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My Top 10 minor league parks

Published: 05/18

My Top 10 minor league parks

Home to the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, this park in downtown is not to be confused with Durham Athletic Park, the former home of the team which was immortalized in the 1988 Kevin Costner film, "Bull Durham."

Constructed - 1995

Capacity - 10,000

Parking - Come early. Small lots are nearby. Parking garages are a bit of a longer walk.

Food - Best selection I've ever seen at a minor league park. If you want it, they probably got it.

Tickets - Prices are low for a Triple-A franchise, ranging from $14 to $9.75.

Ease of Access - It's in downtown Durham, but the Durham Freeway is adjacent so it usually doesn't take long.

Overview - This park could easily have been my Number One. It's a beautiful venue, bringing to mind Camden Yards. The glaring, red-eyed, smoke-belching mechanical bull guards the left-field line over the sign which reads, "Hit Bull, Win Steak." My favorite thing about this park? The fans are indeed fanatical, displaying more enthusiasm for the home team and disdain for the visitors than in any other park I have visited.


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