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3400 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 246-5517
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Retro Fitness

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Photo of Sergio Orozco Sergio Orozco
Jun 4, 2019 1

If I have an issue I can usually look towards management for help. Well I didn’t feel that way at this gym. Karol the manager signed me up for a membership and didn't share crucial information about the policy. I’ve had such a difficult time bringing my plus one and even bribed to leave money in the tip jar to let him in the gym. When I talked to Carol about it, she acted like it was all my fault for not knowing the policy. May I remind you the information she lacked to share with me. More then once my plus one had to leave and wasn’t allowed access to the gym. Finally I just decided to cancel my membership. I just feel like she isn’t an honest person and I could be wrong, but that how she made me feel. Anyways, I’m not saying don’t join this gym, I’m just leaving a review of my experience.

Photo of LM Smoak LM Smoak
May 27, 2019 5

I really LOVE this fitness center. You will too. Movies while your cardio. LOTS of brand new machines. Nice people. Staff is super knowledgeable and Helped get my plan. Lockers are cheap. #1 CLEAN AS AN WHISTLE!!!!

Photo of Chris Alfaro Chris Alfaro
May 23, 2019 1

PLEASE DO NOT JOIN. If it was possibly to give negative stars I would. I went to this gym 3 times and on the fourth day I went to cancel but they told me that after three days you couldn't. I had to pay out the contract for an entire year and afterwards they were still billing me! I had to call multiple times and write multiple emails threatening to pursue legal action in order to finally terminate my membership. There is still a 30 day cancellation period afterward were they hold you responsible for bills and payments. I have been a member at multiple gyms and never have I come across such a crooked, scheming, and unprofessional company. I don't ever write reviews, but I needed to write this one in hopes of saving some innocent sole of going through the same painstaking and gruesome process that I had to endure.

Photo of Brs B Brs B
Apr 3, 2019 1

Good luck trying to cancel to they bill you month to even after you try to cancel over the phone or in person basically you can't cancel until you've paid your balance. It's messed up but read the contract details before signing up with them.

Photo of Belo Shelton Belo Shelton
Apr 19, 2019 5

Been a member for 3 years, down 30 lbs...25-30 more to go! Equipment is always working, place is clean and staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Smoothiesd are delicious and healthy.

Photo of R Ross R Ross
Jul 24, 2019 5

Need to find a workout while on vacation. This is an excellent facility with all the equipment that I need. I waz rather impressed with the variety of machines and free weight equipment they had. Trap bars, kettle bells, free weighs and dumbells to 120lbs. The equipment was in good shape, facility very clean and the customer service saw great. In addition, the day passes were 10 dollars with is unheard off to use such a quality facility. If you ever are in Raleigh and need to workout, you need to go here.