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Planning a Trip to Durham?

Here are some COVID-19 considerations to keep in mind.

So, you’re thinking about visiting Durham in this new COVID-19 landscape. We get it; there’s a lot to consider – and here at Discover Durham, we're accountable to you. Here’s what we’d like you to know.

We’re operating a bit differently than the rest of the state.

If it seems like we’re ‘bullish’ about community safety, we mean it. Durham's Safer-at-Home Order has been extended, and our rules of operation are a bit more stringent than some other parts of North Carolina. Namely, that:

  • Retail establishments must post signage advising people to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
  • Businesses are encouraged to voluntarily self-certify that their safety and sanitation plans meet public health best practices.
  • Learn how our local order compares to that of the state's with the City of Durham's helpful rundown. (If you’re traveling across NC, the statewide order may be one to keep in mind.)

We’ve been at this for a while.

Durham is one of the first destinations in the state to create stringent safety guidelines for our community to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We don't intend to stop abiding by those guidelines any time soon. If you're wondering specifically what COVID-19 looks like in Durham, Durham County Public Health has put together this dashboard for anyone to follow along with the numbers and break down statistics by ZIP code, demographics, or other designations.

The rules still apply.

At all times, Discover Durham urges both locals and visitors to continue:

-Wear fabric face coverings in public
-Practice social distancing
-Cover coughs and sneezes
-Wash hands often
-Avoid touching your face
-Clean commonly touched surfaces
-Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 are answered here from Durham County Public Health.

We’re walking the walk.

In an effort to ensure businesses in Durham are being transparent about their efforts to keep visitors safe, the Durham Recovery & Renewal Task Force (RRTF) just recently launched a new health and safety awareness campaign named “Back on the Bull.” Once a business or organization completes the advanced, industry-specific checklist applicable to them at backonthebull.com, a customized PDF will populate, detailing the steps they have committed to take to reduce risk for staff and customers. Over 1,000 businesses have already completed their checklist. If you’re visiting soon, be on the lookout for "Back on the Bull" branding at businesses that have completed the safety checklists. You’re also invited use the website’s searchable map to click on businesses that have completed the checklist and see the full list of safety measures they have pledged to implement. Stay aware of other campaigns intended to keep you safe, too, especially if you're flying into town; Raleigh-Durham International Airport is doing everything to inspire confidence in you as you Fly RDU.

Back on the Bull

We’ve got you.

Above all else, we want you to know that we spend every day thinking of how to ensure your safety as you travel to and visit Durham. Some of our small businesses have chosen to open and implement stringent requirements to keep themselves and their customers safe; some have chosen to remain closed. Those choices are made with the intent to protect and support both the community that lives here and ones that have yet to discover what makes us special.

Please know that our retailers and restaurants still welcome your online support if you stay safer at home. We’re also here for whatever you need; drop us a line if you have any questions.