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Retro Fitness


3400 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 246-5517
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Photo of LM Smoak LM Smoak
May 27, 2019 5

I really LOVE this fitness center. You will too. Movies while your cardio. LOTS of brand new machines. Nice people. Staff is super knowledgeable and Helped get my plan. Lockers are cheap. #1 CLEAN AS AN WHISTLE!!!!

Photo of Belo Shelton Belo Shelton
Apr 19, 2019 5

Been a member for 3 years, down 30 lbs...25-30 more to go! Equipment is always working, place is clean and staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Smoothiesd are delicious and healthy.

Photo of R Ross R Ross
Jul 24, 2019 5

Need to find a workout while on vacation. This is an excellent facility with all the equipment that I need. I waz rather impressed with the variety of machines and free weight equipment they had. Trap bars, kettle bells, free weighs and dumbells to 120lbs. The equipment was in good shape, facility very clean and the customer service saw great. In addition, the day passes were 10 dollars with is unheard off to use such a quality facility. If you ever are in Raleigh and need to workout, you need to go here.

Photo of Zoe Clark Zoe Clark
Oct 14, 2019 4

hi , my neme is gergus and i had a pleasent expaereiance at this place they get a good stem room i met sumone and we talked ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . yeah i hate thus place here yuuum food at veniding machine . yah lster losers.

Photo of Rev. Patricia Hicks DuPont Rev. Patricia Hicks DuPont
Oct 24, 2019 5

The customer service is outstanding. The facility is inviting, encouraging commitment to healthy and vitality self care. Thanks Retro!!

Photo of Melissa DeStefano Melissa DeStefano
Nov 29, 2019 5

Best gym in the area hands down. It’s clean, great setup of equipment, cardio that’s upstairs that overlooks the gym, and overall an easy place to get a good lift. Another bonus is the size of the place; it’s spaced out with a long turf as well for any HIIT training plus extra rooms for classes, spinning, and more. I came here everyday for my vacation and loved how accessible it was to get my workout in and the friendly staff. Karol was welcoming when I was checking in and her staff as well asked myself and my fiancé about New Jersey (which is where we’re from) and about thanksgiving. It was nice for them to greet us and make us feel welcome here. Great gym, service, and equipment, a must stop for any athlete. I will definitely be coming back next time i’m In North Carolina!

Photo of Hannah Eller Hannah Eller
Jan 6, 2020 4

Pretty good gym! Some equipment needs better cleaning, but overall very enjoyable! Guys are bad with staring at girls tho but I find that in every gym I go to.

Photo of Antonio Holman Antonio Holman
Jan 14, 2020 5

Good place to get a good hard work out , they have everything thing you need to train on every level. Ty is very quick,smooth and friendly with the smoothies and she always on point

Photo of thomas kortus thomas kortus
Jan 8, 2020 5

I have never worked out in my life but wanted to get into shape and establish some healthier patterns with my 40th birthday looming. I visited a couple gyms in Durham (Planet Fitness and Millennium) before checking out Retro. I LOVED how open and and airy Retro was. The tall ceiling and the cardio movie theater are really cool! The staff was very friendly and they had a ton of free weights and machines, and cadio equipment. It is clean and not hot and stuffy - a huge fan keeps the air moving! The equipment is well taken care of and the location is convenient. I have been working out regularly (3 times a week) for the past few months and have loved it more with each passing week! It has a really accessible vibe with people from all walks of life and varying gym experience. I have not felt intimidated or out of place even though I am a tall, skinny, weak dude! :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GYM!

Photo of Ron Ellis Ron Ellis
Jan 9, 2020 5

Great gym with good variety of equipment and plenty of free weights. Friendly staff and great management.

Photo of Zach Eller Zach Eller
Jan 3, 2020 5

One of the best gyms in the area and very friendly staff and great bars for lifting.

Photo of Bryan McCorkle Bryan McCorkle
Jan 14, 2020 5

I come to this gym 4 or 5 times throughout the week, the staff there are outstanding especially the young lady who checks us in, in the mornings. The equipment is excellent and there is always a machine you can have access too, I love this GYM!!!

Photo of Alexandre Pennington Alexandre Pennington
Jan 31, 2020 5

I have been coming to this gym for over a year now. The staff is SUPER friendly. From the ladies at the front to the amazing manager Carol. I definitely recommend. I have finally got my husband to join as well since the atmosphere is so nice. The equipment is very new too and the gym goers are friendly.

Photo of Connor O'Neill Connor O'Neill
Feb 5, 2020 5

I found Retro this summer and never intended to join a gym, but tried it out while my boys attended performance training with Parisi. The welcoming environment and variety of the group classes made me enthusiastic to continue to return. My favorite is Body Combat on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s with Jessica! And finally jumped on a great membership deal in January and joined with my husband. Now I’m introducing him to classes and he is working the machines with me. And I can take a guest every visit! Everything is clean and comfortable with all the amenities you would expect. And top it off with hydro massage! - Margot O’Neill

Photo of Bryan Cinnamon Bryan Cinnamon
Feb 11, 2020 3

Retro is an okay gym. Pros: Staff is great, never super busy, decent amount of free weights, dues comparable to PF. Cons: machines are dated and need maintenance, bathroom is never very clean, half of the equipment was replaced with turf that the majority of members do not use, the turf is blocked off for Parisi trainers half of the time. If I still worked in the area I would go here for convenience but I would not recommend the gym to friends.

Photo of Gary Andreas Gary Andreas
Feb 12, 2020 5

I've been a member of this gym for over a year now. The staff and facilities are top of the line. The members are friendly and approachable. The entire culture here is one of support and friendship. I fully recommend this gym to everyone.

Photo of LM Smoak LM Smoak
Dec 28, 2019 5

I really LOVE this fitness center. You will too. This place is clean and the Staff is ultra helpful and friendly. Movies while your cardio. LOTS of brand new machines. Nice people. Staff is super knowledgeable and Helped get my plan. Lockers are cheap. #1 CLEAN AS AN WHISTLE!!!! Lee Smoak President Craftsman Direct, Inc.

Photo of Erick Saavedra Erick Saavedra
Mar 13, 2017 3

It's a huge place very helpful staff, down side it takes for ever to fix some of The machines.