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Think of one of your favorite memories with your closest friends and family. Now do you remember where it all happened? We’re betting that the place was as impactful as the people who were there. Places like Durham have a unique way of shaping and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're planning a family reunion for every branch on the tree, a weekend away with your old college friends or a meetup for a newfound group with a shared hobby, finding the perfect destination can change everything. With the right opportunities, your event could be one people talk about for years.

In Durham, you can find a range of hotels and facilities and a host of nationally acclaimed activities, ensuring that you and your guests have an incredible experience. Plus, Durham is easily accessible in terms of travel. It’s easy to get here by plane, train, or car and once your group is here, it’s easy to get around. Guests will discover more vibe and value than they could have anticipated.

To find out how Discover Durham can help you plan your event, email social@discoverdurham.com.

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