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Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken


703A 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 908-1597
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Photo of Savannah Hofer Savannah Hofer
Mar 21, 2022 5

We visit Durham a few times each year and Alpaca is always a must for us. Every location is great! The chicken is juicy and tender, the tostones are hot and fresh. If you like caramel, try the Alfajores for dessert. I’d give this 10 stars if I could.

Photo of Aaron Potts Aaron Potts
Mar 28, 2022 5

The food here is amazing! The chicken thighs were cooked to perfection and the fried plantains were very tasty. Will definitely be returning for more!

Photo of Michael Russell Michael Russell
Feb 14, 2022 5

Delicious, quick, and reasonably priced. Consistently high-quality food and friendly service. Will dine here again.

Photo of Coastal NC Gardening with Nicole Coastal NC Gardening with Nicole
Mar 15, 2022 5

Portions were excellent. Menu was simple but this just meant all the food was hot and tasty with it priced for the quality. The people were very nice too and smiled at everyone. They worked well with each other and I saw them all getting along. Very clean even the bathroom.

Photo of Taylor Shaw Taylor Shaw
Mar 11, 2022 4

Alpaca is SO GOOD, y'all. It's a great place for a family dinner, a night with your beau or just something for you. The chicken is so juicy and delicious. I'm a white meat gal. You know chicken breasts are hard to keep from getting dry. Not this chicken! So much flavor. If you're looking I recommend getting the green beans and the maduros as your side. There are also daily specials. Check the website to see what's on tap. You can also order online!

Jan 23, 2022 5

😲, this place is fantastic. The rotisserie chicken is phenomenal. We had leftovers and they didn't last 24 hours at home!

Photo of Linda Fernbacher Linda Fernbacher
Dec 26, 2021 5

I love grilled chicken and this place was great! Charcoal grilled rotisserie chicken. Sides are great too. Restaurant was busy but they kept up and stayed clean.

Photo of Darrin Thompson Darrin Thompson
Dec 12, 2021 5

Quality food! Healthy sized portions. Side dishes are simple yet wonderfully done. This is a chicken on the bone type of place, keep that in mind. Sauces are spectacular the "yellow" sauce is mustard based. The "green" sauce is Jalepeno based, so be prepared. Outside dining is an option under heaters, even in Dec.

Photo of Joseph Kochanski Joseph Kochanski
Dec 5, 2021 5

Yes YES YASSSS!! More Alpaca, please! This chicken is so juicy, tender, perfectly marinated/seasoned, and seems to be cooked over charcoal. Brilliant. Some of the best I’ve ever had and the whole ensemble of sides just works. I’d also recommend the traditional Peruvian purple corn drink for something different. Yum all around.

Photo of Eva Sevilla Eva Sevilla
Oct 22, 2021 5

My family and I had dinner here. The food was delicious. The environment was pleasant.

Photo of Benjamin Nativi Benjamin Nativi
Sep 27, 2021 4

The fried rice was pretty good, not great for the price though.

Photo of Andy Ju Andy Ju
Aug 14, 2021 5

I waited four years to try Alpaca and, honestly wished I had done so earlier. I got half a chicken with beans over rice and a side salad. The chicken is wonderfully grilled, super tender, and well-seasoned. Between the bites of rice, chicken, and salad I felt like I was eating the food pyramid. As a fried chicken fanatic, I'm generally averse to grilled chicken but this place makes a very compelling case for it. The waitstaff was incredibly welcoming and accommodating. They initially messed up my girlfriend's order but were quick to resolve that issue.

Photo of Jennifer Latham Robinson Jennifer Latham Robinson
Aug 26, 2021 5

We ate at this miraculous restaurant for the first time today. The outside seating was perfect. The folks that work there are super friendly, especially Maria. Maria - thank you for your kindness. This food is so good, it will melt your face off. I was so full, I could barley make it to the car when we were done. And very clean inside. A++++++++++. Will come back again very soon.

