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East Durham Bake Shop


406 S Driver St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 957-1090
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Photo of Shoba Kumar Shoba Kumar
Mar 14, 2020 5

This place is my favourite bake shop in the Triangle! I was first introduced to their pastries at the Durham Farmer's market and I was amazed by the amount of pastries they had as well as the uniqueness of the baked goods themselves. There is something there for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer more savoury goods. My favourite has been the evening bun which I look forward to every Saturday when I go the market. There have been times I have even gone to the shop itself when they have run out of it at the market. My second favourite is their Matcha bun which I believe they only sell during the summer..can't wait for it to come back! Overall the shop is super cute and cozy, and they make great craft coffee drinks.

Photo of Brian Jordan Brian Jordan
Jul 20, 2019 3

Their expresso is consistently mediocre, which is disappointing! Baked goods are excellent.

Photo of Yuri Vaysgant Yuri Vaysgant
Apr 26, 2018 5

Wonderful selection of goodies you cannot go wrong. Come again and try it all. Great atmosphere. Beautiful bright space with an open kitchen and friendly staff. Exciting to have the shop in the neighborhood.

Photo of Paige Cote Paige Cote
May 27, 2020 5

East Durham bake shop is one of my favorite pastry spots in the triangle. Not only is the staff lovely, but the pastries and coffee will magically fix your bad days with a little bit of lamination. Would also recommend getting some bagels and putting them in your freezer so you can go to the bake shop every morning.

Photo of K Badsha K Badsha
Jun 14, 2020 5

Fresh baked goods as always. The focaccia is a little too soft for how Ive known it to be. Few things little pricey as well but the quality is top notch. Overall feel of the place is great as well

Photo of Trenton Jackson Trenton Jackson
Jul 3, 2020 3

I really hope these guys are able to keep up their business, they're doing some really great work for the community. That said, a lot of their products seem really overpriced, even for an independent bake shop. The "monkey bread" that I ordered was burnt and generally not very pleasant to eat. I had much better luck with the croissants and breads. As of now it's a little hit or miss, but I'm hoping given time my experience will prove as a fluke.

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Mar 23, 2018 5

This new bakery is East Durham has scratch made pastries that are really tasty. The best item that I had today was the Morning bun, but the scones and croissant were also terrific. The interior is well lit and cozy with fresh flowers on each table and a broken in design vibe. The people who run the bake shop are really friendly and helpful. Parking is kind of what you can find in the area although it looks like there is a parking lot across the street down a little further on South Driver.

Photo of Scout Mapel Scout Mapel
Sep 11, 2020 4

I have enjoyed the shop since stumbling across it last year. Seeing ex-employees in the WRAL hit job is sad. That neighborhood needs jobs not more empty buildings.

Photo of leverne mcleanleverne leverne mcleanleverne
Sep 9, 2020 3

i was not impressed with baked goods although very sad to hear of business closing.

Photo of Turtle Turtle
Aug 23, 2019 5

This is one of the best bake shops I’ve been to. The morning bun is so good, it has a nice cinnamon taste and the lattes are really good too. This would be a great place to visit for a treat or to relax because it has good vibes.

Photo of Niki Saylor Niki Saylor
Oct 6, 2019 5

Whoa! Amazing place for both classic and unique baked goods galore featuring local ingredients. Great selection of tea and coffee as well. Highly recommend!

Photo of Mary M Mary M
Dec 3, 2019 5

Absolutely love this place! I moved into the neighborhood this past May and East Durham Bake Shop is my go-to for morning coffee during the week, as well as a weekend workspace. I love their Matcha Buns, it is a morning bun with matcha paste on the inside. The staff is pleasant and kind, they are paid a living wage, and there is a gifting wall where previous customers have paid for treats for folks in need. All in all, a great spot.

Photo of Brittney VornDick Brittney VornDick
Dec 6, 2019 5

Love this bake shop!! I love stopping here on my way to work. Never can go wrong with the pasteries. They are absolutely delicious! I personally love the Golden Milk (although their seasonal Chegnog is amazing!!) and I love their twice baked almond croissants (they actually have almond filling and the correct amount (lots)). I love the giving board. The place is cute and cozy. Absolute favorite!

Photo of Pink Witch Pink Witch
Dec 29, 2019 4

What a wonderful little gem in Durham. They have sweet items and savory ones too. My family and I stopped there on the way to South Carolina , definitely worth rerouting our trip to go to one of my Instagram places. The customer service is great as well. We ate a gaggle and took a bag to go! #lovethisplace❤

Photo of Priya Loke Priya Loke
Feb 2, 2020 5

Had their chocolate madeleines made with buckwheat flour at an office event and loved them. Went back to the store to order some more and finished them within a couple of hours. Totally worth the sugar !

Photo of Lauren Wagner Lauren Wagner
Jun 15, 2019 5

I have been eating their pie since “pie by the slice” nights at Ponysaurus years ago. I finally made it to their brick and mortar and it did NOT disappoint. Service is casual and creates a family kitchen atmosphere. The coffee is local and delicious. And the pie ... amazing! Not one blueberry left behind. Can’t wait to visit again.

Photo of Chelsea Ewing Chelsea Ewing
Jun 4, 2019 5

I have followed this bake shop on social media for a year before I made the trip out and it was totally worth it (also, highly suggest following them on insta for updates & mouth watering pics!). Such an amazing vibe, my chai latte was fantastic, and the French toast/bread pudding muffin was the most delicious thing!!! I HIGHLY suggest anyone to come!!! I plan on working from there a lot this summer!❤️

Photo of Christine Seed Christine Seed
Feb 27, 2019 5

Never had a better croissant in my life! This place knows how to bake. And it's all delicious. Start with a croissant but by no means end there! Sweet or savory, they have it down. Also a lovely place to work on your laptop or meet a friend for coffee and a treat. Keep up the good work, y'all!

Photo of Ronneshia Jackson Ronneshia Jackson
Apr 17, 2019 5

The location and aesthetics are a great recipe for a down home experience. The menu has the perfect selection of coffee, tea, and pastries! This place insights the patron to stop, breath, and enjoy.

Photo of Eleanor Brumley Eleanor Brumley
May 23, 2019 5

Great coffee and lovely building. It is a wonderful place to go sit and have a small bite to eat/coffee and study or work.

Photo of Corbyn Redmer Corbyn Redmer
Apr 24, 2019 4

A lot of salt on the evening bun. Otherwise it's fine. I'm people working in the baking section, possibly the owner, I'm not sure of, Are a bit odd I think. You don't have a warm fuzzy feeling when you go in there.But I like the shop and I do go in there whenever I pass by. Parking is a bit difficult though.

Photo of Margaret Donald Margaret Donald
Jul 19, 2019 5

I had a summer drink called a lemonanna. It's a surprising blend of lots of flavors. At first I wasn't expecting all the flavors but after a couple of sips I REALLY liked it. As always the staff is just amazing. You can't go wrong coming here!

Photo of Christine Jonsdotter Christine Jonsdotter
Jul 14, 2019 4

Great quaint shop with delicious food and coffeehouse! A bit pricey but they bake everything there. Not the best area and parking is limited.

Photo of 김정아 김정아
Jul 20, 2019 5

Love love love the pies my friends recommended this place and it was totally worth the visit. I especially loved the pecan pie so tasty!

Photo of BrEAD HaSt BrEAD HaSt
Jul 19, 2019 5

The lemon honey chess pie is amazing. I never liked chess pies until I had this one. The buns and scones are also great.