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Zweli's Catering


4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (984) 219-7555
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Photo of Christina C Christina C
Aug 6, 2019 5

Delicious! I've never had Zimbabwe inspired food before, so this was exciting. Everything was nicely spiced, but fair warning if you can't handle heat. The samosas were particularly satisfying. Extensive vegetarian and vegan options. My server was very attentive and kind

Photo of Austin Armstrong Austin Armstrong
Sep 9, 2019 4

The chicken here was absolutely too die for! I can't wait to go back! My only thoughts are that I felt the portions were a little small and it was a tad bit expensive. That being said, I will be back because the taste was worth the price!

Photo of Beneita Dennis Beneita Dennis
Aug 12, 2019 5

Wonderful place. Staff was very friendly and made me feel very welcome. They answered all my questions about the ingredients and even allowed me to taste some items before ordering. Food was great. I will be back.

Photo of Eric James Flonominal Crompton Eric James Flonominal Crompton
Sep 24, 2019 5

Absolutely amazing food. Taste profiles to die for. Great service. Will be back very soon

Photo of Angela Stokes Angela Stokes
Jul 7, 2019 5

Delicious. Nice ambiance. No ideal this little gem was in this shopping center. Great flavors. The chicken was moist and mildly spicy and ended with a fruity note. The curry cabbage was just delicious. I look forward to going back.

Photo of Jason Rivera Jason Rivera
Oct 24, 2019 5

Welcome back to the '50s. Grinnell's decor and menu take you back to a different time and place. However, that's not a criticism. The execution is excellent, with professional service and great food. The menu is typical of the Italian restaurant of the past. Pasta, chicken, veal, seafood, etc. There is also a pretty good wine list.

Photo of team romans team romans
Nov 8, 2019 5

Great food for a new experience or a past memory. My wife and I were married in Jamaca, this great food brought back fond memories. The service was also excellent.

Photo of Benjamin Peters Benjamin Peters
Nov 16, 2019 5

I have never had Zimbabwe food but I'll tell you this one be my last. This place is out of the world good. Everything was on point. Must visit if in the area.

Photo of Hannah Mingus Hannah Mingus
Dec 15, 2019 3

The waitress was very nice. I ordered a half chicken and when I cut into it the middle was completely raw. I sent it back and they said they'd recook it but brought me a smaller piece to eat on the same plate that had raw chicken on it. I asked for a new plate and new rice so they switched it. The waitress was very apologetic and they gave my friend and I extra donuts for the trouble. I barely ate any chicken because I was grossed out by the experience so I was kind of disappointed they didn't offer to take it off the bill. I would maybe go back again for brunch, but will not be ordering chicken again.

Photo of Natalie Grace Natalie Grace
Jan 2, 2020 5

I was visiting the Durham area when a friend suggested we try this place. The menu offers gluten free and vegan options and authentic African fare. Hands down, this was one of the best meals I've had! I ordered the Piri Piri Chicken breast with a side of peanut butter collards. My friend ordered another chicken dish with their Chakalaka, which is not only vegan and gluten free, but a flavor profile that cannot be matched! The hospitality of the staff was welcoming as if we were part of their family. Leo came to talk to us about the authentic handmade African pieces throughout the restaurant. I recommend you try Zweli's and bring friends to share the experience!

Photo of Sarah Phillips Sarah Phillips
Jan 16, 2020 5

Had an amazing experience at Zweli's Kitchen starting with the friendly staff and fun atmosphere. It was my first encounter with Zimbabwean food. The rich flavor palate was inviting. There was such a variety of dishes to choose from. Would highly recommend to experience Zweli's yourself.

Photo of Woody Feffer Woody Feffer
Feb 3, 2020 3

The food was delicious. Portions were very small. Chicken skewers had two tiny pieces of chicken on each with 5 veggies for almost $10. Ox tail with two sides was maybe 1/2 cup of meat plus a little bowl of mildly spiced baked beans and 3/4 cup of ok greens for around $18. I feel like we got lunch sized portions for dinner sized prices. Service was very slow, over an hour from when we ordered to our samosa app and another 15 to our entrees.

Photo of Jennifer Hodgkinson Jennifer Hodgkinson
Jun 4, 2020 5

Awesome authentic atmosphere! The owners and staff are truly personal and friendly. The meals are delicious. A refreshing dining experience!

Photo of John Spauls John Spauls
Jun 19, 2020 5

Nations only Zimbabwean restaurant. I had the quarter chicken plate my first time which was similar to Peruvian charcoal chicken but different spices. The sides were where it’s at though. The peanut collard greens are amazing. And the beans were so well spiced. Want to try their curry and sausages soon.

Photo of Mike Nye Mike Nye
Jun 11, 2020 3

I called at 2pm to place an order to pick up at 5:30pm. I got the large platter that is suppose to feed 3 people. The platter comes with two large sides. The grilled vegetables were 3 tiny skewers with 5 pieces of vegetables and the large serving of Jollof of rice was barely enough to feed 2 people. On top of that, we arrived at 5:30 and had to wait 15 minutes before receiving our underwhelming, semi-cold food. This is my second time trying Zweli’s and was so excited for last night’s dinner after the wonderful lunch I had there a couple weeks ago. Disappointing experience.

Photo of Kendra Griffin-Reppert Kendra Griffin-Reppert
Apr 17, 2019 5

This place has really great food! I have never had Zimbabwean food before, but it was amazing. The owner stopped by our table to see how we were enjoying the food and it turns out that he built all of the furniture himself in the entire restaurant! It was really nice to talk with him for a bit and find out the story behind the restaurant. The service was great and the food was the best comfort food ever. I will definitely be going back the next time I am in the Durham area.

Photo of Kathleen Koechling Kathleen Koechling
May 12, 2019 5

Outstanding meal from only Zimbabwean restaurant nearby. We tried a wide assortment of vegetarian sides to share and everyone enjoyed everything! Highlights were chakalaka (smoky sweet, little bit spicy beans), greens with peanut butter flavoring, and curry fried cabbage. One of our party said the veggie samosas were the best thing she ever ate, and I can see why. Quite different and delicious. Update: Went for mother's day buffet...perfect! Plus, moms got a hand-decorated chocolate covered strawberry.

Photo of Greg Woods Greg Woods
Apr 18, 2019 5

I've been in the area for a while, and one of the things I've felt was missing whenever I tried a new restaurant is HEARTINESS. I often feel like I've eaten, but rarely belly-rubbing content.My first stop at Zweli's for lunch today took care of that. Simple, fresh, spicy food that left my belly very happy. The chakalaka is delicious and the collards (with peanut butter and spices... It works together so well) are incredible!

Photo of Benjamin Williams Benjamin Williams
Apr 4, 2019 5

We loved our lunch here. This place has a friendly atmosphere and a good feel. I highly recommend the samosas, both beef and vegetable which were delicious, the oxtail was superb also, cooked in a richly flavoured sauce. Our server let us try all of the sides before choosing. Will come again.

Photo of Miss Isabella Miss Isabella
Jun 4, 2019 5

Visited as a party of 3. Ordered oxtail meal, chicken meal, and chicken sandwich meal. The portions are large. Everything was served hot and fresh. The oxtails were tasty!!! The peanut butter rice bites were a new experience- loved them with the curry cabbage. Loved the chakalaka, sadza, and made to perfection chicken. The chicken sandwich was tasty. The ambiance speaks to your soul. Customer service was on point - very polite, attentive, and efficient. The owners were very humble. The place is spotless. Perfect for date night.