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Sansui Sushi Bar & Grill


4325 Apex Hwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 361-8078
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Sansui Sushi Bar & Grill

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Photo of Dameyan Freeman Dameyan Freeman
May 24, 2019 4

Sushi is really really good. Great Miso Soup. Ginger dressing is kinda bland. Great Sushi :-) Slow but friendly service. Brought my colleague the wrong dish. He accepted it only because the wait had been so long. Great Sushi

Photo of Dip P Dip P
Jun 14, 2019 5

I have been going to this place for years and I really love it. They always have their 50% off sushi which turns out to be quite a deal. The portions are usually large and the lunch bento box and sushi deal are great portions.

Photo of Mike McBride Mike McBride
Apr 10, 2019 2

Went there because of the >4 star rating. Don;t get it at all. The salad - lettuce was mostly brown and bitter. The ginger dressing was pink water. The sushi roll - disgusting. Mostly rice, the fish slice on top was wafer thin and the texture was not right. The tempura was tasteless and soggy - not crispy, likely not hot enough oil. Not one to go back to.

Photo of Michael Kaufmann Michael Kaufmann
Feb 24, 2019 5

My girlfriend and I come here regularly now. It's usually not very busy on Sundays, and we are usually greeted very warmly. The quality of sushi is phenomenal, and we have traded our old regular (Tasu) for Sansui after they messed up our orders too many times. The pricing is good, and the place is cozy. I highly recommend this place for a good date with your significant other!

Photo of William Goins William Goins
Apr 10, 2019 4

This is a regular lunch place for my friend and I. We eat here a couple times a month and enjoy it. The sushi is good and prices are reasonable. Don't let the plain exterior fool you, it is worth giving it a try. They even have a room with a low traditional Japanese table. I'm not versed enough in the culture to know what it's called, but you dont sit at chairs in that room, you sit on cushions. The rest of the restaurant is normal tables and chairs. This place isn't fancy but it's a good spot for lunch and the service is quick and food good. That's why we keep coming back!

Photo of Simon Bate Simon Bate
May 5, 2019 5

Don't be fooled by the odd, unassuming little building. This place has great, solid sushi (and other Japanese food). Consistently good.

Photo of Cat Brown Cat Brown
Aug 13, 2019 1

Awful, unrecognizable protein passed off as chicken. Husband and I became deathly ill with gastrointestinal symptoms, diagnosed with food poisoning. Went back the next day to complain and the manager said so sorry. Still refused to refund. Told me to file a claim with my credit card! Avoid this place like the plague!!!

Photo of S. Rosa S. Rosa
Aug 7, 2019 4

Nice hide out spot for RTP workers at lunch time. Not too many people so it' quiet. Ambiance is chill. This is the only sushi I know that serves crawfish! We love the Louisiana and the Red Centipede and the Bug Cheese sushi Rolls. The gyoza is great. The lunch boxes are alot of food for a decent price. Haven't had anything I didnt care for.

Photo of Christina Bailey Christina Bailey
Jul 21, 2019 2

Server acted like she didn't want to serve us. And had a problem with us asking questions. The food was good though.