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Dos Perros


200 N Mangum St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 956-2750
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Photo of Drew A Drew A
May 26, 2019 5

Food is delicious, service attentive and professional, solid core menu with good rotating specials including many veg options. DP holds its own in a competitive Durham food scene. It's disappointing to me to see this place mostly empty for lunch, but then again who is drinking margaritas for lunch? It's in my lunch rotation but I can see how this is a better fit for dinner or for drinks later.

Photo of Julie Garrett Julie Garrett
May 6, 2019 4

I ordered the tacos... the waitress said you can mix them up, so I ordered a shrimp, fish, and vegan Brussels sprout. They were on the small side, but excellent. They're served with coleslaw, sauce, and a slice of lime. Small bowl of tasty black beans and rice on the side. Flan for dessert ... the glaze was delicious and the texture of the flan was super creamy. Would have given 5 stars if the service was quicker. Sitting on the patio under the lights and dusky sky was nice. The waitress was professional and attentive.

Photo of Nicole Villano Nicole Villano
Jun 7, 2019 5

Mary went out of her way to make sure we were happy. We are thrilled with the customer service. Love this place!

Photo of Amber Cox Amber Cox
May 30, 2019 5

Excellent place! They have multiple vegan options. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious. Our first time will not be the last!

Photo of Denver Jameson Denver Jameson
May 15, 2019 5

We love Dos Perros! We ordered pick up today and there was a mistake in our order. When we called to let them know, someone brought the replacement meal to our house within 15 minutes and let us know that the charges for our meal were adjusted. That kind of service is above and beyond anything I’ve ever received for incorrect to go orders in the past. Also, the replacement quesadilla was AMAZING. Thanks!!

Photo of Zachary Battle Zachary Battle
Oct 1, 2019 4

Nice food, solid portions, pricing isn't too bad. The quality of what's used shines through in the taste. Servers were nice and there wasn't a massive wait for a table.

Photo of Jared Taylor Jared Taylor
Aug 22, 2019 3

Slow on the night I arrived. The waitress was training a new hire, but seemed to not have time or the attitude to put best food forward. The food was only okay. Small portions, but the price is very high for quality. I got the chicken and it seemed like it had been in the pan too long as there was a nice black crunchy crust on the bottom with a flavourful burnt taste. Not my style and won't be going back.

Photo of Sarah Catherine Sarah Catherine
Aug 13, 2019 5

Great experiences with the full dinner menu. Wonderful food and great service. Had a subpar experience during a taco night but have returned for regular dinners many times and have never been disappointed. Really appreciate all the vegan options!

Photo of Shannon Bailey Shannon Bailey
Oct 13, 2019 5

Excellent food, recommend the calamari, salmon, and the key lime dessert. I assume the rest is good also!

Photo of Terry Dangler Terry Dangler
Oct 22, 2019 5

Went for birthday dinner before DPAC event. Only ate appetizers, which were wonderful. Excellent service and friendly staff

Photo of Ted Barila Ted Barila
Oct 25, 2019 5

Convenient, but not mobbed. Great food at a good price. Attentive staff that talked us through the daily specials, and checked back regularly. The three of us each tried something different. All were as ordered, sometimes a feat of itself. I appreciated the portions, because I might have tried to eat too much of the goodness at one sitting. Great selection of food and beverages. Short wait time but munching on chips and salsa made it go fast. I enjoyed the ambiance, and look forward to next opportunity.

Photo of Kyra Malone Kyra Malone
Nov 3, 2019 5

We came for dessert and drinks on a busy Saturday night. Came especially for the vegan option (chocolate cake) which was FANTASTIC. Even though they were slammed and short staffed, the service was so friendly and took time to make sure we were having a good night.

Photo of dana herriven dana herriven
Sep 26, 2019 3

Food was good not great. Prices are expensive for the small portions. Food is on the spicy side. Guacamole was delicious!! Easy gluten free menu. Waitress was a flake and then I was told she was the best server they had!smh!! No kids menu!

