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Global Breath Studio


119 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 645-7070
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Photo of Laura Grace Brown Laura Grace Brown
Jan 24, 2019 5

I'm visiting from out of town and took a class with Danni this morning. She has such a beautiful way of instructing and painting a picture with her words. Amazing space, cool vibe, would go back in a heartbeat!

Photo of Mary Julia Walker Mary Julia Walker
Oct 5, 2018 5

After only 2 classes at Global Breath I signed up for the monthly unlimited pass because I knew this was my yoga home! The atmosphere is warm, the teachers and other students immediately felt like friends, and there was delicious food! I come to let go, get grounded, and build myself up. As good as it gets!

Photo of Matthew Ryan Matthew Ryan
Jul 3, 2018 5

Absolutely incredible yoga studio. Challenging, varied, and enlightening classes. My personal favorites are the strength building classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, along with the morning flows with live music accompaniment. Superb teachers. A welcoming atmosphere, inspiring practitioners, and a beautiful studio space. Delicious vegan food and coffee for sale, free studio mats and props for use, parking validation, and a central downtown location are just icing on the cake. There is truly something for everyone here. Thank you, Global Breath!

Photo of Nicole Netzel Nicole Netzel
Jun 12, 2018 5

Global Breath is a zen paradise. The teachers are great at combining a challenging practice with extreme relaxation. I always leave class feeling stronger emotionally, mentally and physically. The studio offers a couple of classes focused on strength building and also classes centered on releasing muscle tension. There's even live music and delicious food! Best studio I've been to in the Triangle.

Photo of Marlie Bolin Marlie Bolin
Jun 29, 2018 5

Global Breath is extraordinary! I am a complete novice as far as yoga goes, and every instructor at every class I've attended has been helpful, kind, and welcoming. The space feels like a zen garden, and the course listing is accessible for everyone -- from total beginners (like me!) to advanced practitioners. I had talked myself out of trying yoga for years (I'm inflexible, I'm going to be terrible at it, you know the drill!) and Global Breath has completely changed my attitude about it. I can't recommend this studio enough! :)

Photo of Kara Fallon Kara Fallon
Jul 9, 2019 5

Lovely studio and folks—loved that y’all have live music with classes frequently, too

Photo of Jackie MacLeod Jackie MacLeod
Oct 24, 2019 5

This is a wonderfully welcoming place with a down-to earth attitude. The instructors are knowledgeable, kind and focus on each student. Classes that are best for beginners are highlighted, which I greatly appreciated when I started. I have grown stronger and braver in my practice and truly feel like I am part of a family here. Hint: try the amazing breakfasts or dinners after yoga and yoga with puppies!

Photo of ShaLeigh Comerford ShaLeigh Comerford
Oct 23, 2019 5

Beautiful beings sharing authentic and transformative experiences. A rare jewel of a studio. I highly recommend!

Photo of Evie G Watts Evie G Watts
Oct 23, 2019 5

Global Breath is the yoga studio I've been looking for. It offers so much more than yoga classes and even the yoga classes go to a deeper level of teaching wellness, wholeness and alignment than I've even experienced.

Photo of Coley Coley
Nov 12, 2019 5

I went to my first class (kundalini yoga + meditation) at Global Breath Studios yesterday and I was absolutely blown away. I cannot say enough good things about Aubrey. She is such a kind and caring person. You can tell she puts her heart into crafting her classes, and you can feel the passion that she has for helping others. I went into Global Breath Studios feeling anxious and off, and I left feeling centered and relaxed. The studio itself is so welcoming and visually stunning. It was such a beautiful space to practice in. I am so grateful for the experience I had yesterday and I will definitely be going back as often as I can. If you thinking about taking a class here, stop thinking and do it!

Photo of Dana Allen Dana Allen
Oct 27, 2019 5

I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful studio, which has become a spiritual home, a place of respite and relief, for me and so many others. Global Breath offers much more than yoga, they offer community. The monthly supper club is worth highlighting, and I’d encourage any first timers to take a chance and come out for the next one! You can trust you’ll be welcomed with open arms and hearts.

