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6910 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 281-8407
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Forest Hills Shopping Center

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Photo of Gordon McLaughlin Gordon McLaughlin
Jul 8, 2019 5

Finks is a step above the usual jeweler. Our experience was great. The quality and exclusivity of some of the items we looked at made paying a little extra worth it. We had great customer service. Allan Bake took excellent care of us and we would definitely go back. We couldn't decide between 2 wedding bands for my fiance so we got both

Photo of Joel Busuito Joel Busuito
Jun 11, 2019 5

Fink's is the kind of place that is supposed to only exist in stories, where people tell you about their perfect experience and total satisfaction, and you think "Aw, I wish that was my experience." Well, take it from me - this is where you go for the perfect experience. Drop by Southpoint, find Allan Bake, and tell him what you are looking for. He will go above and beyond to not only find the kind of setting or stone you'd like, but also to find many variations of the same concept. You'll have to make some tough choices between some of the most elegant bands and gorgeous rocks. And the best part: he's not pushy. You are always at the helm and making the decisions, which is the total opposite of what I found time and time again in other more pushy jewelry stores. Let him brag about the perfect-cut diamonds he's been collecting though - these are well worth looking at. If you think you've seen a good diamond dazzle in the light, just wait until you see these. I wouldn't say that if they were outrageously expensive, either. This isn't a place that's looking to break your wallet. The only thing Allan wanted from me was a picture of the ring when it made it to her finger. My fiance and I were so satisfied, we did him one better: we came back to the store together in person to show him ourselves. I promise if you give Fink's a chance, you'll want to do the same.

Photo of Vikas Singh Vikas Singh
Jul 3, 2019 5

Jack was absolutely amazing and made our entire experience seamless and stress free. From now we're getting all of our watches worked on at Fink's knowing that they will be in safe hands. And to make things better, they know exactly what they're doing and won't just wing it. HIGHLY recommended.

Photo of diane cashion diane cashion
Jul 7, 2019 5

What fantastic customer service! Stephanie located the beautiful Roberto Coin bracelet we wanted and had it quickly transferred to our local Fink’s Jeweler for us to see. She was so pleasant to work with and was extremely knowledgeable and professional in handling our purchase. Thank you Stephanie and Fink’s!

Photo of Jared Christensen Jared Christensen
May 2, 2019 5

I purchased a watch for my son from a different retailer but needed the band sized. I was a little hesitant to go to Fink’s because the watch was not a Fink’s Jewelers purchase, but I thought it didn’t hurt to ask... and I’m so glad I did! Jack was so kind and helpful. He sized the band for no charge and provided some helpful tips on care and maintenance. I appreciated the fact that they provided such high quality service to a non-customer... and by so doing, they have earned a future customer. Thank you Fink’s!