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Angel Island Fun Park


3330 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 808-5939
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Photo of Taralynn Mealey Taralynn Mealey
Jan 27, 2023 5

Photo of Zhang Yinghui Zhang Yinghui
Jan 24, 2023 5

The newly discovered good place to walk the baby~ Next to the durham dawn supermarket, there is sam's opposite target, just throw the baby and the baby’s father into the playground. It’s not too convenient to go shopping next to it. Compared with Cary’s Angel, it’s at least 4 times bigger. The space is larger and the air circulation is much better. There is also a room with a ladder. The room is also very large Suitable for long-term play, it seems that the baby's climbing ladder is basically set for this year🤪 In the future, there will be a good place to discharge the baby on rainy days, and it is the first time to play directly until the door is closed. There are also bumper cars, go-karts, and claw machines inside. Some playground machines are not just for playing ocean balls, but are diverse inside. In particular, there are VR projects that are relatively rare in the United States~ It is worth planting grass many times A newly discovered place to walk children It's next to Dawn Supermarket in durham, opposite sam's target, directly throw the baby and the baby's father into the playground, and it is not too convenient to go shopping by yourself. Compared with cary's Angel, it is at least 4 times larger, with large space and much better air circulation, and the room for climbing stairs is also relatively large, which is suitable for long-term play. It seems that baby this year's ladder is basically set 🤪 after the rainy day also have a good place to discharge baby, the first time to play directly to close the door. There are also bumper cars and go-karts and doll machines and some amusement park machines, not just ocean balls, but a variety of things. In particular, VR is a rare project in the U.S. It is worth planting more than once

Photo of ju ju ju ju
Jan 20, 2023 5

The fun park is so spacious. There are so many facilities that both small and big kids could have fun. Booked a party for my daughter’s birthday! Can’t wait to come back again!