Social Circle at Cambria Hotel & Suites


2306 Elba St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-3111
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Social Circle at Cambria Hotel & Suites

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Photo of Jackie Keel Jackie Keel
Aug 12, 2019 4

I would have given it 5 stars, but they only gave me 1 cup of coffee in my room. Great sleeping bed. Great bar food and staff. Nice and clean in all aspects.

Photo of Chris Catlett Chris Catlett
Jul 31, 2019 4

I can’t remember the old name, but this hotel is 34 years old built some time around February of 1985. The makeover looks fantastic, very modern and clean looking. The bathroom is a little bit small but keep in mind that this building was built in the mid 1980’s so that’s to be expected. The staff was nice and courteous. Beds were a tish firm but nice comfortable pillows. The $5 for parking was stupid and what cost a star. The room was $135 per night and it’s Durham... not DC, for the price parking should be included. FYI there is a covered deck, that’s secure literally across the street that’s only $8 per day.

Photo of Faith H Faith H
Jul 22, 2019 5

The staff at this hotel is so friendly, efficient and kind! The beds and pillows are very comfortable and the room and bathroom are sparkling clean. Room amenities are great : coffee maker, fridge, microwave, desk and huge TV! Plus the furniture, bathroom and ambiance are modern and comfortable. Had a great stay. Amanda, Brianna, Michael, Lisa, Guadalupe and everyone here is so kind, friendly, so efficient and I just don’t have enough words to thank them. Will look for this hotel next time I am in the area. Close to RTP, Whole Foods, downtown Durham and all major highways.

Photo of Karen Mace Karen Mace
Aug 17, 2019 4

Room was clean and as pictured on the website. Had to pay for parking which is odd for a hotel. It is a nice hotel but I wouldn't rank it as a boutique as the hotel claims.

Photo of KJ Jones KJ Jones
Jul 10, 2019 2

The place is nice and the customer service was good also, but in our room in particular both beds were damp (wet)... I think the building has a humidity issue.. you will see all the outdoor HVAC units in each room dripping outside..

Photo of Mark Hoadley HillBilly Hobo Mark Hoadley HillBilly Hobo
May 26, 2019 4

Well they didn't roll out the red carpet for me but I'm still giving them 4 stars. I reserve 5 stars for only a few select Hotels so to get 4 starts from me says they are good. Great customer care and room service was extremely awesome. Mattress was either brand new or was just so darn comfortable. I wanted to take it home LOL. I woke up feeling like a young man. I will say their coffee didn't impress me much but hey if it's between a good cup of coffee or a good night's sleep I will take the Hotel every time in fact I would pass up my favorite steak House to sleep a night here. Highly recommend!!!

Photo of Nathan Hewitt Nathan Hewitt
Apr 29, 2019 3

It was ok. Nothing terrible but I expect a little more than what I got for $150/night. Room was a little dirty. Rooms and halls are newly renovated w laminate flooring. It looks nice and modern but causing lots of echoing in the room and on the hallway. That said, we were never disturbed by noise from other guests. Staff wasn't bad; but also didn't really do much to make you feel welcome either. Buying a room there was like buying a Big Mac - a smile and a thank you but that was about it.

Photo of Nancy Greer Nancy Greer
May 10, 2019 5

Terrific customer service! Very accommodating staff! Very convenient location to Duke University Hospital & reduced rate for folks with hospital appointments

Photo of Rebecca Anderson-Bright Rebecca Anderson-Bright
May 21, 2019 4

Days Inn reincarnated. Basic rooms, but clean and comfortable overall. $5 per day parking charge. Location is fair, but within close proximity of Duke medical center and the VA hospital.

Photo of Essie Wagner Essie Wagner
Apr 26, 2019 3

I stayed here for 3 nights and I fear the place is on a downward slope. The shades didn't close right, the auxiliary/safety door latch was broken, and the desk had weird melted patches. Also, the erzat brick wall paper made me feel sad for the place. That said, it was quiet and clean and the staff were very helpful.