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Major moments happen here.

Whether you would rather watch an eat/swim/bike/run marathon, internationally acclaimed curling bonspiels or a baseball game played by the world’s most famous minor league team, Durham’s sports scene was built for you.

Durham champions exhibit competitiveness, sportsmanship and passion. Its Durham’s history is rooted in resiliency and was built by a community that has always found a way to face adversity, come together, and get back up. Here, you’ll bleed Duke blue. You can soar like the NCCU Eagles. Leave your other affiliations behind. When you’re here, you’re one of us.

Why are sports so much fun to watch in Durham? They are accessible, affordable and diverse. They’re a homerun experience for everyone from big groups, to families and athletes. Durham also welcomes niche sports and is home to international competitors.

Durham is a destination that often defies definition. Break away from routine spectatorship and do it on your terms. Our sports facilities and our accommodations are top notch. Experience Southern hospitality on the field, court and pitch like only we can provide.

See the best compete to win. Cheer on your favorite team. Witness champions play in Durham.

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