Photo of Jamie Kornahrens Jamie Kornahrens
Aug 12, 2021 4

The food was very delicious, very tasty, but also rather greasy. We got the half chicken, and the plantain done two ways. The chip version was decent, but really worked best with the sauce (I loved the yellow, husband loves the green because he likes spice). The fry like plantains were very sweet and very yummy (my husband says they aren't really sweet, I'm just sensitive to taste). I really liked all the textures of the food. My only real regret, besides the greasiness, is that I ordered a flan and they did not give it to us. I called to ask about picking it up on our way back home, but no one answered the phone. Again, very tasty place, will definitely try again, just wish I could have tried the desert to give a full review.

Photo of Drew Doll Drew Doll
Jul 30, 2021 5

I'm serious, this is the best roast chicken I have ever put in my mouth. You owe it to yourself to eat here.

Photo of Serious Reviewer Serious Reviewer
Jul 25, 2021 5

What a gem! Best Peruvian in the triangle. The staff here are all delightful and nice too. Please never change.

Photo of Nurbol Daniyarov Nurbol Daniyarov
Jun 21, 2021 5

While waiting for my pick up food I've decided to try something bite. I've gotten Pollo asado with black beans and young green beans. I did not regret. Oh my Lord! That was awesome, mouthwatering and chicken was melting in my mouth )))) I did like the menu, plenty healthy choices even if you are picky. I would like to thank kitchen staff, you guys did amazing job!!! Thank you Melanie for fast service given!!! Thank you the guy who helped me to open the door with my bags!!! Gracias de verdad chicos!!! Vosotros sois mejores!!!!

Photo of Douglas Kelly Douglas Kelly
Jul 20, 2021 5

Simple chicken, bean and plantains with rice. Fair prices, fast service and fresh roasted juicy chicken. You can't go wrong.

Photo of Wyatt McGhee (Lubear) Wyatt McGhee (Lubear)
Jul 9, 2021 5

4.5 stars: tasty food and great customer service, but it is self service after you order your food (you get your own utensils/drink).

Photo of Thomas Kennerly Thomas Kennerly
May 29, 2021 5

Very fast service and fantastic food. Great portion sizes and good outdoor seating

Photo of Christina Humphries Christina Humphries
Apr 26, 2021 5

Awesome service, the food was hot and absolutely delicious. Id recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for great food and friendly service on Ninth street!

Photo of Debra G.C. Debra G.C.
Apr 29, 2021 4

The food is delicious. Smokey and full of favor. This is one of my favorites places to eat. I just wish portions are larger. Other Alpaca Restaurants give you a full plate. This is the only location at address 703A 9th Street,Durham I’ve experienced small portions.

Photo of Dave Guryevski Dave Guryevski
Apr 16, 2021 5

Arroz Chaufa was excellent and you get a huge portion loaded with bits of chicken and spicy sausage. Very flavorful and not oily. Real Jamaican ginger beer in bottles available in the cooler. A delicious lunch at a fair price.

Photo of mignate mignate
Apr 20, 2021 5

One of the best grilled chicken I've had in a long time! Great low prices too! It's a must try place in Durham, NC

Photo of Felecia Felecia
Apr 2, 2021 5

Chicken was moist and seasoned well. Great pricing and generous side portions. Highly recommend the black beans and sweet plantons

Photo of Allison Cruise Allison Cruise
Mar 29, 2021 5

The chicken is so flavorful, smoky, and everything is fresh. The coleslaw is perfectly creamy and crunchy. And I always get fries, which taste incredible. I am a little sad because the alfajores seem to have changed, and were better before. Everything else is amazing as always.

Photo of Patrick Marron Patrick Marron
Mar 11, 2021 5

Great food, kind staff. They even offered to bring my dog a water bowl outside. Love this place.

Photo of Spencer Hauck Spencer Hauck
Feb 2, 2021 5

This roasted chicken is soo great! Make sure to get some of the spicy green sauce with the chicken. I always get half of a chicken so I can get some light and dark meat. You'll also want some yuca fires too. They are worth the extra cost because they are crunchy and starchy like a potato but not nearly a mushy as a potato would be cut at that size. Make sure to get the yellow sauce with the yuca fries.

