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Five Star


318 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 237-3370
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Photo of Brian Hourigan Brian Hourigan
Oct 30, 2023 4

The food was very good, but I recommend either sharing a dish or plan to take a lot home because the portions are large. They seemed to be very understaffed when we ate there, not sure if that's typical. I'd go back, just with proper expectations on portion size and speed of service.

Photo of Arvian “Sparkles” Duval Arvian “Sparkles” Duval
Sep 8, 2023 4

I visited this restaurant today for lunch with some of my work colleagues. We had reservations and were seated right away. The atmosphere was cozy, and the hostess and our server were both friendly and professional. Our server was able to answer the questions I had regarding some of the menu items. Our food came out in a presentable and timely manner. The portions were adequate. Everyone enjoyed their food. I ordered the heat seeker shrimp with lo mein. It was good. It was even better with the chili cucumbers on the side.

Photo of Jacquelyn Manson Jacquelyn Manson
Aug 24, 2023 5

We had a really great time at Five Star. We opted to share the spicy Thai noodles, veggie rolls, crab rangoon and beef dumplings with some house cold Nigori Sake. Glad we did that so we could try a number of yummy items. We enjoyed all of it. The staff was nice and the bartender actually came over to our table to answer some questions about Sake. The decor is so unique. I’m coming back next time I’m in Durham. This is a great place to eat before heading to a show or a night out in downtown Durham as we did tonight.

Photo of Graham Gurnee Graham Gurnee
Aug 4, 2023 5

Got the calamari appetizer and it was on point and delicious. The pork belly came out less than hot but the server rectified immediately. Wife's Shrimp and scallops was delicious. Gave us a complimentary dessert for the pork belly being less than hot.

Photo of elena tselishcheva elena tselishcheva
Jul 17, 2023 5

Nice place to eat and have some drinks before the concert. We came in without reservation and were sitting at the bar. The food was good.

Photo of John Lawler John Lawler
Jul 13, 2023 5

Amazing vibes in this restaurant and bar area. Looks like great cocktail selection. Super reasonable lunch price to portions if dining in. Great atmosphere inside and nice lighting. Big round tables for large groups of people to accommodate for nicely. Good chicken and lo mein and delicious apps, however not spicy whatsoever. I asked for “extra spicy” on my dish and was provided with still no spice. So please, if anyone reads this who truly enjoys spice, don’t expect spice here. Food is delicious otherwise.

Photo of David Hadar David Hadar
Jun 28, 2023 3

The food is very tasty! But getting to that point is a pain. We went for dinner before a show at DPAC and waited 30 minutes just for our appetizer. Once we got to the entrees, only one came out and our waitress didn’t even realize the second dish was missing. Once done, we waited 15 minutes and finally had to get up and find her to get our check. This place has potential, but it needs more staff, especially nights of events.

Photo of C Rogers C Rogers
Apr 13, 2023 5

Everything was not only super tasty, but gorgeous!! Staff was attentive and charming, and everything was quite quick. Will be returning!!

Photo of Kaai Kauwe Kaai Kauwe
Feb 28, 2023 3

Food was not bad but not great. It’s kind of like a fancy Panda Express. When we went, the Vibes were strange. Scallion pancakes were significantly worse than they were a couple weeks ago. Beef dish didn’t have much beef but flavor was nice. Green beans were okay. Soup dumplings were okay (not the best I’ve had, but fine). Overall underwhelming. Better Chinese can be found.

Photo of Charlie Hubbell Charlie Hubbell
Feb 11, 2023 5

Amazing bartenders Will and Chris, creative drinks, great company, and the very best food! Highly recommend crispy green beans, mushroom dumplings, scallion pancakes and sesame beef. Will be regulars here just like we were in Raleigh at their old location. Such a cool vibe, so much fun!

Photo of The Simple Travels The Simple Travels
Feb 9, 2023 4

Would rate higher, but service was only just adequate. There were several within our party that had ordered and one had a food allergy to chili’s. It was sent back several times because it kept coming back with chili’s in her dish. All that aside, the food was good and presentation looked yummy. Although we’d eat here again, we likely will not seek it out for any special reason.

Photo of Elizabeth M Elizabeth M
Feb 8, 2023 5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The new FIVE STAR in Durham is super cool with the colorful graffiti walls and old school hip-hop vibes. 🥗 For lunch, I really enjoyed the beet salad, while eyeing the lomein! 👀 Full table service was provided. Wasn’t busy at lunchtime but I think this will be a popular restaurant in the area! I’ll definitely be back.

Photo of Sara Feldman Sara Feldman
Feb 6, 2023 4

We had trouble finding the entrance (we were on the wrong side of the building - 318 Blackwell is not actually the entrance), so we called the restaurant and the guy came out to the street to guide us. Now that was going above and beyond! The service was good and so was the food - not extraordinary, but enjoyable and decently priced. The scallion pancakes were particularly good. I would go back and try it again.

Photo of Cassy Kovac Cassy Kovac
Feb 6, 2023 3

We visited on a Friday night. Food and service weren’t as good as Raleigh location, but I’d give them another try on a different night of the week. The crispy green beans and heat seeker shrimp apps were the most popular at the table. The mushroom dumpling filling and sauce were delicious but the dumpling was undercooked and hard where the skin wrapper was thick on top. The peanut noodle salad was the least enjoyed for the table. Our server was nice but we felt forgotten since she had so many tables. She only came to our table to bring us our order, no one checked to see how everything was going or if we needed anything else. Drinks took 10 minutes or more for some some to come out to table and didn’t have a strong enough flavor as described. Water wasn’t refilled. The restaurant was smoky throughout visit and front door was opened, with weather in the 30s, and cold draft came through the restaurant to the bar. We heard several complaints from tables around us and some even mentioned it to the server. Hopefully we will have a better experience when we come back in the future.

Photo of Daniel Debrecht Daniel Debrecht
Jan 28, 2023 4

Food is great, people are friendly, location is nice. They are still getting timing down with food and Dpac shows etc. Once they work out their kinks, I'm sure Five Star will be 5 Stars. But currently it took an hour for an entree and the second entree was 20 minutes later. You should definitely try it out, just prepare for a wait.

Photo of adriana kavoussi adriana kavoussi
Jan 20, 2023 5

Came with ten people for a birthday party. They were so kind and accommodating (especially because I had booked the wrong location). The food and drinks were excellent. As was the staff. Already have a reservation to come back

Photo of William Sink William Sink
Jan 13, 2023 5

This place is fantastic! So glad we have one in Durham now. Might be the only thing I miss about living in raleigh. The entire menu is super tasty.

Photo of Alex Gray Alex Gray
Jan 12, 2023 5

Great ambiance at the bar, AMAZING food from top to bottom. Dumplings, scallion cakes, 5 Star Chicken, and Beef & Broccoli. Best I’ve had in the triangle.

Photo of Dave Falwell Dave Falwell
Jan 10, 2023 3

Can you guys add to the menu a few things not as sweet? Diabetic so need to watch my sugar intake. Something like Mongolian Beef/Szechuan Beef would be a great addition - Thanks!

Photo of Erin Karcher Erin Karcher
Jan 6, 2023 5

My friend and I had such a delightful time here. Will, our server, was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu, and incredibly attentive. Excellent service. At his suggestion, we ordered the scallion pancakes, which were incredible. We also had the mushroom dumplings, green beans, and chicken, and enjoyed it all of it. The price was very affordable, considering the portion sizes and food quality. This restaurant is a great addition to Durham, and to American Tobacco Campus. We'll definitely be back!