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Halgo European Deli & Groceries


4520 S Alston Ave
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 321-2014
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Photo of Kaj Johnson Kaj Johnson
Jun 16, 2018 5

A bit pricey but the feel of this little grocery / deli is quaint and almost adorable as is the owners who are often behind the counter. While they are open each week day a full day, they only make sandwiches through the lunch time rush...this is because of it's proximity to Research Triangle Park a major employer in the area that keeps a lot of restaurants afloat with it's lunch crowds. In the afternoons you can still make selections from their marvelous meats and cheeses.. they have some hard salami that is to die for. Highly recommended... There is also a library across the street where you can stroll off your lunch if you feel the need.

Photo of Alex Kopson Alex Kopson
May 19, 2018 5

Great little sandwich shop that also has some excellent prices on grocery items like teas and jams. You can buy frozen pierogi in a bunch of different flavors too!

Photo of Jacob Klimek Jacob Klimek
Mar 26, 2020 5

My whole life my babcia has supplied me with the best kielbasa, so when I moved here and randomly did a google search shot in the dark looking for an Eastern European Deli and found this place a mile down the road I couldn't believe my luck. It's exactly everything you could want in a Polish Deli. I just saw someone in another review say something about the paczki which I have literally never seen?!?! But everything about it is perfect.

Photo of Pawel Pawlak Pawel Pawlak
Oct 7, 2017 5

Fresh and Tasty European food plus delicious lunch sandwiches, I definitely suggest to visit and give it a try!

Photo of Ken Simons Ken Simons
Dec 15, 2017 5

Fantastic sandwich. Go there and enjoy. Take home some authentic kielbasa, enjoy later, don't forget the spicy mustard.

Photo of Tbird 66 Tbird 66
Feb 25, 2020 5

Got my paczki for today and there's always the Polish foods. Top notch

Photo of Caroline Caroline
Jan 26, 2020 5

Love the headcheese and German style smoked ham. Tastes like what I would call Nuss-schinken. Yummy ementhaler cheese. Good selection of pickles. Will come back for those lunchmeats. They have soaps, coffees/tea, chocolates. Definitely recommend a visit.

Photo of Anne Marie Baese Anne Marie Baese
Dec 29, 2019 5

Yay!! Authentic Polish food!! Great kielbasa, pierogies are like homemade. If you're wanting good Polish food, then this is the place to go!

Photo of Jonathan Kidd Jonathan Kidd
Dec 11, 2019 5

The place to get European grocery items in Durham (quite literally, I have not found another though there are a few in Raleigh). Clean and small store, decent prices.

Photo of Kotynski Kotynski
Dec 8, 2019 5

Great selection. Very friendly and helpful staff!

Photo of Joseph Cabosky Joseph Cabosky
Nov 27, 2019 5

What a wonderful store! I'm Slovakian, and it felt like home. If you're Eastern European, or even if you are not, they have a great selection of Polish and other Slavic products. It's a small store, but they have everything you need.

Photo of Agata M. Agata M.
Nov 14, 2019 5

Great selection of Polish products and very nice customer service.

Photo of Eileen Gilbert Eileen Gilbert
Nov 12, 2019 5

Awesome sandwiches - either take home/to work or eat at outside picnic table when weather's warm. Their frozen perogies etc are great for dinner too.

Photo of Agata M. Agata M.
Oct 16, 2019 5

Grear selection of Polish products and very nice customer service.

Photo of Pierre c Pierre c
Mar 29, 2019 5

This brought me back to my childhood with the awesome smells and flavors. The nice lady behind the counter makes some items fresh like the salad.

Photo of medysa79 medysa79
May 9, 2019 3

Could be a nice Polish Shop, but... the shelfs are empty. They got so much space and it's use. Food variety is poor as well.

Photo of John Cameron John Cameron
Apr 6, 2019 5

Go to place for a quick sandwich. The polish couple that run this are so nice and friendly. Call in the morning and she will make you pierogis for lunch

Photo of Bob Current Bob Current
Feb 1, 2019 5

My cousin, Eva Allen, turned me on to this place. I had never eaten Brine Pickles. Loved then and had to have some. Also bought some wonderful Polish sausage. It is a quite small Polish Store/Deli. Seemed to have a good variety. All fresh. Owner was off to buy fresh items in New Jersey.

Photo of jon henry jon henry
Apr 11, 2019 5

I love this place! I just discovered it recently. Only been there twice. Both times i bought the Traditional sandwich (delicious!) for lunch and pierogies for dinner. The potato salad is great, but I think you can only get it on Friday. Excellent deli case and a wonderful assortment of European confections. The owners are very nice, too.

Photo of Regina Madalena Regina Madalena
Jun 8, 2019 5

This is by far the best place in the area for Polish groceries, including kielbasa and pierogies. They also usually have excellent stuffed cabbages and borscht, too. The sandwiches look terrific, but I've never had one myself.