Photo of Josh Woll Josh Woll
Oct 25, 2019 5

Global Breath Studio is a yoga studio I’ve been so fortunate to experience. As soon as you walk up the stairs, you have the sense of being home. And when you walk into the space, it’s incredibly beautiful and open. The staff make sure that each person is seen and cared for. The variety of classes, events and Friday family meals are to not be missed. New and experienced yogis, this is the spot. Highly recommend!

Photo of Jennifer Chow Jennifer Chow
Nov 7, 2019 5

Global breath is a special place. It stands for community and for a holistic yoga practice. It is warm, supportive, fun, filled with big hearts and acceptance. And Bart’s classes kick my butt.

Photo of martin sullivan martin sullivan
Jan 13, 2020 5

I spent most of 2019 with a medical condition that had left me in some pain. My wife suggested that I try something to get moving again. Though skeptical, I agreed to try yoga. I was not in good physical condition, and wary that yoga would turn out to be an intimidating exercise program involving my being twisted about, and generally stretched beyond my comfort level. My intro was a private 1 hour session with Bart. He showed me some pleasant breathing techniques, and introduced me to some light stretches - all of which Bart tailored to my limitations with gentle guidance. Time went quickly, my wife was pleased that I gave yoga a try, and I left Global Breath feeling more relaxed than when I arrived. With a month left in Durham, I was pleased for a distraction. So I signed-up for more. Then things got better for me by far. The daily private lessons with Bart were fantastic. Far from being any type of grueling exercise regime, the sessions turned out to be supremely relaxing. My strength and flexibility really improved. My pain gradually diminished. I dropped weight (though that was not my goal). I felt cheerful and relaxed, and slept better. Delighted with these changes, and impressed with Bart's friendship, consideration, patience and skill, I extended my stay in Durham by a month to continue my yoga instruction with him. We increased the length of most sessions to 2 hours (I asked for that and Bart worked with me to achieve it) and we kept a schedule of about 5 sessions every week. After about week 5, the way I was feeling and my general physical condition seemed to improve at a compounded rate. The improvements provided their own motivation. I started really looking forward to my time at Global Breath, which had become the high-point of my day. To me (and those around me) the improvements in my condition were pretty radical. The changes I noticed in the way I felt - becoming far stronger, more flexible, more aware, and generally better composed - were remarkable. To anyone thinking of trying something new to generally improve health and heart, I say go for trying yoga. If you are in Durham, definitely try some private sessions with Bart and/or Lindsay at Global Breath - a comfortable and welcoming studio with great teachers. If you are new to yoga and have the time, do try the one-to-one private instruction - they are made individual to your needs, restorative and highly enjoyable. You'll be in great hands.

Photo of Ian Edwards Ian Edwards
May 22, 2018 5

These folks hosted multiple workshops during MoogFest 2018. I made it to the Shaga dance and movement workshop and a wonderful Sunday morning yoga session with live electronic ambience. Shaga was particularly good because we were able to immediately put my newfound ambulatory freedom at Mouse on Mars and Jon Hopkins later that night. Everyone there was warm and welcoming, the instructors were creative, and both sessions were fun and enlightening with thoughtful discussion afterward. I (and my whole band) will absolutely be back next time we go through Durham! (They also have extra shorts to borrow if you forget!) Love, Ian from Partials

Photo of Paul McKenzie Paul McKenzie
Mar 14, 2020 5

A beautiful and calming space. As an absolute newbie, I found the environment and instructors (I met two of them) to be warmly welcoming. Highly recommended.

Photo of Emma Arata Emma Arata
May 14, 2020 5

I so appreciate the love and care that has gone into this studio. Global Breath studio has brought me many positive, renewing experiences and always feels like a safe haven. They have helped create a strong community around yoga in Durham, and are a continual source of positivity for that community. The instruction is wonderful! I even had a virtual 1-on-1 with Bart recently, where he was very generous in working with me and sharing pieces of his Dharma practice that were relevant to me... I feel very blessed and grateful! Thank you!