Photo of Amer Aldamouk Amer Aldamouk
Nov 23, 2019 5

Great place! Staff is awesome and polite, drinks are great and very cozy atmosphere. We ordered their specialty drink Thanksgiving Margarita and it’s so good and I highly suggest to keep it always on the menu.

Photo of Amro Ilaiwy Amro Ilaiwy
Nov 27, 2019 5

Excellent food and drinks! Holiday spice Margarita was amazing. Will definitely be back soon!

Photo of E Almazan E Almazan
Dec 31, 2019 4

I haven't been here in a while. But the food and service still really solid. Great job!

Photo of Victoria Colson Victoria Colson
Jan 12, 2020 5

Love this spot! Great atmosphere and the drinks are inventive and delicious. Personal fave is the Smoky Pineapple Margarita. Staff and owner are all very friendly!

Photo of Sean Fogarty Sean Fogarty
Jan 19, 2020 5

Does Perros has quickly become one of our favorite Durham dinner spots. Highly recommend going on "taco night" (Sunday & Monday) ... the burritos are amazing. We LOVE the salsa verde! The manager is extremely welcoming and hospitable. Seriously - the salsa is so good I would mainline it!

Photo of Daryl 29121 Daryl 29121
Jan 30, 2020 5

Medium sized restaurant. Very good traditional margaritas, specialty drink and beer. The mole chicken was Excellent! My server was very sweet and efficient. Great service.

Photo of Chanlin Wong Chanlin Wong
Feb 2, 2020 3

Food is decent, but the service was poor. It was later at night so the restaurant wasn’t even very busy. We sat with empty plates and drinks for a while and had to get up to find a waiter and ask for a dessert menu and our checks.

Photo of Hill Billy Entertainment Hill Billy Entertainment
Mar 4, 2020 5

This is not only the best Mexican food I've ever eaten it could have possibly been the best food I've ever eaten period. The food was amazing, cocktails were impeccable and the service fast and flawless. I don't often give restaurants 5 stars but this one truly deserves it.

Photo of Brian Wray Brian Wray
Mar 11, 2020 5

Great food, good atmosphere in Downtown Durham. Near the Marriott Convention Center!

Photo of Mandy Rodgers-Gates Mandy Rodgers-Gates
Aug 16, 2020 5

This is consistently one of our favorite spots to eat in Durham. The food is delicious and reasonably priced (for Durham), the cocktails are always excellent, but what really sets this place apart is their fabulous service. Always top-notch! So glad they’re open again for dining after months of pandemic closure.

Photo of Raymond Vagell Raymond Vagell
May 6, 2019 5

Delicious Tex Mex food with vegetarian and vegan options. I particularly love the guacamole and the chicken enchiladas. It has an outdoor seatings and is dog-friendly.

Photo of Julie Garrett Julie Garrett
Jul 27, 2019 4

I ordered the tacos... the waitress said you can mix them up, so I ordered a shrimp, fish, and vegan Brussels sprout. They were on the small side, but excellent. They're served with coleslaw, sauce, and a slice of lime. Small bowl of tasty black beans and rice on the side. Flan for dessert ... the glaze was delicious and the texture of the flan was super creamy. Would have given 5 stars if the service was quicker. Sitting on the patio under the lights and dusky sky was nice. The waitress was professional and attentive. I think the portions are perfect. You can finish your meal without being STUFFED. Pretty darn perfect.

Photo of Ashly Grano Ashly Grano
Sep 5, 2020 5

We had the best experience. I went to dinner tonight with my 2 year old daughter and the staff were so friendly and welcoming (not always the case with a toddler). The food was delicious! Definitely smaller portion sizes but after reading the reviews I was prepared for that. But it was more than enough to be content and honestly refreshing not stuffing myself. The guacamole was amazing and the chicken Tinga tacos were so tasty!

