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The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company


803 Ramseur St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 617-1746
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May 5, 2018 5

I haven't did the tour but did the krupnikas. We live in Buffalo, NY. My daughter lives in NC. She brought me some for Christmas. It is the best nite cap ever. As specially if you have a little indigestion.

Photo of Alexander Morris Alexander Morris
Oct 3, 2017 5

I came here on a whim during a recent visit from out of town and I’m so glad I found it. Cannot say enough nice things about this place. The tour was informative and did a great job of incorporating the narrative of the company into the product. I had never heard of Krupnikas in my life but am now a big fan. Although they were nice enough to give me a mini to fly home with, I ended up buying a full size bottle on the way to the airport the next day and checking my bag 😂

Photo of Marguerite Blount Marguerite Blount
Sep 12, 2018 5

I haven't had the pleasure of visiting this distillery, but I LOVE this brand!!

Photo of James Northcutt James Northcutt
Feb 23, 2019 5

The Krupnikas liquor is great, and the oddball, beet based, small batch stuff has become an evening favorite of mine. Absolutely worth a visit.

Photo of James Westberry James Westberry
Mar 23, 2019 5

I was very Impressed with the complex taste of the liqueurs. Brothers Vilgalys has their own style and taste. Their liqueurs are full or flavor and unique spices. It is a taste that only you can experiment for yourself.

Photo of Andrew Mueller Andrew Mueller
Jan 30, 2021 5

The Krump is spectacular!!

Photo of Dr Duck Dr Duck
Jun 4, 2022 5

Purchased this hot and spicy Jaberwock liquor, it was one of the most interesting liquors I ever had the privilege to enjoy. YES it is HOT... if you don't like spicy jalapeno peppers you won't like this... but just for the difference in liquor this was a new experience and look forward to my next shot.

Photo of Alyson Newby Alyson Newby
Jan 5, 2015 5

Bought a Groupon for a tour & some branded goodies (flask & goblet). I love what these guys are doing here! Krupnikas is delicious and I loved hearing about the process and history from the founder. Highly recommend swinging by for a tour and taste, or just picking up a bottle.

Photo of Carlos Russo Carlos Russo
Apr 15, 2014 4

Toured their setup, and tasted their product "Krupnikas", which is a traditional Lithuanian-Polish recipe for spiced honey liqueur, for holidays and parties. The owner, Rim Vilgaly, is a funny, interesting, and overall good guy. Keep an eye out on groupon/amazon local/living social for deals on tours, and check them out! I'll definitely be looking for "Krupnikas" at ABC stores for the house.