Photo of Megan Le Megan Le
Jan 25, 2021 5

Their Friday jerk chicken special is amazing!!! Great pricing for the amount of food you get. Load up on the yellow sauce. Their regular chicken and sides are also delicious.

Photo of PJ Newsome PJ Newsome
Oct 30, 2020 3

I tried this specific location twice because I was working in the area and my coworkers spoke highly of them. The first day my experience was a bit crazy and the mask and language barriers didn't make it any better while placing my order during lunch rush. So I decided to try a second time less busier than the day before and I called my order in. Went in to pick up my order that was smooth, but once I was back at work I realized I didn't have all my sides. Maybe this location is not for me. The food was good but both times I had issues with my order not being fulfilled the way I ordered especially for the money that I paid.

Photo of Jea Hyun Kim Jea Hyun Kim
Jan 6, 2021 4

Had their chicken with a side of plantain and yucca chips. Chicken was one of the best Peruvian rotisserie chicken I had in Durham, but the sides were a little disappointing. Yucca chips were okay but baked plantain was a bit too sweet for my taste.

Photo of Rob Moffett Rob Moffett
Dec 19, 2020 5

Our whole family really enjoyed this food! My kids thought the corn was the best ever. The chicken was delicious and the staff were friendly and efficient. Will definitely go back again.

Photo of Wade Harding Wade Harding
Dec 12, 2020 5

Very good story of chicken and great coleslaw. Watch out for the green hot sauce - very spicy!

Photo of Hassan Hassan
Nov 16, 2020 5

Amazing tasting chicken and perfect seasoning. I enjoy food from this place at least a few times a month.

Photo of Gabrielle Dunn Gabrielle Dunn
Oct 29, 2020 5

I don't have enough words to describe how good the chicken was. First time here, so I grabbed the special of the day. Will definitely be back. Some of the best chicken I've ever had

Photo of Collin Kilmartin Collin Kilmartin
Oct 14, 2020 4

It’s the first time I’ve had Peruvian food, and I thought it was very good. With this in mind, I felt the price didn’t justify the amount of food I got. With this said, the food was good and I didn’t add any sauce that might have pushed it into a league of its own which people seemed to have put into their meals, but I wasn’t terribly happy. It was expensive and perhaps would have been 5 stars if the price was cut 20 percent.

Photo of Elijah Clary Elijah Clary
Sep 10, 2020 5

If you're looking for something different, this is it! Great food and great service.

Photo of Victor Cohen Victor Cohen
Sep 9, 2020 5

love the chicken

Photo of Nawaal Walker Nawaal Walker
Sep 13, 2020 4

Food tastes amazing.. However, a bit pricey for chicken, rice & Salad.

Photo of Stephanie Stephanie
Aug 28, 2020 5

Tried the 1/4 chicken and it was great- very tender and moist. I dipped my plantains (Maduros) in the green sauce.

Photo of Yolanda Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez
Sep 5, 2020 5

The best Peruvian food I’ve ever tasted. So delicious! Very good and reasonably priced. It’s in a busy area of town though, so parking can be a hassle, but it’s so worth it. Great customer service, as well. Yum!

Photo of Lionel Gentry Lionel Gentry
Aug 30, 2020 5

They have some of the best chicken, rice & beans and yellow sauce on the planet! I don't know what it's made of, but I always get two packs of it whenever I stop there!!!

Photo of El Coder Sinverguenza El Coder Sinverguenza
Aug 22, 2020 4

Food is delicious. Service is fast. What else can ask for?

Photo of Charity Lavette Charity Lavette
Aug 2, 2020 4

Decent place. Good food though the Friday Jerk Chicken Special leaves a bit to be desired (see photo). The sauce reminds me more of a gumbo. My favorite item is the Pollo Saltado.

Photo of Michelld Thompson Michelld Thompson
Jul 5, 2020 5

I absolutely adore this place. You get the best meal that is full of flavor and you don't have to feel guilty about eating here. You can see when you enter the establishment the chickens roasting. You know you are getting fresh product. Whenever I take my son to have chemotherapy I stop and order a meal for the night. If you enjoy jerk 🐔. Go on friday, its the special of the day and it is absolutely AMAZING. Its not your Caribbean jerk with all the heat, it does pack a little punch, but the flavors are amazing. Cant wait till the one on White Oak in Garner, NC opens!!

