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U.S. Cities Where You Can Live Large on Less Than $100,000

Published: 07/18
The economy's growing, unemployment's down and you're earning a great salary. Yet you still feel cash strapped.

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With living costs rising and wages not keeping pace, depending on where you live, even supposedly great salaries can leave you feeling less than flush. But guess what? There are places in the U.S. where you can live large on less.

No, these aren't obscure towns where you'd struggle to find an interesting cafe or a speedy internet connection. The smallest city on this list had a population of more than 260,000 according to 2016 figures from the U.S. Census. The largest cities top out at more than 1 million.

And since you can't choose where to live based on bread alone, you won't have to sacrifice culture, connections or career opportunities in these cities. Between them, they're home to major academic clusters, architectural landmarks, world-renowned music scenes and financial centers, to name a few life-enhancing amenities.


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