Photo of Georgia Schumacher Georgia Schumacher
Dec 11, 2020 5

Always great food, and really appreciate the variety of vegetarian and vegan options!

Photo of Casey Co Casey Co
Jan 13, 2021 4

I had not been to this restaurant in a while and decided to make a reservation and have a friends birthday dinner there. I am so glad I did because the food and the service was absolutely fantastic. We took our own bottle of wine and they have a very reasonable corkage fee. We enjoyed three of the desserts after our meal and they were all delicious. Don't miss a chance to enjoy some excellent food and service.

Photo of Sara Hunt Sara Hunt
Feb 9, 2021 5

My best friend and I happened upon this place during restaurant week and the food was SO GOOD. So many vegan options, a very attentive and friendly staff, and very good drinks! The environment was very safe and clean with lots of covid precautions. Can't wait to return!

Photo of Kimberly Slentz-Kesler Kimberly Slentz-Kesler
Apr 28, 2021 4

Food was tasty, but expensive. Service was very slow. Update: have visited several times since this initial review 2 years ago, and I'm upgrading from 2 to 4 stars. Service has been consistently good, food is still quite tasty. Outdoor seating options are lovely for groups of 4 or fewer.

Photo of Katie DeAngelis Katie DeAngelis
Apr 18, 2021 5

Love this spot! We sat on the patio and the atmosphere was lovely—felt very safe in terms of covid protocols, and the service was great and extremely friendly. We got margaritas, salsa, queso, tacos, and churros and literally everything was delicious, especially the queso and the chicken tacos. Would definitely recommend for a yummy dinner out, we’ll be coming back for sure!

Photo of David Heider David Heider
May 29, 2021 3

The service and drinks are excellent. However, the food is very pricey for the portion size and quality. The taco tortillas are smaller than standard street size and barely have any filling inside. The shrimp taco was a huge disappointment. The shrimp look like the freeze-dried shrimp that come in a cup of ramen noodles. On top of that, there were only 3-4 of these micro shrimp on the taco. Someone in my party ordered a shrimp burrito, and we could not find any shrimp; it was just rice and beans. The waitress was kind enough to take it off the check. In short, not sure if I'm willing to give this place another try as it was pricey, and I left underwhelmed.

Photo of Colin Smith Colin Smith
May 28, 2021 3

Food was ok but the queso was mediocre. You can only elevate Mexican so much. I'd rather go to North Durham Mexican or Blue Corn cafe down the road. The enchiladas were pretty lacking. Like others said the portion size was pretty disappointing. I get downtown Durham rent is high but I'd expect more for the price.

Photo of Nalleli Ramirez Nalleli Ramirez
May 30, 2021 3

Friendly service but it's definitely not authentic Mexican food

Photo of Shanah Bell Shanah Bell
Jul 24, 2021 5

Fantastic service and location. Great atmosphere and plenty of gluten free options. They also have quite a few vegetarian options, as well as a few vegan choices. The margarita with the spiced rim is delicious! The food can be a bit spicy, as a forwarding, to those who are used to a little less spice.

Photo of B G B G
Jul 25, 2021 5

Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and excellent service. I enjoyed my vegan mole, my dining companion enjoyed the shrimp burrito and we both loved the guacamole. What a wonderful meal!

Photo of Mary Beth Hampe Mary Beth Hampe
Aug 16, 2021 3

Food was yummy but not worth $70 for two people (before tip). I looked at the bill and got charged $4 for a side of salsa?? Also we both couldn’t tell that the drinks had alcohol. An upscale Mexican joint and yes the food was good but not worth the price.

Photo of Anne Dudenhausen Anne Dudenhausen
Aug 29, 2021 5

I had the burrito. It was wonderful. So well spiced that I never even thought of salsa. I like that it was toasted so it was crisp and not the usual soft wrap. Great bar too.