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Discover Durham sales and services staff is ready to help make your meeting or event a success.

Whether you are having a conference of thousands, an important training session, a high-level board meeting, or even planning your nuptials, you will undoubtedly need assistance. Discover Durham Group Resources is here to be your clearinghouse of information and your connection to services that will save you time and help make your event in Durham a success.

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Shannon Groff, Interim Director
Phone: 919-680-8325
Email: shannon@discoverdurham.com

Shannon has been in the hospitality and service industry for 21 years. She is a member of Meeting Planners International, NC Business Travel Association, and is the VP of Membership for Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

What do you do?
I'm a National Sales Manager with the Discover Durham. As a steward for Durham, my primary duties are to work with our partners to help bring room nights/visitors to Durham and to assist meeting planners in bringing their next corporate or educational conference to Durham.

Why do I call Durham home?
Durham is where my heart is.

What can people find me doing when I'm not at work?
I love running and pushing myself. People can find me running on the greenway when I'm not at work.

What's on my desk?
I have pictures of my two daughters on my desk because they are my inspiration. 



Najauna White, National Sales Manager
Phone: 919-680-8305
Email: najauna@discoverdurham.com

Najauna has been in the hospitality and service industry for over 8 years with focus on consistently cultivating new and old relationships in various industries. The hospitality and service industry has awarded her experience in restaurant and banquet services, tourism and outreach, event management, overall customer service and digital marketing.

What do you do?
As a National Sales Manager I work with our partners and national meeting planners to ensure that Durham is the right place for their next meeting. By doing so I help curate experiences that are incomparable to their last meeting.

What's your favorite thing about your job?
I like to think that I am a Durham ‘Match Maker'. I take your meeting desires, vision, and your overall needs and turn your meeting into a reality in Durham. Outside of working with our local partners and evaluating bid materials, assessing the feasibility of meeting in Durham, checking availability for specific dates, finding locations, gathering quotes and accommodations, I am here to make sure that your experience in Durham is nothing short of perfect! I do all the leg work so that you can have a great meeting and fall in love with Durham. 

Do you have an office nickname or motto?
"Rejection is a part of the game, but so are the wins". This is a motto I just adapted from reading an article on mimconnect.com about Yari Blanco; Founder and Editor in Chief of theGIRLMOB. It's so easy in the destination marketing industry to let the decision of a meeting destination change your attitude, your daily routine or the way you see that partnership. However if you understand that this is all a cycle and that maybe that opportunity was not right for you at the time, your relationships will be stronger within the industry and your success will be that much greater the next time around!

What can people find you doing when you're not at work?
Eating and listening to live music! My husband is my partner in crime and we love food and music. With Durham being the tastiest town in the south and music venues everywhere, we have plenty to do! The experience you feel when your food arrives to the table, having quality conversation over a great meal or when you hear a band play your favorite song is euphoric, and I love every minute of it.




Aimee Janovitch 

Aimee Janovitch, Inside Sales & Project Manager
Phone: 919.680.8312
Email: aimee@discoverdurham.com

Aimee has over 10 years of sales experience.

Do you have an office nickname or motto? "Create your own sunshine." If we have control over our thoughts and our mindset - and we do - we can choose to rise above whatever the weather (life) may be on the outside, and create our own sunshine on the inside. You can't rely on Mr. Sun to create your own internal sunshine. Only you can do that.

What can people find you doing when you're not at work? Being a mommy to two awesome boys! Arzaya and Keyoni love to explore all of what Durham has to offer, from the amazing ice cream at The Parlour to a fun-filled day at the Museum of Life + Science.

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