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5790 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 403-7004
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Photo of Amy McWhirter Amy McWhirter
Dec 5, 2023 5

AAE is very clear and transparent in their communications. They make things go smoothly with all of the planning, including meetings, and sharing of information. Everyone from AAE is warm and has great communication skills. These are two things I value highly. Transparency is another and that box is checked as well. I am impressed you are sending a talent experience survey for speakers to provide feedback. It seems like AAE truly cares, I feel like there is a real partnership here. Thank you!

Photo of Amelia Rose Earhart Amelia Rose Earhart
Nov 30, 2023 5

As a speaker, I feel like I always have clarity on client expectations, event logistics, and the goal of each event. Each event I’ve participated in has been well matched to my message as a speaker. The AAE team is awesome to work with! I feel trusted as a speaker, well supported by your team, and like I can reach out if anything ever comes up. I always look forward to events that involve AAE! Overall, I feel a sense of mutual respect, which is the best feeling for a speaker. Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with AAE again soon!

Photo of Sylvia Baffour Sylvia Baffour
Nov 22, 2023 5

The AAE booking agent and logistics manager were very professional and courteous. They were sure to address all the questions I had and facilitated smooth interactions with the client. I am very grateful for their efforts in getting the client on zoom for important pre-event planning, and they relayed all my questions in a timely manner. I really enjoyed working with AAE, especially the lengths they went through to understand my needs. Because of AAE, I had a wonderful experience overall and was able to deliver a keynote presentation to the client that I’m told was the most precise and customized they had yet experienced. Your facilitation of all the planning made a big difference in allowing me to gain the insight I needed to do a great job customizing my keynote.

Photo of Cindy Frewen Cindy Frewen
Nov 22, 2023 5

AAE is easy, accurate, thorough, professional, fast. Our logistics manager was consistent, available, and always knew or got the answers I asked for. She was always up to date, and went above and beyond in making the event worked well for me and for the client. I would definitely love to work with you again, thank you for finding me - since I really don't do marketing. This client on affordable housing was an excellent match for my knowledge about the future of cities and how we will live. They got what they needed, and so did I. A great set up and follow through. Rare to have both.

Photo of Billy Billy
Nov 21, 2023 5

This was flawlessly executed from beginning to end. Annie/Dylan were incredibly responsive, and highly detailed. The prep call with the talent helped tremendously, and the detailed itinerary that Annie sent was a huge help on an event day where I had a million other things going on. The organizational management of this process was EXACTLY what I needed, I would HIGHLY Recommend All American to anyone looking go book a talent for an event.

Photo of Shawn Hyatt Shawn Hyatt
Oct 29, 2023 5

The experience was beyond my expectations. Amanda and Carissa responded promptly and thoroughly throughout the process including phone calls, interviews, and emails, and were both so pleasant to work with. I will absolutely be using AAE for my future speaker needs. I was extremely satisfied!

Photo of Jenalyn Gardner Jenalyn Gardner
Oct 24, 2023 5

I have worked with Edie and Mandy for three years now, and they continue to provide outstanding service and partnership for our events. Mandy worked tirelessly with me to book Brooke Shields, and was always timely with her responses when we were in the negotiations. This is critical to our success, as we have several moving pieces with our events. As always thanks to your team for a terrific speaker and speaker acquisition experience.

Photo of David Lasater David Lasater
Oct 23, 2023 5

AAE is one of the most professional companies I have worked with to acquire a guest speaker. The booking agent and logistics manager were both excellent in terms of friendliness and communication. John Herrington was outstanding to work with and should be a "must-have" for any astronomy or science institution wanting a guest speaker. Five stars across the board!

Photo of Jeff Younglove Jeff Younglove
Oct 20, 2023 5

“AAE is a great agency to work with and very responsive and timely in working out speaker details. Both the booking agent and logistics manager were great to work with, and I look forward to working with them again for future bookings. Excellent customer service."

Photo of Deborah Stahl Deborah Stahl
Oct 5, 2023 5

We had a wonderful experience working with the AAE team. They helped us respond to a difficult situation with flexibility and understanding (our conference had to be postponed due to a labor strike at our venue.) In planning next year's conference, I will START my search with AAE. Thank you.

Photo of Whitney Isaacson Whitney Isaacson
Sep 18, 2023 5

AAE was amazing to work with! We appreciated how easy and efficient it was to work with your team on our event! It was a great success, we are very satisfied with the service we received.

Photo of Dobrielle Gatlin Dobrielle Gatlin
Aug 31, 2023 5

My logistics manager, Annie, was amazing! I really enjoyed working with her soooooo much! She’s very prompt and professional. She truly made this experience I would forever remember moving forward in my career. I look

Photo of Quinton Buckley Quinton Buckley
Aug 28, 2023 5

We had a great experience working with AAE. With a last minute pivot to virtual, the logistics were clearly communicated and our attendees had a positive experience. Thank you!

Photo of Bronna Francis Bronna Francis
Aug 28, 2023 5

The planning experience with AAE was so professional and personable. They were prepared, answered all my questions. This event was a WIN for us!!!! Thank You!!!!!!

Photo of Hunter Lewis Hunter Lewis
Jun 9, 2023 5

The AAE team went above and beyond on our behalf, including putting in extra time on a holiday weekend to ensure there were no kinks in the execution of our event. We cannot understate how grateful we are and we look forward to working with the AAE team again for our next program!

Photo of Keely Griffith Keely Griffith
May 25, 2023 5

The professionalism of the AAE team could not be beaten. Presentation materials and prep calls were scheduled in a timely manner. Details and questions regarding the event and travel were promptly provided and answered. I'll definitely be using AAE in the future.