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1916 Perry St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (984) 888-5886
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MagikCraft - Bull City Magic

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Photo of Beautiful Soul Beautiful Soul
Jun 3, 2019 5

Absolutely amazing staff, they are friendly and VERY knowledgeable about the various tools/supplies and different crafts. If they don't have something in stock they will either place an order for you OR give you other alternatives that produce the same results. I give them two thumbs up 👍👍😁!!

Photo of Talia Brown Talia Brown
Jun 13, 2019 5

Absolutely loved it. I got mini tarot reading and loved it. Lynn is amazing and I would advise everyone to go get a reading or to just go check out the store. You won’t regret it!

Photo of Pooja Rao Pooja Rao
May 25, 2019 5

Went in today for the 40 minute tarot reading session and I have to say, Lynn was pretty accurate about most things about my past. At the very beginning of the reading, she brought up several patterns about my life that I have been grappling with in the past year. Many times during the reading I was laughing in disbelief at all the accurate details she revealed about my life. I walked away knowing larger themes in my life that were holding me back, as well as situations with very specific people and how to deal with them going forward. I'm definitely going back!

Photo of Jessica Kishbaugh Jessica Kishbaugh
May 19, 2019 4

This is a very, very nice store with friendly, thoughtful employees. I give 4 stars because some of the things here are outrageously priced. Such as mini mortar and pestles (about an inch and half high) that cost $39 when you can get the same make and color that is actually bigger on Amazon for around 15. (Obviously Amazon outcompetes a lot of things, but it is this grade of outrageous. Why in the world would you pay so much for something you can barely use?) Now that being said, they have a lot of wonderful things and daily specials. The day I came in, it was buy a book and get a free small amethyst. I believe the deals change every day. They have candles, unique crystals and rocks, jewelry (like hematite rings as well as various locally created pieces), pentacles, and my personal favorite, soaps. It does feel a little geared towards Wicca specifically, but overall, I found this to be a very nice and welcoming shop.

Photo of Anne Melick Brumbaugh Anne Melick Brumbaugh
May 17, 2019 5

Lynn is the real deal. Pulled things out of the universe that she could not possibly know. Her reading was dead-on and provided incredibly powerful and useful insight that helped me make important decisions. I cannot recommend her enough.

Photo of Emerson Jakes Emerson Jakes
Jun 25, 2019 5

I went in today and the owners were so kind and helpful and we had a lovely conversation. The selection was nice, information cards useful, a really lovely experience. I bought a lovely piece of Hematite that I am really excited for. The shop is super organized and well keptThe smell of incense was strong, but your nose adjusts quickly-- asthma/respiratory problems warning though. A great experience.

Photo of Shannon Simmons Shannon Simmons
Jun 24, 2019 5

I've worked with many intuitives over the course of my life and Lynn is one of the most kind, compassionate, and direct people I have ever met. Her skills and natural abilities run deep and I trust her to guide me through major life choices and transitions. If you're looking for direction, you can find it here.