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Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 361-0090
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Photo of Lance Odvody Lance Odvody
Jul 25, 2019 4

It's a quiet location except for weekday lunches. Remodeled inside, caring manager. A few TVs to distract you is nice. A little more care paid to the floor in front of the soda machine would make it nicer. Watch your step there. Restrooms were well maintained.

Photo of Jill Hopkins Jill Hopkins
Jul 31, 2019 4

We ended up at Arby's bevasue the other choices didn't work out. The young man at the counter was kind and courteous, the food was as expected. It was clean, just one homeless person wandering around. (typical for the area)

Photo of Mary Christensen Mary Christensen
Aug 7, 2019 4

Army's is a reliable good roast beef sandwich! And I always get the potato cakes, yummy.

Photo of Joseph Dean Joseph Dean
Aug 5, 2019 4

Good fast food and friendly staff! Nice restaurant.

Photo of Ron Lattimore Ron Lattimore
Sep 4, 2019 5

We've been blessed. Most of the customer service representatives have been very nice and kind. Even when I've had a bad day.

Photo of Louis Pinault Louis Pinault
Aug 25, 2019 4

Of all the big name fast food menus, I think Arby's is the best. This location is very clean. Staff are friendly.

Photo of Dianne Davis Dianne Davis
Nov 4, 2019 4

First visit in a very long time; however, it was nice. The waitress was so sweet. The sandwich i ordered was good with a chocolate milk shake even though I suffered later...because of of my order. Milk and my body are not friendly. The sandwich i can't remember the name.

Photo of Diana Locklear Diana Locklear
Nov 19, 2019 4

I really like Arby's the food is pretty good depending what you order. The staff are polite and friendly for the most part m

Photo of James R James R
Dec 15, 2019 4

Clean, seems to have been remodeled recently. The food was good, took a few minutes to get but it was fresh so it was worth the wait.

Photo of B. Bowen B. Bowen
Jan 23, 2020 4

Definitely love the new market fresh sandwiches and normally you can find a coupon to get them for less then 4 bucks. Definitely a delicious and tasty sandwich. And never can go wrong with a roast beef sandwich.

Photo of Dan Selleck Dan Selleck
Feb 8, 2020 4

Friendly staff and the food was excellent. Love their fish sandwiches.

Photo of Michael Pendergraft Michael Pendergraft
Nov 1, 2017 5

Only been to this location a few times but the staff had always been friendly even if not speedy. Greeted with a smile and offered a drink if there was a wait after I placed my order. Even address you by name (they take your name for your order), so it's nice when they say, "We're just waiting on your chicken sandwich Mike. Would you like a drink while you're waiting?" Yes, drinks are cheap but it's nice when a fast food place keeps you updated on your order rather than just disappearing somewhere in the back. Food here comes hot though the fries are sometimes hard and dry from the heat lamp, but if they are just awful they have dropped fresh ones for me. Can't ask for much more from fast food.

Photo of WG Harris WG Harris
Mar 25, 2020 4

The food was good and service was friendly. The line was moving a little slow but not bad for rush hour lunch.

Photo of Lynette Wilkerson Lynette Wilkerson
Apr 18, 2020 5

Love there roast beef sandwich 😋 and jamocha shakes.

Jun 7, 2020 5

7JUN20. Sunday nite. Review for Arby's at x roads 54 & 55 Apex road. About 4 cars ahead of me, took abt 8 mins to move up so I could order. But food was hot, fresh, and as ordered with no errors. They stay open til 11pm, even on Sundays.

Photo of malik Williams malik Williams
Jun 18, 2020 5

Always go to this Arbys. Food always hot and fresh.

Photo of Onyx Onyx
Jul 21, 2020 4

Mediterranean chicken wrap was so good and the jamocha shake is ALWAYS good!

Photo of Dana Farrar Dana Farrar
Aug 16, 2020 4

The food was delicious but a little more expensive than expected

Photo of berber “Magiintranining919” jones berber “Magiintranining919” jones
Sep 20, 2020 4

Nice service

Photo of Trent Ayscue Trent Ayscue
Sep 17, 2020 5

The gyro was tasty!

Photo of Aamina Salaam Aamina Salaam
Oct 3, 2020 5

I'm the ice lady I get ice everyday they are so nice about it I love the greek gyro and the fries I just love this place keep up the great work guys 😘😍😍

Photo of Vickie W Vickie W
Sep 30, 2020 4

Acceptable fast food. Employees are rarely interested in good service.

Photo of Roger Peoples Roger Peoples
Oct 20, 2020 5

Tasty. Not bad at all. For a change in fast-food.

Photo of Water Treater Water Treater
Oct 14, 2020 5

The best getto arbys in Durham, sukka free

Photo of Roberta Wippich Roberta Wippich
Nov 24, 2020 3

While I do understand why not, we were hoping to dine in. Given that, my Reubens sandwich was only so-so. My husband's gyro (Greek version) had poorly sliced onions; they had not peeled them sufficiently. I was disappointed.

Photo of Arlette Michelle Smith Arlette Michelle Smith
Dec 1, 2020 5

Aside from working here, it's a family oriented establishment to dine at via drive-thru only currently.

Photo of The Great Lady The Great Lady
Feb 14, 2021 5

The service was fast! They have a great fish sandwich! Enjoy!

Photo of Anjelica Rice Anjelica Rice
Apr 10, 2021 4

Y'all know I'm big on customer service and they were awesome!! Ordered the chicken tenders but had to wait. Because I had to wait I got fresh fries as well. And I love their Ultimate BLT sandwich that's on their secret menu. 😉😉😉

Photo of tim dorsey tim dorsey
Jun 2, 2021 5

Always Fresh delicious Food, I never once had my order wrong here. There great food service, highly recommended

Photo of Ken Presting Ken Presting
Jul 2, 2021 4

The Reuben is not served on toasted bread. But if you take it home and toast it yourself, it's a lot better!

Photo of Arey Shankle Arey Shankle
May 6, 2019 5

Pleasantly surprised, it had been years, won't be before the next time. Great selection, very well prepared

Photo of Kid Christ Kid Christ
Feb 10, 2019 4

One of the better run Arby's much less fast food joints in the area. Always courteous. I ding the bell on the way out each time. If you know Arby's, I needn't say more.