Photo of Robert Williamson Robert Williamson
Jul 18, 2020 5

I loved this place!!!! The Lomo that I ordered was Delicious!!! I literally couldnt step away from it. Now it was a little on the pricey side but well worth the amount of food given!!!

Photo of Joseph Banham Joseph Banham
Jul 4, 2020 5

Super delicious chicken! Their specials are a great deal and everything I've tried is amazing.

Photo of Steven Jacobson Steven Jacobson
Jun 19, 2020 5

Great food with the Friday Jerk Chicken special of rice, black beans, plantain and a drink. MOSTLY open now with social distancing maintained. Chicken is always cooked all the way through, but not overdone. VERY tender and tasty. With the green sauce, DELICIOUS!!!

Photo of Debbie High Debbie High
May 13, 2020 5

My husband and I eat there all the time. I love the food and the service is fast and excellent! We love this place one of our favorites!

Photo of John Dinyari John Dinyari
Mar 4, 2020 5

The staff are always happy, helpful and make me feel welcome. The chicken is delicious. We just Had the Wednesday Special. Good value- their rotisserie chicken will bring me back.

Photo of Casey Venet Casey Venet
Feb 20, 2020 5

Really good chicken. This place reminds me of a better version of pollo tropical. They have this red colored house drink that is really nice and fruity with cinnamon.

Photo of Brett Fox Brett Fox
Feb 7, 2020 5

Alpaca is one of our favorite local places to grab dinner. Their Peruvian inspired rotisserie chickens are simply incredible. Food is always great here and service is top notch. Black beans and rice are excellent! Don't forget to get the green and yellow sauce! This place is always worth a stop when on 9th street!

Photo of Tawni Lamb Tawni Lamb
Jan 19, 2020 5

This was our first time here....and it was absolutely delicious! You place your order at the register, get your drinks, and they give you a number to place at the table so they can bring your food out to you! Our food came out hot, fresh and delicious! The lomo saltado has a delicious combination of flavors and textures with the rice, soft vegetables and onions, and they tender chicken! The fries on the bottom added a nice "oomph" to the meal and brought it all together! Pair it with their spicy green sauce or tart yellow sauce and you have a wonderful, exotic meal!

Photo of Clark Pollard Clark Pollard
Jan 18, 2020 5

Great food. Nice atmosphere. I'll bet it even better in warm weather when the outside eating are is in full swing. The chicken and black beans were delicious.

Photo of John Miller John Miller
Jan 17, 2020 5

One of our favorite places. This was our first time at this location. We were early for dinner so no wait. Place was clean and staff was friendly. I ordered the Pollo saltado was very good.

Photo of Marie charles Marie charles
Jan 14, 2020 3

The portions are getting smaller. I’ve been coming here since they opened and had a small lawyers office in the same building. I really loved the food, but they’ve been lax on the quality and portions. Also not everyone handling the food has hair nets and gloves. I know they can do better.

Photo of Chelsea H Chelsea H
Jan 3, 2020 5

Really good chicken. I'd happily drink a cup of the green sauce.

Photo of Louise Martin-Carpenter Louise Martin-Carpenter
Dec 11, 2019 5

Excellent chicken!! Black beans and rice...the spices make it not only a complete meal but a gourmet meal. Flan, excellent dessert. Service and staff wonderful. Couldn't ask for anything better. No pictures because the food was just so good it commanded our full attention ;-)

Photo of Pam G. Pam G.
Nov 22, 2019 5

Food was GREAT and affordable. After 6 1/2 hrs of driving from Lancaster Pa we were looking forward to something other than fast food. Alpaca did not disappoint us!

Photo of Patrick Muller Patrick Muller
Nov 1, 2019 4

My first experience with eating Peruvian chicken. Very tasty. I will definitely come back.

