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4037 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 765-0008
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Photo of D. R. Greg D. R. Greg
Oct 8, 2019 4

This Target is a generally nice store, but today I was disappointed at the litter in front of the store. The trash cans were overflowing, and customers had thrown many receipts on the ground. Once inside, I had a pretty good shopping experience. Some things were overpriced like over $4.00 for a small package of basil, but other things like a large bunch of parsley for 99 cents were good buys. The store was well-stocked, the restroom was clean and the checkout clerk, friendly. Target tries to encourage customers to use the self-service kiosks, but I prefer full service, and those lines were long. I like Target's shopping carts which operate smoothly. Parking here is easy to find.

Photo of Sally Daniel Sally Daniel
Sep 30, 2019 3

I love Target but if you shop at this store on a Sunday many of the shelves are bare. I asked an employee who told me Sunday was 're-stock' day. I typically do my shopping on Sunday and was very disappointed with the lack of products. Hopefully they can remedy this.

Photo of April Koch April Koch
Dec 6, 2019 4

I like this target because it is big and bright and I can go for a walk in here when I am depressed. The lines can get long would be my only complaint. I also enjoy the toy section. My husband and I like to look at toys and remember when we were kids. All the toys these days are throwbacks to the 80s and 90s LOL. It’s nice to have a safe place to go when you are bored.

Photo of Veronica M Veronica M
Dec 11, 2019 5

The cashier was very helpful nd patient when I was trying to figure out how to use my redcard

Photo of Ramona Rodriguiz Ramona Rodriguiz
Dec 18, 2019 5

We have a really great Target Store in Durham NC. The employees are always present in the store and ready to help - if you look a little lost looking for something, it seems like one almost magically appears and offers help. Even when stocking, the employees are pleasant and never act like you're interfering with their work. For the most part the store is orderly and always clean - and always well stocked (at least when I've been there). Also, Target gets the most unique merchandise sometimes (like Blackberry wine, or greek olive oil - FROM GREECE!) and they never charge outlandish prices. We really enjoy our store!

Photo of sean mccarthy sean mccarthy
Dec 23, 2019 3

After the renovation the store is 5 stars. The inventory levels are 4 stars because I went there recently and their shelves in books, toys and electronics were pretty sparse is spots. The staff gets 2 stars as I had one of the rudest people here mock a t-shirt I was wearing. Also they never have enough cash registers open. Overall I prefer other targets.

Photo of Crystal Ward Crystal Ward
Dec 26, 2019 5

I went right before Christmas and the parking lot was full. I panicked and almost didn't go in, but needed to get stocking stuffers and I knew Walmart would be way worse. Everything inside was still calm, well stocked and I didn't have to wait for a cashier. I walked right up to the counter and was able to check out.

Photo of Deborah McGill Deborah McGill
Mar 6, 2020 5

Excellent customer service. I asked a team member for help and was greeted with a smile. Then when I went to the customer service desk, as usual, the team members were smiling and were quick in bringing my order to me. I'm not surprised though because this is the norm for Target which is why I really enjoy shopping there.

Photo of Letitia Lewis Letitia Lewis
May 2, 2020 5

Today I watched the cart of a young mom waiting on her cab who had to go back into store to take little ones to bathroom. While outside I observed how worker Angel (with locks) was so orderly and pleasant doing guest count and making sure other workers were doing their jobs. Angel was gonna make sure the young mom's cab didnt leave before she returned as well. Great tag team partnering with Angel. Keep up the good work!

Photo of robert gofourth robert gofourth
May 23, 2019 5

The ease of my return and friendliness of the staff was amazing. You can tell the staff is passionate about helping people. Thank you.

Photo of Bobbie Walton Bobbie Walton
Apr 23, 2019 5

I love my local Target! Upon picking up my online order I had a question & the person that gave me my pick up order was very pleasant & helpful. Nothing better than great customer service!

Photo of Jennifer Poutard Jennifer Poutard
Jun 11, 2019 5

This is my favorite target in NC! The set up is beautiful and everything is so easy to find.

Photo of Hunter Blanton Hunter Blanton
May 22, 2019 4

Think this store is struggling. My receipt did not show sale prices as advertised. When I returned to the store to get credited for the sale, I was met with an extremely rude and unhelpful customer service person. Had to request numerous managers to get what I needed and still left the store feeling disrespected and frustrated. It will take a lot for me to get my feet back in this store again.Update June 2018 - it's getting a makeover in staffing and appearance. Will try to remember to reevaluate when the upgrade is complete.Update May 2019 - the make over is complete. I've noticed some improvement in service.

Photo of Ruth Snyder Ruth Snyder
Jun 29, 2019 4

I like Target. The variety of products and the quality are way better than Walmart.