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3419 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 384-1992
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Millennium Sports Club

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Photo of Hayley Shugart Hayley Shugart
May 31, 2019 1

Initially had a good experience. Tried to cancel as I was moving away. They told me to call to cancel. I called and cancelled, seemed to not be an issue. 5 months later I got a large bill as my membership had never been cancelled. I called them and was told that you need to email to cancel a membership, which is not what I was told initally. I emailed to cancel and request that the bill from December be dropped as I moved away and was told in December my membership had been cancelled. They responded that they cancelled my current membership but did not address the large bill. They have ignored all follow-up emails.

Photo of Johnny Friedrich Johnny Friedrich
Apr 13, 2019 5

Millennium sports club is very good gym the employees are very friendly and helpful. The members are respectful of others. I would recommend that you carefully look at your contract that you sign when you join as I understand some people have trouble when they leave

Photo of Kimberly Taylor Kimberly Taylor
Feb 20, 2019 1

DO NOT SIGN THE "CONTRACT"!!!!! The classes and equipment are great but the customer service is horrible! Specifically Patrick. My 12 month contract has ended so I began paying per class, only to find out that I have been sent to collections as of Nov 2018. Apparently, the contracts rollover. The only thing he could tell me was how he has done a commercial, it's not his fault, how many others owe the gym, and it's a 3rd party! He also stated that I should have gotten an email or something through the mail stating that I still owed. Never happened nor was I expecting it, since I was under the impression that my contract was over. I suggested that he treat people as if he wants to keep their business and also do better with communication and sales! No wonder they have such a high rate of debt owed to the company. VERY MISLEADING! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!

Photo of Jesus Simon Jesus Simon
Apr 22, 2019 1

The staff and the equipment is good but I’m trhing to cancel the pass and they are still trying to access the money for the payment on my card but I sent a lot of emails to cancel my pass and auto renew like they told me to and it’s still not working.

Photo of Cousin Stuffy Cousin Stuffy
Jan 10, 2019 1

Just like others, I too was put into collections years after I was assured that my membership was cancelled. I found out just days before Christmas. I am a single father of two medically challenged boys and was completely devastated by this financial setback. I hope the management of Millennium had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. 😒

Photo of Scott LaGreca Scott LaGreca
Jun 25, 2019 5

This great fitness club is a Durham mainstay. I used to work out when it was Gold's and I recently rejoined and am thrilled with the new management and location. The owner is super-supportive of all his members and works hard to keep this place orderly, lively, clean and friendly. Great atmosphere. Recently there have been wonderful new changes in the gym (painting) and locker rooms (flooring, tiles, etc.). There is also always something fresh going on with regards to the fitness class offerings. This place is a wonderful community space for both young and old alike. And quite affordable too! I highly recommend MS.

Photo of Jonathan Rhew Jonathan Rhew
Jun 24, 2019 5

I’ve been working out at Millennium for 6 years now. Patric has been great with customer service, as well as being a motivator for people walking in the door, he makes you feel comfortable and welcome to be here everyday. Highly recommend this place, for other looking to join a gym.

Photo of Brad Riley Brad Riley
Jun 24, 2019 5

I have been a member of this gym since 2006. Great place, great atmosphere, and great people. They have wonderful classes and personal training opportunities. It is clean, seems like everything I am in there some one is cleaning. It has all you want in a facility!

Photo of Everlina Williams Everlina Williams
Jun 22, 2019 5

I absolutely love this gym. The staff is very nice and informative. They also greet you at the front desk with a smile upon your arrival. The trainers motivate their clients to meet their fitness goals. The owner always have a smile and try to accomodate its guest needs as he sees fit. They are lots of free weights as well as equipment to choose from. The place is cleaner than any other gym I've been in. To me, you can not ask for a better place to work out. I look forward to go there and work out and destress before I go to work and do my daily activities. If you ever in the area, please visit them.

Photo of Wayne Roberts Wayne Roberts
Jun 25, 2019 5

So I have been a member of Millennium for a long time and have known Patrik for over 20 years. It is a great gym for all age groups and whatever your fitness goals may be. The staff is always friendly an helpful. Patrik has always and will continue to operate a very successful business. So don’t wait, join today!!

Photo of Juan Sanchez Juan Sanchez
Jul 20, 2019 5

I joined Millennium Fitness about a year ago, and I definitely plan to continue my membership. There are many things I enjoy about this gym. It has everything you need for an awesome work out. It is always clean. The staff are always friendly and welcoming - this sets up a very comfortable environment in which to exercise. It is a very short distance to main Duke. The locker room has been recently re-done, and it looks amazing. I would enthusiastically recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for a great place to work out.

Photo of Scott Nashland Scott Nashland
Aug 7, 2019 5

I have been working out at this gym since 2016 and the short version is that this is a very good gym for most people if you live in the more northern Durham area. Given the quantity and utility of their equipment, classes offered, location, and cleanness of facilities, I feel that the price I pay each month ($39) is reasonable. Pros *Decent equipment - not fancy but works *Good culture. People and staff are friendly *Owner is actively trying to improve and invest in his business *Rarely feels crowded *Sauna and Steam Room Areas for Improvement/cons *The gym is grungy. Some may not like that *MTV is one of the defaults in back room *Leaking problems in the roof at times

Photo of Jamie Demby Jamie Demby
Aug 18, 2019 5

My experience has been excellent. I enjoy coming to a gym that feels so welcoming. The staff are so friendly and helpful. They make you feel comfortable even if you don’t have a lot of experience working out. The members are friendly as well.

Photo of Melissa Manns Melissa Manns
Aug 20, 2019 5

Millennium Sports Club has been such an amazing Gym to be a part of. The front staff is always so friendly and welcoming. I love the wide variety of classes that they offer (take a class with Christin- you will get the best workout while having so much fun!)

Photo of Jordan Garnett Jordan Garnett
Aug 18, 2019 5

I have been going to this gym for about 7 months now and I love it. The staff are kind and welcoming, and the classes are great. Since I've been there, they've completely updated the bathrooms, the front desk area, and one side of the group exercise room. I really enjoy working out at MSC!