Photo of Mindy Miller Mindy Miller
Nov 15, 2019 5

Great for a quick and tasty lunch. Chicken cooked onsite in a wall of rotisseries, and is juicy and full of flavor. Outdoor seating, heated in winter.

Photo of AllAround JayJay AllAround JayJay
Oct 21, 2019 5

Food is always good. Staff is nice. Resturant is always clean. Great to eat in or carry out. Parking isn't the greatest.

Photo of Jenay Sampson Jenay Sampson
Oct 18, 2019 5

Today was my first time at this location and it surpassed my expectations. Very spacious with lots of seating inside and outside (there's a a nice covered patio) with great views of 9th street. I ordered the lunch special for Friday which was the jerk chicken combo and it was delicious. Had a nice spicy kick to it. Definitely will be returning.

Photo of Lori Clodfelter Lori Clodfelter
Aug 20, 2019 5

My son goes to a residential High school nearby. We found this place by the Charcoal smell outside. It did not disappoint. It's my son's favorite place to go in town. I even purchased a few gift cards for him so he can eat here during the school year.

Photo of Amy Adams Amy Adams
Jul 23, 2019 5

The gorgeous scent of wood grill entices you the moment you open the door. Daily specials will let you indulge without breaking the bank. Fast, friendly service with delicious food to back it up. A unique adventure, check it out.

Photo of Laura Cunningham Laura Cunningham
Aug 7, 2019 5

¡Delicioso! We had the best grilled Peruvian chicken. I also had black beans and Mike loved the chicken soup side. Lots of food at a great price. One of the staff wore a funny T-shirt (see photos)

Photo of Justin V Justin V
Jun 24, 2019 4

Everything was very good. Chicken was tasty and coked perfectly. Green beans were excellent. Will definitely be back if ever near an Alpaca again. I will also definitely be looking to copy the chicken myself. Also do not forget to get some of the spicy green sauce for the chicken. I forgot but tasted it afterwards and it was very good.

Photo of Carroll Bou Carroll Bou
May 18, 2019 5

This place was a wonderful surprise. The chicken is grilled and you can really taste the Mojo they marinate it in. The fried sweet bananas are great, but the tostones are hard, bland and taste frozen. That is really the ONLY thing we didn't like about it. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS AMAZING!!! We will definitely being going back soon.

Photo of Devin Givens Devin Givens
Apr 15, 2019 4

Will only give you a plate if you ask for a plate, otherwise you will eat off the metal tray they give you. The chicken is good and the sauces are pretty decent. Little high priced for chicken ($21.99) for a small rotisserie but good for a young couple who are comfortable with each other and don't mind looking sloppy in front of each other.

Photo of Joseph Zullo Joseph Zullo
Feb 26, 2019 5

A great chicken restaurant at a very affordable price point. The staff is cordial and authentic. The meat is succulent, nicely cooked, and has charcoal/smoky aroma to it. The sides are cool, but could have more flavor and character. I will definitely be returning.

Photo of Rachel Moore Rachel Moore
May 16, 2019 5

I was in town with my 2 year old and sister for the day and we just happened upon Alpaca. It was surprisingly great! I had the chicken tacos and my sister had the 1/4 pound meal with plaintains. It was excellent! My only complaint is that the parking lot is extremely tight! There was lots of backing up and waiting and letting people out. But that has zero to do with Alpaca, the food and the service. What a nice little surprise!

Photo of Mike Marchetto Mike Marchetto
Jun 2, 2019 5

If there is a master list of the best takeout options in Durham, Alpaca would have to be in it. The food is just incredibly juicy and well seasoned. Prices are very reasonable. They do catering which I can also vouch for their professionalism and quality.

Photo of Chris Taylor Chris Taylor
May 9, 2022 5

Best chicken I have ever had. Order from them frequently for lunch at work. Love their daily specials. Great service and prices. Love them.

Photo of Chaplain Chris Linzey Chaplain Chris Linzey
May 11, 2022 5

This place is phenomenal! My wife and I both love it. The food is unbelievably delicious and the staff is friendly. Great atmosphere!