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Global Breath Yoga & Meditation Center


1809 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 645-7070
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Photo of Chloe Benjamin Chloe Benjamin
Jul 15, 2023 5

My absolute favorite studio in this region. The owners have poured their hearts and souls into making a beautiful space for practice. There are options for online and in person. I usually go to classes with Bart who welcomes all levels of practice. He encourages people to do what feels good for their bodies and never pushes anyone beyond their limits.

Photo of YueMing Shen YueMing Shen
Nov 22, 2022 5

This is a space I feel safe, feel at home, and I deeply resonate with. I love the yoga classes here. Being here, I could definitely feel the love and care for one another, also how they deeply care about the community around us.

Photo of Susan Marie Susan Marie
Nov 19, 2022 5

A yoga studio without ego is hard to find. Bart and Lindsay walk the walk of minimalist life, gross acceptance, and Big Love. This new studio is a move from downtown, and I couldn't be more excited to see how they take it to the next level. They are true to the lineage of Dharma Mitra, but also to their own authentic take on life. Come for asana, stay for meditation.

Photo of Abigail Riddick Abigail Riddick
Nov 17, 2022 5

This is my favorite yoga studio I've ever attended. The intention behind the teaching, studio space, and community building is more than I ever expected. The owners, staff and members create a practice that is aligned with their values in a way that feels really special. I feel (gratefully) exhausted after every Saturday dharma yoga class, in particular! 10/10 would recommend