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A Sneak Peek at Hideaway Woods | Durham,

A Sneak Peek at Hideaway Woods | Durham,

It's Time to Climb at Hideaway Woods

Museum of Life + Science's highly anticipated Hideaway Woods outdoor playscape is now open for climbing and exploring. For decades, the museum has provided kids (and their parents!) with hands-on science exhibits that seamlessly combine fun and learning. The new exhibit encourages outdoor exploration, full-body movement, natural observation, and imaginative play.

Situated on two acres, this natural environment features a series of treehouses, a stream, a sensory engagement area, climbing areas, and sculptures made of tree limbs and saplings woven together. It also features an area for parents to relax while their kids do their thing.

The following photos highlight what to expect and explore during your visit:

The treehouse villages are impressive feats. There are a series of separate houses, all of which are connected by bridges, ladders, and stairs.

MLS Hideaway Woods - Treehouse Run

Each treehouse contains tools to help the children engage with the natural environment around them, including telescopes and other instruments.

MLS Hideaway Woods - Treehouses 

The braces holding up the treehouses, including the supports connecting them to the trees, are left visible so young explorers can see the science and engineering behind the exhibit.

MLS Hideaway Woods 4 

Children who are too small for the big treehouses have their own area to explore with structures that are lower to the ground.

MLS Hideaway Woods - Young Explorers 

Woodland Waters, the stream flowing through the middle of Hideaway Woods, adds another natural element for children to investigate.

MLS Hideaway Woods - Stream 

Sweetgum Thicket is designed by Chapel Hill artist Patrick Dougherty. Built from sweetgum and red maple saplings that are woven together, it provides an ideal place to play hide-and-seek.

MLS Hideaway Woods - Sweetgum Thicket 

The exhibit is circled by the short train ride that the museum offers, accessible via a tunnel under the tracks.

MLS Hideaway Woods 10 

Hideaway Woods opens to the public on Tuesday, September 29th. Head to the Museum of Life + Science website for more information and to plan your visit. Don't miss the rest of the museum's beloved exhibits, including areas to play in mist while learning about the water cycle, a dinosaur trail, aerodynamic experiments, and more.

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