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Nasher Museum of Art


2001 Campus Dr
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 684-5135
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Photo of Daniel Young Daniel Young
May 30, 2019 4

Some iconic pieces ( Andy Warhol's Soup Can) soft drums and some nice 13th Century strained glass, plus an awesome depression era photography exhibit. It's summer, how about something outdoors, or a small jazz combo making some music in the rotunda?

Photo of M. David Wanner M. David Wanner
Jun 5, 2019 5

Fantastic display of art and the like. We will be back for an extended visit. Very courteous and helpful associates.

Photo of Alex Falcone Alex Falcone
Apr 7, 2019 5

An extremely beautiful museum with wonderful art exhibits. The building is bright, open and beautiful. Very interesting and unique art exhibits on display.

Photo of 周璟怡 周璟怡
Jun 11, 2019 4

Good place to relax, but only an hour to walk through the whole museum

Photo of Paula McKinley Paula McKinley
Jun 19, 2019 5

Museum is small. An easy one hour trip. Always love going to the touring exhibits. The "always viewable" collection has variety but I do often skip it. Check for "free" days.

Photo of Angela Greene Angela Greene
Jun 28, 2019 5

Great time in workshop, collaboration between the gardens and museum. Thank you to our teachers they were great!

Photo of Heather Burns Heather Burns
Jul 12, 2019 5

Located on the Duke Campus the Nasher Museum offers a variety of Art from Renaissance paintings to Modern Art. The museum is small so it takes under an hour to view. There is a café and a nice outdoor seating area. For Duke students and military the admission is free. They have various exhibits throughout the year.

Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
Jul 20, 2019 4

The permanent collection at The Nasher museum is pretty good. and most of the touring exhibits I've seen were also pretty nice. But one should understand that this is a small museum. It is free to go on Thursday, and that's when you get your money's worth.

Photo of Brian Newman Brian Newman
Jul 28, 2019 3

This is a nice museum but several exhibits closed or not available. Seems like a waste of $7 per adult with roughly half of the museum with inaccessible. Plus, there's the cost of parking. What was available for touring was nicely presented.

Photo of claudia aleman claudia aleman
Aug 15, 2019 5

Bilingual storytimes every second Thursday of the month and free entry to museum! A good and fun place to visit.

Photo of Margaret O'Brien Margaret O'Brien
Oct 14, 2019 5

I love this place. Great atmosphere, beautiful art, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They pull in art from so many talented artists, and from around the world!

Photo of Hunter Levinsohn Hunter Levinsohn
Oct 12, 2019 4

Very good special exhibits, delicious food in the restaurant! Convenient meeting place for friends.

Photo of Shantel Diggs Shantel Diggs
Sep 24, 2019 5

Great place to visit. If ur into abstract art.. The Cafe is a real treat!!

Photo of Miss Molly Miss Molly
Oct 14, 2019 5

I love this museum and I hope to go back as soon as possible. The staff were very kind, its a beautiful place, and so many beautiful things to look at!

Photo of Jimin Seo Jimin Seo
Oct 18, 2019 4

Always go here just to grab coffee and browse. It’s a small museum but the few permanent pieces they carry are pretty solid. Especially the medieval and Greek pieces. The path around the outside of the museum is nice too. It’s a nice spot to enjoy as a date or just a pleasant day out. #recommend

Photo of Grazina Bielousova Grazina Bielousova
Oct 30, 2019 5

A small university museum with a permanent exhibition and temporary displays featuring classical and contemporary art. The cafe serves weekend brunches as well as weekday breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Thursdays are open to the public free of charge.

Photo of Alejandro Peña Alejandro Peña
Nov 10, 2019 5

Waiters/tresses and the restaurant's Manager are always so nice and attentive! It has always been a pleasure tu have brunch, with my wife and once a month for the last year or so, here. Food is amazing too!!

Photo of Yazmin Rodriguez Yazmin Rodriguez
Dec 23, 2019 4

Great content. Staff was not friendly. They were browsing the internet. Only one smiled and said enjoy. The exhibits were great.

Photo of Kathi Z Kathi Z
Jan 11, 2020 5

Excellent collections, always well curated, laid out clearly for the meandering, searching, learning art spectator. Don't try to rush through the exhibits though, you will miss too much of the cohesive narratives. Do make sure you've got the right mindset and amount of time to absorb the artworks.

Photo of Batoul Sellami Batoul Sellami
Feb 15, 2020 5

This is my artistic fuel for inspiration. Every Thursday admission is free!!! Perfect for the love of art and education in the arts. Ahhh I love the Nasher Art Museum !!! Here are some photos from the "Cosmic Rythm Vibrations exhibit 2020

Photo of Scott McMahon Scott McMahon
Feb 25, 2020 4

Fantastic array of Structural Supporting Glass roof that has UV Ray blocking characteristics. Art display was phenomenal !!

Photo of Cindy Walker Cindy Walker
Sep 29, 2018 5

This museum is easy to walk around in an afternoon. It's full of light and open space. There's a nice cafe there and a small gift shop. They have changing exhibits all the time. The one I saw was "People Get Ready" which was excellent!

Photo of Gary Kibble Gary Kibble
Mar 23, 2020 4

I'd give 5 stars if the permanent collection were free to the public. Instead they make no distinction between special exhibitions and entrance. One ticket gives access to everything. The displayed collection is small but still impressive. Nice collections of African and Latin American Art. Nice use of technology for virtually changing the colors on statues or for reading the pages of a Medieval manuscript.

Photo of JM Sanderson JM Sanderson
Aug 12, 2020 5

We went for a Kara Walker exhibition and a show on the South several years ago. I was impressed by the curating of the exhibitions and the architecture of the museum.

Photo of Jen Thomas Jen Thomas
Sep 11, 2020 3

Friendly staff, some great exhibits and great price.

Photo of Britney Thornsberry Britney Thornsberry
Sep 8, 2020 3

"Great management and service at this location."

Photo of Terry Foulk Terry Foulk
Sep 17, 2020 3

Beautiful place to visit.