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Discover Durham FAQs

Why the new identity?

For 30 years, DCVB bore the "Convention & Visitors Bureau" moniker in its name. Today, visitors know what visitor centers are but otherwise don't know what CVBs do. Local stakeholders know us by the acronym DCVB, but many couldn't remember what the letters stand for. Understanding what we do and its importance to Durham's progress and prosperity can be a little complex.

We think Discover Durham is a great answer to all of that. It's certainly much more memorable. It conveys energy and anticipation. It's a call to action that embodies our core mission, and it applies equally to prospective business and leisure visitors and to Durham residents, who we encourage to get out and explore their community. It better reflects our identity as a contemporary marketing organization, one that is highly relevant and vital in a world of fast-moving, digitally-based marketing.

We tell Durham's story to attract visitors and drive economic progress, and we hope you agree that Discover Durham conveys this in a straightforward and simple way.


Articulate the purpose of Discover Durham. What, exactly, do you do?

Quite simply, we're here to help people Discover Durham.

Some people call us Durham's marketing agency, but we're much more than that - we're entrusted by state and local governments to lead the strategic economic and cultural development of Durham as a visitor destination. We're proud to welcome visitors here - while remaining accountable to those who make Durham what it is.

We take the responsibility seriously.

We tell Durham's story in a way that attracts all kinds of visitors-leisure visitors, business travelers, people attending meetings, conventions, festivals and sporting events-anyone who might like what Durham has to offer. We also provide services to them (and the hospitality partners who host them) after they arrive to help make their stays rich and memorable.

We're proud to welcome visitors into our unforgettable destination while remaining accountable to those who make Durham what it is. When guests encounter Durham for the first (fifth, or hundredth) time, they're helping local businesses prosper, creating jobs, generating tax revenues for local governments, and enhancing the quality of life of each and every Durham resident.

With each tweet, post, guide, and conversation we share a bit of ourselves with visitors. We're the unapologetic, passionate advocates of all Durham has to offer.

What specific characteristics will be different about the organization's mission and vision?

Our mission hasn't changed but you'll probably notice a subtle change to the delivery of our messages. Many visitor bureaus utilize a "corporate" voice that sounds official, and to be frank, a bit sterile. We've been steadily moving away from that in favor of showing our authentic selves-people who have enthusiasm, knowledge and opinions about Durham-in a way that stays true to our mission, of course. So much of what Durham is - bold, passionate, unapologetic - describes the characteristics we wanted to embody as we convey what we love about this place. We're just being a bit more direct about how those characteristics describe us and the work we do to help visitors encounter and fall in love with our community, as well as open new doors of discovery for Durhamites who have been here for decades.


Who can use the new Discover Durham mark (logo)?

This is the mark used by the organization who promotes Durham as a place to visit, formerly called DCVB, now called Discover Durham, not the mark that depicts Durham as a destination. Think of it as a corporate logo that is only used by the company who bears that name. So, the mark is not available for public use.


Can I create merchandise with the new Discover Durham logo?

No. As noted above, this is a corporate logo for Discover Durham, the organization.


Does this change how Discover Durham operates as an organization?

No. Our mission remains exactly the same.




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