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Discover Durham Event Services

The Discover Durham offers a wide range of services to save time and help make your reunion a success. Most services are complimentary. To request services, call (800) 446-8604 or email Discover Durham. To see a searchable list of services offered by other Durham businesses, visit the services directory page.

The following is a list of services that Discover Durham provides before the location of a reunion has been determined.

Research and Planning Assistance

  • Evaluating bid materials to assess feasibility of meeting in Durham
  • Checking for availability on specified dates
  • Checking for conflicts with other planned events
  • Accepting requests for proposals online at www.discoverdurham.com

Identifying Accommodations and Facilities

  • Gathering quotes and availability for meeting facilities
  • Gathering quotes and availability for accommodations
  • Offering transportation and shuttle suggestions
  • Scheduling appointments and providing escort for site inspections

Presenting a Competitive Bid

  • Preparing a comprehensive proposal summarizing pertinent information
  • Making a formal presentation to decision makers
  • Supplying promotional materials, such as maps, visitors guides, and videos

Once Durham is chosen and meeting facilities are reserved, Discover Durham can provide additional services to make the job easier.

Special Services

  • Official welcome letters
  • Transportation and shuttle recommendations
  • Americans with Disabilities Act information and info for other special needs or populations
  • Assistance with donating excess convention or meeting food to the community kitchen

Attendance Promotion/Publicity & Printed Materials

Convention Services Directory

  • List of service vendors - from caterers to florists to equipment

Meeting Facilities Guide

  • Complete guide to meeting and convention facilities in Durham

Guest Event Planning Ideas

  • Suggestions for family activities
  • Ideas for family gatherings, such as banquets, fashion shows, and talent shows

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Discover Durham
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