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Accent Hardwood Flooring


601 Foster St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-3941
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Photo of Dean Williams Dean Williams
Sep 5, 2019 4

They have a great variety of flooring items.

Photo of Peter Lange Peter Lange
Mar 2, 2020 5

They did a beautiful job refinishing my kitchen floor, the service was great, they were highly responsive and did it on just the schedule I was promised and they sealed the space so no dust after.

Photo of Casey Roy Casey Roy
Aug 17, 2020 5

Genia and her team did a beautiful job at refinishing my 70 y/o hardwood floors. Her team was informative from the get-go and let me know exactly how the process was going to play out. I can't believe how much better the floors look now. Absolutely worth the investment. I can't even imagine how much value their work has added to my home!

Photo of Eric Mlcoch Eric Mlcoch
Sep 28, 2020 5

Absolutely beautiful product from a company so easy to work with! From initial quote to final product we couldn't have been happier with our experience. We had many questions along the way when considering refinishing our red oak floors. The folks at Accent, specifically Robert, did an outstanding job presenting our options, pricing, and timeline. Professional crew was very friendly and timely. Do yourself a favor and call Accent! You can trust them with any hardwood project.

Photo of Ashlee Schaller Ashlee Schaller
Mar 30, 2020 5

We ordered our solid wood flooring components to install the floor ourselves from Accent twice and had a great experience both times. Genia is really helpful and honest in answering questions and even came to look at our floor after we installed it once when we thought there was a manufacturing defect and advised us on whether or not it was something to be concerned about. Her pricing of flooring is incredibly fair. We called around to multiple stores to make sure we were getting a good price and felt like Genia really treated you fairly and tried to get you the best price. Without us even asking her to, Genia even asked the distributor to match the lower price we paid last year for our downstairs flooring when we just ordered the upstairs flooring a year later and the price had gone up. We will always come back to Accent in the future for flooring/refinishing, etc. needs because they've been so great to work with.

Photo of Makayla Downs Makayla Downs
Nov 20, 2020 5

We had a great experience with Accent Hardwood flooring! Would use again

Photo of Lori Roskin Lori Roskin
Mar 29, 2021 5

Accent Hardwood Flooring saved us!! We had bought a floor from a big box company and it was taking months. They said to was going to cost thousands more to tear up the under flooring. 3 months into our project we had to send all the flooring back. Then we found Accent Hardwood Flooring. They ordered the flooring and had it installed perfectly within 2 weeks. Done! Professional! Don't make the mistake we did! Start with Accent Hardwood and get your flooring done professionally. You will save both stress and money. Plus support a local business!

Photo of Natalie Spring Natalie Spring
Apr 21, 2021 5

The crew at Accent Hardwood floors is amazing. There are few companies in Durham who do what they say, when they plan, for the price they quote. Accent is one of them! Their crews are always professional, polite, and smart. They've done multiple jobs for us at different houses and each one shines with their quality and attention to detail.

Photo of Christina Cruz Christina Cruz
Apr 12, 2021 5

Accent Hardwoods did a great job repairing our hardwood floors. They patched and repaired the areas that suffered water damage. They sanded and stained the floors such that it matched well with other flooring in the house. They were professional, on time, and accessible by phone or text.

Photo of Martha Pearson Martha Pearson
Aug 4, 2021 5

They replaced damaged boards for us and did a great job of working the new new oak in with the old. The price was reasonable and they were very responsive. Great service!

Photo of Patricia Lenzen Patricia Lenzen
Oct 28, 2021 5

We replaced our 90's white oak with beautiful Reclaimed flooring! Everything turned out so great! Matt was great to work with throughout the entire process. Will recommend this company to anyone 👍

Photo of Megan Schutt Megan Schutt
Aug 16, 2021 3

Edit to add: Not super satisfied with the response I've gotten over an area of my damaged floor that I feel was well within the scope of "fix the damaged floor by my bathroom." See *after* pic below. I'm told they did work here, but I just don't see it and didn't get any further detail. Maybe make sure it's clear your expectations before paying anyone anything here. This company did a great job repairing my water damaged floor. You can barely tell what it looked like just a few days ago! They were also able to do this super quickly while some contractors were estimating >6 week wait. Did not disappoint!

Photo of Ted Hein Ted Hein
Dec 22, 2021 5

Outstanding in all respects. We had a large project - full refinishing of the first floor of our house. This included much repair and replacement due to stains. 8 days in total. The Accent crew knows what they are doing and are the best in the triangle. They have separate crews for repair and for sealing and all are full time employees (not contractors) - both of which aren't always true for their competition. They have the reputation as being the best - our neighbors have also used them and were very pleased. We had the job quoted by 3 other firms and I was surprised that their cost was competitive with the others.

Photo of Chris Rudd Chris Rudd
Feb 24, 2019 5

We decided to change from carpet to hardwood flooring in our master bedroom and walk in closet. I contacted Accent Flooring ( Genie Smith). She came out to our house and evaluated our project. She had the work completed within 2 weeks. The floors our beautiful and match the flooring throughout our home. Professional, dependable, and talented.

Photo of Barbara Page Barbara Page
May 16, 2018 5

I am really impressed! The guys were professional and answered my questions. The floors (20 years old) look brand new! Some dust to clean up but not bad. This is the best renovation investment I have made to this place considering cost to benefit!! The owner, Genia Smith is honest about expectations and I like that in a person. She delivered just what I asked for and paid for. All good

Photo of Robin Keith Robin Keith
Jul 16, 2018 5

Our hardwood floors were in serious need of a good refinishing. We knew that having them refinished would make them look better, but their transformation was AMAZING! Robert, from Accent Hardwood Floors was a joy to work with. He answered all of our questions. The guys that came in and did our floors were extremely nice and professional. We left for a week so they could do their work. Upon our return, we had to clean nothing. There was little or no dust and other than our fabulous looking floors and lack of furniture, you would've never known they were in our house. Thank you so much, ACF, for making our floors look gorgeous!

Photo of Al Jones Al Jones
Oct 1, 2018 5

House was built in 1953. Hardwood floors were worn and washed out. Accent brought them back to life. Value in cost to benefit was great!

Photo of Justin Gladman Justin Gladman
Nov 29, 2017 5

Had a great experience with Accent Flooring. Genia came and gave us a quote the same day and there were no surprises during the installation process. Everything looks great and they delivered on everything they promised. We did our living room and they matched the stain on the connected hallway (installed a few years ago) perfectly. They also did our stairs and upstairs and everything came together nicely. Pricey but worth the money.

Photo of Eileen C Eileen C
Aug 8, 2019 5

Great service. Prompt appt for an estimate and Robert helped us remedy the problem of a broken, wooden, flush mount floor vent on the spot. Charges were more than reasonable. Would strongly recommend.