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True Flavors Diner Lakewood


2022 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 294-9757
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True Flavors Diner Lakewood

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Photo of Deanna Hall Deanna Hall
Jun 2, 2019 2

LUV the location on Hwy. 55, so I expected the same (or better) service, ambience and delicious food. Needless to say, I will not visit the Lakewood establishment again. My daughter and I went for my belated Birthday lunch on June 2, 2019. She had shrimp & grits and I ordered a lobster omelette. The server finally came to our table, no greeting and asked what we wanted to drink. She didn’t offer her name (short with a purple head band and black pants that needed a good lint roller). She finally brought the drinks and eventually the two little biscuits. I asked for more preserves and biscuits, only to learn that “extra” biscuits are 3 for $3.50”!!! One of the servers locked the front door at 2pm, so no one else could enter. They certainly don’t close at 2 and chose to ignore people (at least 8) who were trying to come inside. The server asked if we were done with our ketchup and proceeded to take the bottle. Another young girl gathered all of the ketchup bottles, sat at the large green, circular booth and refilled them, wiping the sides (from overflow) with a dirty towel. I wonder what ever happens to the bottom of the ketchup bottles, that never gets used?!?! From the dirty clothes worn by one of the cooks, to the unfriendly servers and the total absence of customer appreciation, this was my first and last visit to the Lakewood spot!!

Photo of Thede Loder Thede Loder
Jun 12, 2019 4

Great location, friendly service. Clean. Breakfast includes a broad array of standards and crafted southern-influenced creatives. Menu layout needs a rev for clarity. Cloth napkins, lots of booths. Good drip coffee. Paper straws, casual atmosphere.

Photo of Greg Broom Greg Broom
May 26, 2019 1

Awful experience. After ordering and waiting for 30 minutes we were told that our “ticket didn’t print” and that they just put the order in. Stupidly I assume that meant they would expedite the order since we had been waiting for a awhile. After waiting another 30 minutes with no food the manager/greeter happens to come by our table. After explaining the situation she goes to the kitchen to check on our order. Instead of returning with our food and/or an apology she instead acts like we had no reason to complain despite waiting an hour for our order. She was quite confrontational. At that point we leave without eating. The food may well be great but I will never find out. Probably my worst restaurant experience ever.

Photo of Cody S Cody S
May 30, 2019 5

One of the best brunches I've ever had. The brunch staples are done incredibly well and there are also several unique dishes to try. Can't wait for the rooftop to open and hopefully some dinner hours once they get going.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Jun 1, 2019 5

Food was really good but they don’t even have one vegan/vegetarian menu option that’s worth modifying so you can order from the sides. That said, some of the best green beans I’ve had. Parking in the main parking lot is limited to two spots and two handicap spots. Park around the corner on the street or in the dollar general parking lot.

Photo of Gail Taylor Gail Taylor
Jun 19, 2019 5

The Turkey Hash was absolutely amazing! The ambience, decor, staff, and service all top notch! Although I rate this place as 5-star worthy is because they really are....my little bitty selfish complaint is the cost of the delicious coffee. Perhaps consider dropping it by .50 or 1.00! Nevertheless, I will be back...again and again!

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
Jun 8, 2019 5

This is the second location of this local diner. The food is great and the service was excellent. The complimentary biscuits make the meal and though the space could feel cold their ambiance keeps it from feeling that way. Highly recommend for a large breakfast or brunch. Will be back!

Photo of Karen Miller Anderson Karen Miller Anderson
Aug 16, 2019 5

Excellent food, service and decor. My husband and I were both delighted. The onion rings are a bit of heaven. Come with an appetite as the servings are generous.