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92 Korean Chicken


2107 Allendown Dr
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 361-9100
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Formerly Vit Goal.

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Photo of Reginald palmer Reginald palmer
Nov 16, 2023 3

I wanted to try Korean fried chicken… heard great things… I placed a order for the honey garlic 10 pieces of wings and sweet onion 10 pieces of wings order came up to $40 + online Picked it up came in two small boxes… the wings were delicious very delicious bursting with flavor … that’s the pro… the con is these are very tiny wings smaller then party wings.. and for the money you pay you would like to have regular sized wings… not here… I was told other Korean restaurants have fuller sizes wings and portions…so I’ll try other restaurants… but 92 chicken… first impression are everything… and I will not be going back not worth the money for the tiny portions the serve

Photo of Jody Fulghum (TechnoButt) Jody Fulghum (TechnoButt)
Oct 26, 2023 4

Awesome variety of sauces, premium meaty wings. A bit pricey, but that's most every restaurant since inflation. This place is worth checking out if you like wings and especially if you like variety of flavorful hot sauces that pack more than just heat.

Photo of Dan Kuszaj Dan Kuszaj
Oct 17, 2023 5

I have eaten here several times and it is really excellent, no complaints from me! The lady that runs it is so nice!

Photo of Renee Matthers Renee Matthers
Sep 4, 2023 5

This place is INSANELY GOOD!!! We got the honey garlic and spicy garlic chicken and they were both divine. It also came with a little bit of pickled radish and kimchi that I would buy the pint if I could. Super fast service (chicken came out probably 10 minutes after we ordered) and the place is super relaxed. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a non-fussy fried chicken joint, you can't go wrong here.

Photo of caimiao liu caimiao liu
Aug 17, 2023 4

Super nice staff and decent food. the soy garlic chicken could have been marinated better. The meat was a bit tough

Photo of Megan Nishio Megan Nishio
Jul 17, 2023 5

DELICIOUS!! Small mom & pop Korean fried chicken restaurant. We ordered the honey garlic and curry wings + curly fries. So good! Food came out really quickly. The half eaten the red dish (was like a kim chi cole slaw) that comes with it was incredible. Really happy to find this great place & so close to home!!

Photo of Massiel Morales Massiel Morales
Jun 26, 2023 5

Great place to go eat korean fried chicken! The food was amazing. I was a little concerned because of some bad reviews. The lady was super nice and friendly. The food was great, and we did not get sick. If you are craving wings, this is the place Crunchy and savory. It looks very clean.

Photo of Marc Asato Marc Asato
May 27, 2023 5

This place is legit! I went there for lunch today and the food is amazing! I got the spicy garlic chicken drumsticks and I have to say the 5 piece meal plus the sides that I had for take out was 10 out of 10! I have been watching K-dramas and I am from Hawaii so I really needed some really good Korean Fried Chicken and I have found my new place! The sides were beyond tasty! Next time I go, I am going to see if I can buy a bunch of their Kimchi with my amazing fried chicken!

Photo of Amanda Low Amanda Low
Mar 4, 2023 5

Cute and clean little Korean fried chicken place in Durham, loved the decor. We got the garlic soy spring onion chicken, and the texture was on point with a nice mix of sweet and savory notes. Server/owner was very courteous and attentive, and made sure we had enough of the banchan side dish. So glad this local eatery opened up in place of other chains!

Photo of Jason Sigman Jason Sigman
Jan 13, 2023 5

Loved this place when it was vit tofu still love it now! Same owners very sweet and they make delicious food! The honey chicken was amazing!!!

Photo of 朱丽莎老师 朱丽莎老师
Jan 3, 2023 5

Came for dinner — only took a few minutes (I ordered to go after arriving at the restaurant) for my spicy garlic chicken wings! Super delicious. Super friendly staff.