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AMC Southpoint 17


8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 313-6627
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Photo of Vicki McKinney Vicki McKinney
Apr 2, 2019 4

Theater is undergoing major renovation. This is as of March, 2019. Service was pretty good. Staff was friendly and helpful. There was no image projecting on our screen for about 4 minutes of the previews. 2 patrons went to report the issue before it was resolved. Not sure what happened. Might be best to make sure projection rooms are staffed when a movie begins or have someone step inside each theater when the previews begin. Quality check, you know? Once the projecting image was available, we had no further issues. The movie was good. Sound worked great. I'd visit again.

Photo of Shady Sherard Shady Sherard
May 5, 2019 5

South Point has always been the premier Mall to go to in the Raleigh-Durham Cary area. And their theater has always been one of the best. Especially the IMAX theater. Now with South Point renovating the theaters it can only get better. One of the things that I am glad to see that they have incorporated into their theater is a reserve seating. Takes the feeling of always feeling rushed that you have to get to the theater as fast as possible to make sure you get good seating. Now you know That once you reserved your seat it's your seat. Will be very curious to see you what they renovations look like once completed. I have heard that they plan on serving alcoholic beverages at the theater. That remains to be seen. But the theaters are always clean with very friendly attendance to serve you refreshments. And they are always very helpful an eager to answer any questions that you may have.

Photo of Shaylah Kendall Shaylah Kendall
Jun 11, 2019 5

The seats are more comfortable then the last time I was in 2017! Better looking seats and you can lay back in the theater! Love it ­čśŹ!

Photo of Stephanie Schuft Stephanie Schuft
Jul 1, 2019 3

Usually one of my favorite movie theaters and I like the new seats even pardoning the mess from the construction. However, they have recently seemed to be understaffed. I happen to be an AMC premiere member but there is no point in getting in the premiere line for faster service because there is only one person in the booth selling tickets. Also the ticket machines outside are not working. I do have the AMC app and could have ordered my tickets online except the movie time was 4:15 yesterday but today it was listed at 4pm. Still wanna love this theater especially since they have renovated with all new seats but the customer service has to be redone as well!

Photo of Joyce Arcus Joyce Arcus
Sep 21, 2019 5

Comfortable seats, tried the dine in option for the first time. Surprisingly great food. Sorry no pictures. We had already put our phones away and just relaxed, chatted over supper before the movie started. Great experience and evening.

Photo of Yolanda Williams Yolanda Williams
Sep 13, 2019 4

This is my favorite theater in Durham. I really like the remodel. There are different choices for viewing a movie. I recently experienced the Dolby and it was great. They also do sensory friendly films. They have heated seats and a bar. I only gave four stars because the dine-in experience could be better. You can dine-in in all the theaters, but not all have the attached table. Food is brought to you after the movie starts and unlike the competition there is not space in some of the theaters for the server to go down the aisle to serve. The food is also overpriced in my opinion 13 to 15 dollars just for chicken fingers or burger and that's without a drink. Compared to the competition (Cinebistro) they could improve the dine-in experience.

Photo of robert medina robert medina
Oct 10, 2019 5

Great movie theater! I always buy my tickets before hand which comes in handy. They remodeled the entire theater and it looks amazing! Great place to go with the family.

Photo of Kevin Poole Kevin Poole
Nov 22, 2019 3

Stepped up there game with the new additions since i worked there last. Everyone was amazingly helpful. However, next time someone asks for less tip ve turned on so they don't fall in the theater please turn them on. I know you can do it manually also. 20 minutes of commercials, lights off, using our phone flash light to not trip over anything.

Photo of Luis Buxo Luis Buxo
Nov 27, 2019 4

Reclining seats are very comfortable and they are arranged in such a way that you're never blocked by the people in front of you. There is no bad seat in the place. The food is not anything to write home about, but adequate. The fact that they totally shut the lights off once the feature starts means you better order and consume any food before the trailers are done, or else you won't be able to see your food.

Photo of Shonda Goward Shonda Goward
Dec 23, 2019 3

They have recently renovated so that the seats are the kind that recline. That is quite nice. I gave them three stars because of the cleanliness issue. They need to have cleaning crews come through the restrooms during the day and reset. They also need more staff to clean up the trash from the theaters more thoroughly. But overall it's a good experience. I go there often.

Photo of Chris Hemedinger Chris Hemedinger
Jan 4, 2020 4

My first time visiting since they renovated and added reserved seating. Heated seats! Separate controls for reclining and for the footrest. A very good theater experience. (Alamo Drafthouse is my gold standard, where the whole establishment and staff cater to movie enthusiasts. This wasn't that, but it was a good casual night out.)

Photo of Ellen C Ellen C
Jan 30, 2020 4

We liked this theater. The food is quite good but REALLLLY expensive: nachos, chicken tenders, popcorn and 3 drinks came to $60. WHAT??? We go the movies A LOT and have never come close to that kind of bill . I did enjoy the heated seats since we went to a weekday matinee and there was no discernible heat running, which I kind of get and is not different from any other theater. Free soda refills at the Coke Freestyle machines make the food prices somewhat more palatable. Only other complaint was that there was not one single speck of light on when we entered the theater, couldn't see our hands in front of faces. Had to go ask for some lighting -- honestly think these theaters are getting to be too big to manage and there just aren't enough employees to manage stuff like that.

Photo of Gerard Edwards Gerard Edwards
Feb 20, 2020 3

Movie theater is very nice!!! great leather reclining seats , awesome sound quality, even food service to your seats!!! Very nice upgraded theater!! The three stars are for the service lines, if you are not a vip member your wait in the lines are ridiculous!!! I waited almost 25 minutes just to place an order for food. Everyone in line, very upset, they fix that issue they are easy 5 star! Management should see that there are long line and open new registers, some people left the line because it just wasn't moving. People leave , you are losing money .....

Photo of Saumya Jain Saumya Jain
Feb 18, 2020 3

Good ambience, comfortable seating and decent movie watching experience. However we were booked for the 10:30 p.m. show on Feb 15 2020, (last show of the day for Auditorium 6) and the auditorium remained dirty with leftover trays and cups from the previous show. It seems that staff did not bother cleaning the auditorium from the previous show since there were only a few patrons attending this last show in Audi # 6. There was no apparent discomfort but it felt that the staff did not care about the unsightly presentation of the auditorium and poor hygiene because it affected just 10 people, nevermind that they were paying patrons of the business establishment. Interesting to note that they did proper cleaning out for another auditorium's late show (Auditorium #5 if I recall correctly, which started only 15 minutes before, at 10:15 p.m.). I figure this maybe because there was a larger footfall for that show. Removing two stars for this. Except for this, there were no complaints.

Photo of john lara john lara
Dec 11, 2019 3

Theater is great, remodel is great, and seating is great. Unfortunately service is slow and food on menu is never available. Been roughly 2/3 months and still not running smooth. Update unfortunately still similar issues. 12/10/19