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Restaurant serves up $30 tarantula burgers

Published: 04/18
Here's a culinary idea that has legs - eight, in fact.

A Durham, NC restaurant is serving up a pasture-raised beef burger topped with Gruyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and an oven-roasted tarantula.

Bull City Burger and Brewery is selling the $30 meal - aptly named the "tarantula burger" - to celebrate Exotic Meat Month in April, according to local news reports.

Visitors can't simply order the item off the menu. The only way to get the tarantula burger is by entering a raffle, whose winners are announced daily while the supply of creepy-crawlies lasts.

It also comes with fries.

Bug-loving diners who finish the whole burger earn more than just bragging rights.

They'll win a free T-shirt, too.


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