 11, 2019 5

I'm from Greensboro and I wish we had anything remotely close to Atomic Empire. The selection is incredible... They obviously have customer service down to the point. Friendly, knowledgeable, outstanding experience from out of town. I will be back!

Photo of Patrick Mitchell Patrick Mitchell
Sep 5, 2019 5

Always a smile, always a hello. Great people to talk to and a great place to meet your friends for a game night. Friendly culture and lots of help and advice. Best gaming store in the area.

Photo of Jayme Winans Jayme Winans
Sep 13, 2019 5

Best Comic Book Sub Service Ever. Ive Been very pleased with the service and selection from Atomic Empire. They exceed expectations in both customer service and quality/condition of books received. The site is by far the easiest online comic book subscription to operate and understand. I can only imagine that the brick and mortar store operates under the same standards. 5 stars!

Photo of Katie Kelly Katie Kelly
Jul 9, 2019 5

I’m not much of a board gamer but the few times I’ve been has been great. It’s always been with frequent players. Cheap snacks and drinks and great variety of games and comics. They also have a private room that’s great for parties and you can just leave a food/drink tab open.

Photo of horace Baldrey horace Baldrey
Aug 6, 2019 5

Lots of merchandise of a great variety. Clean place and friendly helpful staff who were knowledgeable of products and games. Large spacious area for gameplay, and events. I highly recommend going here for figures and games and to hang out with friends. Might try to get some of my d&d group to go with me to an event sometime.

Photo of Jonah Orr Jonah Orr
Aug 15, 2019 5

Friendly staff with a great boardgame, table top game, and comic collection. Everything is at the best price in town and often significantly better than online. If they do not have something in stock, they are happy to order it. Events are run almost nightly, just check online for the most recent calendar updates.

Photo of Stacie Sanchez Stacie Sanchez
Jul 5, 2019 5

Great selection of games at reasonable prices. They offer lots of opportunities for people to meet up and play games like mtg. If you're a miniature painter, you can find paints and miniatures here too!

Photo of Melissa Redick Melissa Redick
May 15, 2019 5

Very cool place to get comics and all kinds of merchandise from all your favorite SciFi shows and games and comics and they really just have a ton of stuff you have to check out. They can order it if they don't have it in stock. You can check their website as well. Also they have events there all the time. Also I have seen a snack bar with lots of drinks and snacks. Which comes in handy if you are going to be participating in a tournament or just thirsty while u shop. So go by there and have fun shopping and seeing all the awesome stuff they have.

Photo of Jake Kunkel Jake Kunkel
Jun 12, 2019 5

Great spot for comics, board games, and general geek paraphernalia. Highly knowledgeable staff and a friendly atmosphere. If they don't have it in stock, they'll order it for you at no charge and typically cheaper than you can find on your own. That said, their stock is extensive.

Photo of Angel Angel
Apr 28, 2019 5

My girls enjoy going her to purchase their card games and their board games. They have a great selection that is hard to find anywhere else. If you can't find it on the shelf just tell the staff and they will order it for you or stock the shelf with it. They also have a nice selection of D&D stuff. There is huge area in the back for gamers to set up and play... no appointment need, just meet your friends there and hang out. They also have a bar where they serve drinks of all kinds. Come and join in on the fun or bring your own fun!

Photo of Jen Ren Jen Ren
Jun 14, 2019 5

Wonderful place to purchase games. Well packed, promptly shipped, timely updates via email and always correct. They have reasonable prices and free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount. I adore this business and definitely shop here above even Amazon for my board games.

Photo of Mike Guanci Mike Guanci
Jun 16, 2019 5

My favorite shop in the area. Prices are cheaper than other stores for board games and accessories. Tons of space for gaming, lots of comics and they will happily order something that’s not in stock. The best added touch is beer on tap! I’m also a new MTG player and their MTG events are great for players both new and old. Looking forward to my next visit!

Photo of Joel Sicko Joel Sicko
May 30, 2022 5

A great place to buy or play games. They have a full selection of board games, TCG's, miniatures, comic books, and nerdy memorabilia. An inclusive place to play cards, sit down with some friends and beers to D&D, compete in a tournament, or just build a collection. I highly recommend Atomic Empire.

Photo of Breezy Scooter Breezy Scooter
May 29, 2022 5

Great store! Amazing product selection, and they host high quality events. Highly recommend checking out their Pokémon days!

Photo of Jared Lucev Jared Lucev
Mar 28, 2022 5

Excellent store that I make sure to swing by every time in in the area. Or close enough to justify sneaking out.