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Patterson's Mill Country Store


5109 Farrington Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 493-8149
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Photo of Jake Jake
Sep 18, 2018 5

I LOVE this store. Everywhere you look there is something cool. You never know what you are going to find here, all sorts of wonderful antiquities.

Photo of Sawyer Johnson Sawyer Johnson
Apr 27, 2019 5

Awesome store very unique

Photo of Jessica Hunter Jessica Hunter
Oct 27, 2018 5

So many cute finds. Love this place

Photo of Bobby Simmons Bobby Simmons
Mar 9, 2019 5

Great place, lots to see.

Photo of Roger D. Werner Roger D. Werner
Jun 13, 2018 3

An old time country store packed with some interesting things but mostly just tag sale leftovers.

Photo of Jennifer Holloway Jennifer Holloway
Jul 14, 2019 5

Run/drive quickly to this gem. Just be warned that unless you have hours and hours you will most likely want to make frequent trips back. This is probably going to become my defacto christmas shopping and birthday gift goto place.

Photo of Maimuna Mahdi Maimuna Mahdi
Jul 13, 2017 5

If you want to bring the "I Spy" Book Series to life for your child, this is the place. Hosts are friendly and homey, and there are fresh eggs and 5 cent candies to satisfy the little one's desire to take something home. Perfect for language development!

Photo of Scott McKeown Scott McKeown
Mar 4, 2020 4

Quirky, great place to poke. I always find at least one item to take away

Photo of Alec Rieder Alec Rieder
Mar 7, 2020 5

Large collection of antiques ranging from niche old medical equipment all the way to records, books, statues, metal signs, a tower of mason jars, and so much more. This is THE antique store of the Triangle metro-region in my opinion. This is the ultimate antique stop when visiting Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

Photo of Cherry Pfau Cherry Pfau
Mar 7, 2020 4

A love the pharmacy museum. A full place to explore

Photo of A Google User A Google User
May 7, 2016 5

This is one of those hidden gems. Inside you will find some of the most fascinating antiques and even some very old medicine. They also sell their own home made jelly's and some of that awesome vintage candies. If you have 20 minutes stop by, take a look around it will be worth it.

Photo of Elliott Hauser Elliott Hauser
Jun 2, 2018 5

Neat antiques and used books.

Photo of A Google User A Google User
Apr 11, 2015 4

Old and hard to find... Push mower, barber chair, Fire King, toys, magazines, hand made jewelry, old bottles from 1930? Antiques and nostalgia. This store will tap your memory of bygone times. Every room is packed with everything from old magazines to coffee cans. The guest book goes back 40 years