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Innovation of the Week: The tarantula burger

Published: 04/18
What is it? A tarantula-topped burger

Innovator: Seth Gross

What were they thinking? April is "exotic meat month" at Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, N.C., and owner Seth Gross sourced plenty of wild boar and caribou this year. But he also decided to get a little creepy-crawly: offering up a beef burger topped with chili sauce, gruyere cheese - and an oven-roasted tarantula.

Did it work? No one was sure how the public would react. But the "2018 Tarantula Challenge" is crawling with customers - suggesting there may be a gustatory cure to our deepest anxieties. "I am going to eat my fear," said one diner, a self-diagnosed arachnophobe, in an interview with Reuters. And after she'd screwed up her courage and swallowed the crunchy quarry? Well, she seemed nonplussed. "It reminded me," she said, "of potato chips."


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